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  1. I add my healthy oil (2 tsp of canola) into soup or smoothies but my favourite is drizzling it over smartpop popcorn
  2. I've been reading up on the SFT and I'm lovin' that it's basically CORE! I have up to week 4 of material. I did ask for week 5 tonight and was told that they were working on week 5 so I guess that just means that I have 2 more weeks until I get SFT. My question is do I need to count ff/sf pudding? TIA Abby
  3. I just switched back from core and I get 19 points. Today was my first day Breakfast:3 Lunch: 5 Supper: 7 Snacks: 4
  4. I bought some today:) I've never had it before. Do you eat it like yogurt? any suggestions?
  5. OMG!!! So delish! Really these are the best core pancakes that I've made and I have tried several. Definetly a keeper. thanks for posting:)
  6. Wow, thanks for the quick reply! Yep, I was hungry...I've had to relearn my "comfort zone" all over again after a crazy few weeks I was on flex and eating garbage..it's such a relief to be back on core and at the same weight as before the whole move( into our new home) I'm still in that transition phase from switching back to core but, it's so much smoother this time. thanks again:bcb_smile
  7. Hi, this seems like a silly question since I've been a corbie for a while now:bcb_grin...... I had chili for supper...delish (with corn bread) and a few minutes ago I went back and had about 1/4 cup( supper was less than an hour ago) Do I need to count the points for the ground meat or am I good? thanks Abby
  8. Anytime Brownies 2 3/4 cups quick oatmeal 1/4 cup unsweetened cocoa powder 1 Tbsp baking powder 1/2 tsp salt 3 6oz containers FF plain yogurt 1 cup applesauce 2 Tbsp canola oil 1.4 oz SF/FF instant chocolate pudding ooh! I knew it, I did something wrong:bcb_grin I put in too much oatmeal. I did make these again today just to be sure:bcb_grin and they are good, gonna try that other recipe as well....just to find the yummiest one.. thanks! p.s I added 1/3 cup splenda
  9. Okay, I think I did something very wrong when I made those brownies with the oatmeal. They came out not very "brownie-like" They were spongy and icky. DH who eats everything and never complains says they were good but, nope!....perhaps I'll try again when I'm not so rushed as last time. I must have omitted something as there were rave reviews over them. I remember seeing a recipe that used oat bran instead? Does anyone have that recipe handy? Much thanks and Happy Labour Day!
  10. Oh bummer! I have lean ground pork defrosting in my fridge:bcb_cry: Guess I'll have to count pts
  11. Hi Buddies! I've had a few crazy weeks and not so good eats:bcb_grin I'm back to core after switching to flex while we were moving into our new home. Yeah, I forgot how tough it is to plan around 24 pts a day:bcb_cry: We're all settled in now, DH is back at work and DS#1 is back in school. DS#3 had his immunization appointment today. Aww, that was awful he had to get 4 needles:bcb_down I'm just glad that he doesn't need another until he's 4. I had a great core day. My in-law's who are notorious for arriving unannounced...did with a bucket of KFC:bcb_sick: but, I ate my pork chop and veg and I wasn't tempted at all:bcb_bravo ok! You'll be seeing more of me now that I'm back and have no excuses I'm still 7 lbs from goal:) P.S Hi Saskie girl!! I'm from Northern Sk. Good to see another sk-er on bcb!!
  12. "I, Abby, renew my commitment to staying OP on 7/14/2008. I believe that I can accept and complete my challenge to the best of my ability. I realize this is work and accept the self-care price I must pay to achieve my mental and physical transformation. I commit to keeping a daily tracker that records my progress. I will adhere to the 8 healthy guidelines. I will expect and adapt to adversity and see tough times as learning opportunities. I will strive to take action and not to ruminate, bitch, moan, or whine. I will be self-assertive and fight for the right to take care of myself. I will acknowledge and reward myself for my achievements along the way."
  13. Hey, I'm gonna crash in on this thread:bcb_grin B: latte made with fat free milk, oatmeal with berries and ff yogurt S: apple L: Canned chicken, corn, 2 tsp oil and a drop of ff ranch dressing S: baby carrots Supper: Lean porkchop, couscous and steamed veg S: smart pop Have a great day!
  14. Happy 4th of July ladies!! Hope you all have an awesome holiday! I had weigh in yesterday and over 2 weeks I lost 1.8 pounds!!! Yay! I am now 6.6 away from goal.... Well that gave me some motivation lol. I decided that it's time that I got serious about exercise, since joining in Sept07 I haven't exercised regulary or very much. I got on my bike for 45 minutes..i know!! Then I went for a walk and upon my arrival did 10 minutes of toning exercises!. I thought that I`d be dying today but, I feel great!. I felt so proud after all that exercise last night and I really enjoyed it!! I`m getting excited about travelling to the city on Monday for the Sylvia Browne show, I just love her so I can not wait!!
  15. It's Canada Day! Just a quick Hello, going to the park for the annual children's festival. The kids can not wait! Just need to pack a few snacks and a core + 1 lunch. Have a great day!!
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