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  1. Hey buddies, I finally got a cord for my computer, so I'm back up and running. Life's been busy. I'm typically working 10-9 everyday and go to the gym everyday before work, so it's not leaving me much free time. Sorry for going MIA. Checked up my from BB, but I find it really hard to do update from there. Going to get caught up and then will post again tomorrow once I'm home from work. Hope everyone is having a great day!
  2. Merry Christmas Buddies! Hope it was wonderful for everyone:) Kris and I are enroute to Ottawa to see his parents right now and thought I"d come say hello. We officially got engaghed on Christmas eve! He took me to a wonderful town up on Georgen Bay, went for a horse and carriage ride thru the festival of lights. It was perfect. Amazing pics everyone! Christie, Lexi is so adorable! I'm working 12 hrs days next week, but I'll try to check in. Thanks for the onament Lisa! I received it in the mail yesterday. Perfect timing:) Hope everyone enjoys the rest of their weekend! Big hugs:)
  3. Morning ladies, Thought I'd come say hello since I didn't get much time to post this week. Nancy, that stinks about your washing machine. Have fun with your daughter. Winery tours and shopping sounds like a fabulous weekend:) Tanya, congrats on all the orders:) Are you having renovations done? Katy, love the pics. Cannot believe how blue your gradson's eyes are!!! Kris and I are going to attempt some Christmas shopping today. Staying away from the malls. I do those next week before work. Going to see a movie tonight and maybe hiking tomorrow. Will check in later. Happy weekend:)
  4. Hey buddies It's my long day - 10am-8pm. It's gone by quickly. Everyday does at the new job. I'm really liking it. Having a hard time fitting in exercise and all of life's other chores now though. Being so busy at work is definitely making me tired. the lan is to go hiking with the dogs this weekend as long as we don't get another storm. The Great Canadian Winter has finally hit. Kris has been home from work the last 2 days. Too much ice on the roads to go anywhere. Having some girlfriends for a late dinner tonight, so I won't be able to check in again. Happy Birthday Esther!!! Tanya, I love the wine and water theory. Have to say I agree. Promise I'll come do some personals this weekend. Miss you buddies! Have a great evening everyone!
  5. Morning ladies Had some free time before I headed off to work for the day and thought I'd stop in to say hello:) Rhonda, I love your new hair do. Very pretty. Tanya, I missed what you had done this morning, but sorry you're feeling uncomfortable. Hope breakfast is great! Jen, sorry you're having a difficult day. Just keep thinking happy thoughts:) Lisa, keep warm and have a great day! Sandy, sorry to hear you had a rough night with Odie. I'm sure he'll be alright today! The job is...interesting. For a clinic co-ordinator (admin), I seem to have a lot of duties and not enough pay. At least there's always lots of work, lots going on, lots of people around, so I never get bored! Hope you have a great day:) Alright, time to have some breakfast/lunch and get into work clothes. I'll check in again on my break. Menu... B - ww toast w/ peanut butter - 3 S - tea w/ milk - 1 L - roast beef sandwich on ww bread w/ light mayo, carrots - 3 S - clemantines - 2 D - cooked ham, mashed potatoes, salad - 8 Still low on points, but I don't have enough time in the day to fit in all the food anymore. Maybe a 2pt yogurt with my breakfast/lunch
  6. Hey ladies, still at work. Looks like it ma be a long night! Congrats Rhonda for losing 26lbs! You rock. Love the pic:) Awesome pics Tanya. Hello to all the ladies. I won't be on much tomorrow. I have to be at heaf office for 9:30am and then right to work until 9pm. I'll check in on my breaks! Have a great night everyone!
  7. Hey buddies Quick update. I'm at work on my lunch break. I can't get on the internet at all durting the day to come check in. Too many people around. I only have a 30min lunch, so I'm going to try to get caught up. Might not be able to post again. Won't get out of here til 8:30 and then I have to do the walmart thing for some work stuff. If I don't get on again, have a great night everyone. Menu... B - ww breakfast sandwich - 4 L - salad w/ cheese and dressing - 3 S - clemintines - 1 D - shake n' bake pork chops, sidekicks, broccoli & brussel sprouts - 7 S - 100cal cookies - 2 Need to get some more food in me. Will try. Water's already done. Activity - 45min dog walk
  8. Hello ladies! Happy Friday!!!! Another busy day for me. I went to my gyno appt only to find out it's NEXT Friday. Don't know why I'm so disorganized this week! Did loads and loads of laundry today and then I have training for the new job at 1:30pm. Not sure when I'm going to finish. Probably around 4ish. Kris is taking me to see New Moon tonight, finally. Took out some pork chops for dinner. Going to make some home made ww scalloped potatoes to go along with it. Thanks for updating my address Nancy. Will do personals later. Still have to eat lunch before I go to training. Menu... B - skinny latte = 3 L - cereal (2), milk (2), small banana (1) = 5 D - pork chops (4), scalloped potatoes (4), broccoli and brussel sprouts (0) = 8 S - (movie snack) popcorn (2), thins bar (2) = 4 Hope everyone has a great Friday! Will check in when I get home:)
