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  1. Yesterday, I received a gift of 3 flavors of DaVinci Sugar Free Syrup - German Chocolate, French Vanilla, & Toasted Marshmallow. I'm honestly not sure what I can use them in & am seeking ideas. I'm not a coffee drinker and not an oatmeal fan, so that takes away the obvious. Anybuddy got any ideas????
  2. Yesterday, I received a gift of 3 flavors of DaVinci Sugar Free Syrup - German Chocolate, French Vanilla, & Toasted Marshmallow. I'm honestly not sure what I can use them in & am seeking ideas. I'm not a coffee drinker and not an oatmeal fan, so that takes away the obvious. Anybuddy got any ideas????
  3. Morning buddies! Holy Cow have things been busy! It has been nonstop at work for what seems like forever! I guess I can view it as job security!!! The week has dragged on it seems but we are FINALLY at Friday! I'm kinda excited 'cause I have a lunch date with the guy I went out with last weekend! We have talked all week long. He seems like a pretty cool guy - and it seems like we have a lot in common (except that he is a Cowboys fan )!! And we seem to do a lot of laughing, which is fun! I'll keep you posted on how things are going with this new fun adventure I have found!!! Its been a LONG time for me! Anyway, hope everyone has a great day & even more fabulous weekend!!
  4. Morning buddies! I'm in for another wicked crazy week but seem to have gotten my appetite back after not having one last week! Getting back in the routine - work, working out, planning for the next day! Hope everyone has a great week!
  5. Hi Buddies! Sorry for being MIA this week!!! My cold REALLY knocked me down this week and then work got crazy so I was floundering to keep my little nose above the water. Weighed in today & lost 5.6 lbs - primarily because I didn't have much of an appetite & had to force myself to eat! I'll take it but think that next week, I'll probably be up! We'll see. So..... I met this guy! And went out with him last night! Had a great time! First date in a LONG time! Hope everyone has a great weekend!
  6. Morning buddies! My Alaska cold is zapping my energy! I'm regretting getting out of bed today but will do what I can & then go back home. Hope everyone has a great one!
  7. Down 2.8 for the RED Team!! AND I was traveling this week for work, which as always provided a challenge for me ( I have ALWAYS gained when I traveled before)!! GO RED!!!
  8. Morning buddies! Checking in from chilly Alaska! Considering that travel has been my downfall ( I ALWAYS seem to blow it when traveling), I have done rather well I think with staying as close to OP as possible! I have made some rather good decisions and am proud of my progress. I have taken things day by day and meal by meal. I even managed to fit in a workout the other night. Unfortunately, it seems as if I have caught a cold while up here! I'm glad that it is the weekend so I can spend my time resting & trying to kick this thing!!! Hope everyone has a GREAT day!
  9. Julie - The Steelers did FINALLY win but it went to OT & the Ravens got the ball first. Needless to say, there was LOTS of pacing & sweating on my end!
  10. Morning buddies! Yet another busy day ahead of me - at least they go by fast!!! I have lots to do today to get ready for my trip to Alaska tomorrow! It is going to be chille (high in the high 40's to low 50's) so I need to dig out my coat tonight!!! As I was paccing and freaking out and sweating through the Steeler's game yesterday, I was working on my BDS book & realized that I haven't had ANY cravings or thoughts about what I can't have! That is a great feeling! I am still hyping myself up about the success I intend on having while traveling this week! Hope everyone has a GREAT day!!!
  11. Morning buddies! This is definitely going to be yet another busy week! I have yet another disciplinary meeting to go to this morning. When the weather starts to change, my cats seem to crack out a little (I affectionately refer to it as the Kittenapolis 500 since they all chase each other around in big circles!). Maybe that is what is happening to my employees!! Anyway, I have to go to Alaska on Wednesday morning for the remainder of the week! In the past, I have not done very well with WW when traveling. I have been having a pep talk with myself all weekend telling myself that travel is a part of my job & I HAVE to stay on plan AND exercise - even when traveling or I will NEVER make it to goal. Hopefully I can do this. Fortunately, it is only 3 days! Had a gain at my WI on Saturday, but have learned, through my time with WW, to not let it get me down so I immediately headed off to the gym following my WI!! I'm pretty sure I was retaining a lot of water since it is TOM now! I did have a NSV this morning - the sleeves on my shirt feel looser! I have really been focusing on toning my arms (and abs) at the gym recently & am now seeing the fruits of my labor! Had a productive day yesterday by getting all of my grading of papers done, prepping my meals (for the days I'll be in town) and now I'm ready to hit the ground running! Hope everyone has a GREAT day!!!
  12. This is our week RED TEAM!!!! Get in the RED Zone!!!
  13. Morning buddies! Why can't people just get along?!?!?! I can't tell you how many times I have had to deal with bickering employees this week! And people wonder why I don't have children @ home when I have 400 of them at work!!! On a positive note, our lawsuit has been settled so I will not be needed for the deposition on Monday!!!! YEAH!!!! Not much planned for this weekend - just prep for the upcoming week. Since I won't have my football game on Sunday (Monday Night Football this week!), I think I'm going to go to the movies. Prior to the closure of the movie Rent on Broadway (one of my 2 ABSOLUTE favorite musicals), a film crew filmed the performance and the original cast joined in the tribute. That filming is being shown in the theaters, so I definitely want to catch that! It is being shown in limited theaters on Saturday & Sunday! Hope everyone has a GREAT Friday!
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