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  1. This won't help you much, because it's a local breakfast joint, but I like a place called Scrambler Marie's. They have tons of good stuff, and are very good about changing menu items, but what I -usually- get is a mini omelette w/ asparagus, canadian bacon and tomato chunks (6), a small cup of cut fruit (1), rye toast (2) and a small glass of oj (2). The omelette usually comes with a TON of hollandaise sauce on it, but I get it on the side now. It's much much much less on the side than when they put it on, and I might dip a couple of bites in, but I usually give it to my fiance to add to his eggs benedict, and he gives me the orange slices they put on his plate for garnish. *snickers*
  2. Wow! Well, no wonder! Thank you so much for running the competition so long! :D

  3. You seem to be the person in charge, so I hope it's okay if I ask a question!


    Is the biggest loser on hiatus for the holidays? When will #4 be starting? I really want to join up!

  4. Welcome, John, and thank you for asking about posting order! I've been trying to figure it out for a while now. Never even occurred to me to -ask-. haha.
  5. I have a Wii Fit! We finally found one (you literally have to stalk every store that sells them. Find out when their trucks come in, when you should call to see if they have them in, etc. Nintendo is limiting their shipments to EVERYONE). I absolutely love it. You can do whatever exercises you want and the more you do them, the more you improve in them, the more you unlock. There are four categories: Yoga Strength Training Aerobics Balance Games I've been alternating days between Yoga/Strength and Aerobics/Balance. When you do a Yoga or Strength exercise it suggests two or three other exercises (from either category) to "complete this workout." It lets you weigh in every day (or every week, or however often you want to do it. I do it every morning). It demonstrates all the exercises first, and keeps track of your weight/bmi/exercise. It even lets you enter exercise you did away from the wii fit. In Aerobics they have two that are really cool (they're all cool, but these are my favorite): Free Step and Free Run. You need to unlock them by doing other exercises (Basic Step, Advanced Step for Free Step and Timed Run for the Free Run.) Why do I like these? Because I can turn it on,then flip to my shows while I run or step. The wiimote talks to you while you do it, so you know how much time you have left, or if you slow down or speed up too much (you want to try for a steady pace no matter which you do). My fella has said that in the past two months he's really noticed a difference in my overall shape, in addition to actual weight loss. I recommend this for everyone (except those with medical conditions that would keep them from activities like this, but then, we should all be talking to our doctor before starting an exercise routine anyway, right? right? *looks around innocently*) Oh, and yes some of them are hard at first. I had a lot of trouble with some of the Yoga (two of the hardest, btw just require that you be perfectly still and breath. O.o). Even just doing other exercises has helped me get better at those. For about six weeks I did nothing but the free step/run because i was participating in a step counting program at work, but when I went back to those exercises I did much better than I did before I was exercising much at all.
  6. At least I thought it was... Catching up on episodes of Torchwood and they're fighting off good ole' Death. There's a character trying to research how to make him go away: "I have searched for the phrase 'I shall walk the earth and my hunger will know no bounds.', but I keep getting redirected to Weight Watchers." *rofl* That amused me to no end.
  7. They also have started making fiber packed fruit smoothies...orange mango banana and banana mocha. They're a little bit heftier on the points than (4 for the regular size orange mango banana), but you're getting tons of fiber and at -least- one serving of fruit (yes, they use real fruit). My supermarket has a starbucks, and since I usually eat less on my days off, I like to treat myself to one while I'm grocery shopping.
  8. In fits of boredom, I sometimes search livejournal for various interests. Earlier, I searched weight watchers, and found quite a few different WW and diet support communities. I was curious what I would find, mostly looking for recipes or other tips that I haven't seen yet. What I found was startlingly...horrifying. A lot of the posts I saw were from allegedly very young women who were on very very disturbing diets. If it wasn't a post about how she'd eaten 400 calories that day, so she had to go to the gym to work it all off so she could be 89lbs (no exaggerations here, I'm referencing the page in another window), it was about how she felt so guilty for eating such and such food that she shouldn't because she'll never lose weight that way. With all the information available out there, how is it possible that these attitudes are still so prevalent? Is it the american "instant gratification" culture that leads people to dangerous diets? Is there too much conflicting information for people to know which is "right"? There were other posts besides that, such as a person who asked for advice about trying a new food because it's interesting but not necessarily the healthiest thing (there was no specific food listed). It was a legitimate question, but the response was what killed me: she was told to just not eat it, because "(a) you get to live the rest of your life knowing what you're missing; and (b) trying everything even only once can blow the most liberal of eating regimens. " Personally, my answer to this question would've been something along the lines of limiting the portion size, and taking the time to eat it so it could be fully enjoyed. Maybe it's because my mother raised me with an "all things in moderation" attitude (not that I've always followed it...*cough*) or maybe it's just because I love food so much, but I can't even picture not trying something new and exciting just because I'm trying to eat healthy. I would view it as a rare treat, and enjoy it all the more for that. Sorry for the minor rant, just had to share with people who might understand one or more sides of the discussion. So...what do you all think? (and btw...I did'nt find one community that was as supportive, informative and well, balanced as this group!)
  9. I'm a bit old fashioned (even though I'm still rather young!), and I picked up this standard reply from my grandmother: "A lady never tells!" Usually this is paired with a chuckle and/or a wink, and the matter is almost always dropped. I do discuss it with a couple of people: my boyfriend, my sister, you all, and a coworker who sits next to me and is also on Weight Watchers (My sister is too, actually). My coworker is the only person at work I talk to about it. Even when people say "Wow, you eat really healthy!" I just smile and say thank you and don't mention being trying to lose weight, even though the girls I eat with at lunch all know that my coworker is doing weight watchers.
  10. Just want to say thank you to everyone for posting your advice and well wishes. I'm still getting better, but not 100% yet...I decided I'd keep in mind the points I was eating, but wouldn't worry about getting to my goal points or getting my 8's in if I couldn't manage it. (I didn't want to stop thinking about it completely, I tend to forget to start again if I do that) Thank you everyone!! *hugs!*
  11. (forgive me if this is the wrong place to post this!) So I have one of those fun little bugs where my body is rejecting almost everything I'm putting into it, and since this is the first time I've been sick since starting WW and I have a tendency to think of weird things all the time anyway... Do you count the points for the foods that have been...rejected? How do you work on getting your 8's in if you can't eat half the food groups? Do you not worry about counting points on days like this? Is it okay to laugh at what a great workout my abs are getting? (fyi, took -two- multivitamins today, and have managed to keep down some low sodium chicken broth and crackers, as well as a bit of cantelope, but neither oj nor yogurt worked out so well.) Any suggestions on other things I can eat so I don't deprive my body of nutrients?
  12. Hi! I'm new here, but I couldn't help wanting to share http://www.fatsecret.com/ . It's completely free to join, and I like it because it's given me a variety of options (I've been on WW for about two months now). I can plug in ingredients from a recipe and get the nutritional information (as well as the points value), plug in the nutritional information from prepackaged products and get the points value, or just find something someone else already submitted. I checked it against a few of the items from the books for accuracy, and everything I tried matched up. It's helped me stay on plan significantly! I don't know if anyone else here has tried it and had similar (or different) results, but that is mainly what I use!
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