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  1. I am not that good with measurements but basically i took the tiniest slither possible. I assumed 1/8 was like the piece possible.
  2. This is true. I had no idea pecan pie had so many calories. I mean just 1/8 cup of pie! I really do not want to starve myself the rest of the day. My allowance is basically gone because I have used a little each day since sunday.
  3. My nice co-worker made a pecan pie for us. So I wanted to be nice and had a tiny slither. I do not usually eat pecan pie and had no idea that 1/8 is 12 points. What am I going to do? I already had my meal planned out for the day. I do not want to starve myself. The only thing I can think off is during lunch having a brisk walk around the park. By the way this is my second time on WW. About two years ago I lost 20lbs on it but most the weight is back and I am trying again. Please Help!!!!!!!
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