  9. Oh no buddies! I just lost a huge post. Had done personals and everything:( I have to do a few errands and then go to a dr appt at 3pm. Have a gf coming for dinner. She's bringing salmon burgers, so all I have to grab is the salad and ww buns. I'm sure I'll have time to post again before dinner Nancy, thanks for fixing me up there! Now that I know I'm buying for you, what type would you like? Want to make sure I get it out early enough and that it's not stuck as customs! Karen, I'm in on that water challenge!!!!! Will do my personals later on. Have a good day ladies:)
  10. Buddies! Finally a real post on a real computer! Sorry for being MIA the last few days, but I was determined to get that job! Very thankful I was able to find one in three weeks. I work funky hours now 12-8 Mon-Wed, 10-8 Thurs, 10-7 Fri, so I'll only be able to come chat in the mornings now. Rhonda, beautiful pics. Hazel is adorable. Tiffany looks great! Wow! Love the pic of you and hazel too. So sweet:) Love the idea of an exchange. So I'm sending one to Christie, right? I will need her address please! Tanya, hope you have a great day! Thanks for posting Christie's status. Sandy, are you Christmas shopping? As for the gift exchange - Kris and I aren't getting a tree this year since we're spending Christmas day with my mom and then driving to Ottawa to spend the rest of the weekend with Kris' parents. We plan on getting on next year though. We have no ornaments at all, so I'm completely open. I love solid colours...blues, purples, silvers, reds.....it's completely up to you! I'm easy going and just excited that we're doing a buddy exchange:) Have to go in for training today at 1:30 and then I'm coming home to vacuum and dust the house. Nothing too interesting! Menu so far... B - ww breakfast sandwich (4), tea w/ milk (0.5) = 4.5
  11. Buddies! Just a quick post. I got a job! Was in 2nd, 3rd then 4th interviews all day. I work for Premier Fitness for their Medical Spa division as a Clinic Co-ordinator. It includes benefits and a free memberships to the gym for Kris and I. Have training Wednesday and then I officially start Monday. Had a so so weekend food wise. Didn't have a lot of healthy eating options, but I made due. Menu B - granola bar - 2 L - grilled chicken on bun and salad with light italian - 7 S - tea w/ milk and cheese - 3 D - chicken, mashed potatoes, brussel sprouts - 8 S - sugar free jello - 0 Total - 20 Will check in tomorrow when I'm on a real c
  12. Hey buddies, Sorry I've been MIA. I haven't had a computer for a few days. Posting from my blackberry. I'll try to check in this weekend. Hope everyone had a wonderful thanksgivng.
  13. Morning buddies! Nancy, how exciting! A new addition to the family. I'm sure he's absolutely adorable. Enjoy him. Can't wait for the pics! Karen, it's true, sometimes men seem to be from a different planet! Don't be upset today. Think of all the relaxing things you can do tomorrow instead of working:) Esther, hope you enjoy breakfast and your trip to town! Katy, hope work goes by quickly for you today! Well, the rain hasn't made it this far north yet. It's just overcast, misty and miserable outside. Going to take the dogs for a walk anyways. I have to go find a cheap dress for an xmas party that we're having at our house. I always seem to feel better about trying on clothes and myself after some exercise. Mom has physio tonight and then I'm going out with some of my girlfriends that lives only a few blocks from my mom's, so I think I'm going to crash there since I have to drive her to the train station for 9:30am tomorrow anyways. I'll take my computer with me and check in with you ladies later! Hope everyone has a great day:) Menu for the day... B - ww breakfast sandwich (4), 1 tea w/ milk (0.5) = 4.5 L - 1c ww soup (0), 2 low fat hot dogs (2), 2pc ww bread (1) = 3 S - 1c watermelon = 1 D - 3oz salmon (4), 1/2c rice (3), salad w/ dressing (1) = 8 S - something to use up 4pts Total - going to try to get close to 20pts...seem not to eat as much when I'm not sitting at a desk. Activity - hoping to get in 1.5hr-2hr of walking
  14. Esther, don't be too worried about the gain. You were away, so much more difficult. You'll lose it! Nancy, I'm feeling pretty good. I still can't sleep on my stomach and I can't hug too tight. My body's having a hard time adjusting to the forgien objects haha. Can't wait to see the pictures in the spring of the bulbs you planted. Beautiful dress. She's going to be such a gorgeous bride. Sandy, hope you enjoyed your wii time! I always miss my dogs too when I go to work. Has something to do with that look they give me every morning. Katy, you're not weird at all! The garden is a beautiful idea and I too believe sometimes the people and animals we love come back to visit. Hope you enjoyed your treadmill time. Rhonda, ohhhhh I hope you're alright after they removed those drainage tubes. I've heard that really can be painful. Karen, that stinks that you have to work when you had a shopping trip planned! I hear it's pretty crazy anyways. A few of my girlfriends go down to Buffalo, NY every Black Friday and they start lining up at the mall doors at 3am, take walkie talkies, extra batteries, maps, water, etc. I'm never brave enough to join in. Seems like total chaos to me! Tanya, Miya's so adorable:) Can't wait to see all the pics from your vacation. Hope you get to rest tonight and catch up on some sleep! Had a great afternoon. Love my new 'do'. I'll try to get some pictures up soon. Went for coffee with mom and then came home. Plan to spend the rest of the evening reading!
  15. Hey Karen and Tanya! Just a quick post for me. Took the dogs for a 1hr 20min walk and then had some lunch. Leaving for the hairdresser shortly and then picking mom up from work (her first day taking the train back into Toronto.) I'll check in again after dinner:) Hope everyone has a great afternon.
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