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  1. I am sorry about the rant yesterday. Goodness what a slow couple of days, nobody around to post. LOL Snowed in today about 15" here and a second storm due to com in thursday night. Katy please double and triple check your flights, you might be flying through one of those.
  2. it's offical my boss is an a**hole. She doesn't want to come into work tomorrow because her hubby has a doc appointment and she must attend. We are in the middle of a pretty good snowstorm and my tires are almost bald but I have to come in early at 8 am to cover, because my coworker who lives 3 minutes away and walks to work doesn't want her kids to have to walk in the snow . So it's okay for me to drive 30 minutes in bad driving conditions so she can stay home with the kiddies( might I had she just got back from a week and a half vacation too) ?? WTF!!!!! I really really hate my job some days. With snow on the ground no seniors will come out so it will be a totally wasted day. I wrote an email saying I would do the best I could but I made no promises if the weather is totally bad and my boss wrote back that she didn't care all she cared about was that "she" wanted to go to hubby doc appointment. what a bitch.
  3. rhonda- can't be your competition, because I need to smell to buy. Doesn 't matter anyway got there and the girl said, oh you didn't get the email saying the party was cancelled?? ERR What a craptastic day. Tomorrow dang well better be better, because today just sucked.
  4. hey buddies. feeling blah today. I have a scentsy party to go to this afternoon. Hopefully that will perk me up.
  5. uh,, is the day over yet?????? MY god I can't wait until 4. Everyone wants me to solve thier problems today. ER!!!
  6. today's title should have been traveling friday. LOL nancy- good luck today. You will get through surgery just fine. tanya- you should be arriving in Mrytle Beach right about now. katy- I love to fly. Take a deep breath and the close your eyes and think of your friends nearby, maybe that will help I don't have a huge amount of things to do today, yea! I've been running like mad likely
  7. rhonda- lessons vary by the person. Today I have and economic book reasearch lesson, a resume building lesson, a facebook lesson, and a general email and searching lesson. I teach all sorts of things. LOL tanya - yea final countdown. don't forget you have to text me therapist orders. LOL sandy- I always start to knit something and then put it down. I'm horrible that way .
  8. morning ladies- I have a busy day today. 4 computer lessons, plus I already went shopping this morning. I am hoping to hop on the treadmill for 1/2 hour this afternoon. I love having it at work, it's right there so If I have 15 min during the day I can just walk or if I have 1/2 hour at the end of the day then I can watch tv and exercise a bit more strenously. thirsty challenge down 20 ounces and going strong. sandy _ I love that quote christie_ way to go on the coupons. I love coupons. Use them all the time. My hubby laughed at me until I sent him shopping one day with the list of which store to go to and which coupons to use and he realized I save over $200 on the grocery bill that month.. tanya- Don't work to hard today esther- greasy spoon types are so yummy aren't they. katy- getting out early huh any special reason. nancy- think of the extra time as YOU time to do what ever you want to do.
  9. esther- have a great nap. sandy- my mom gave me a wall hanging that ways "In a world where you can be anything you want, Be Yourself" Okay _ I did 20 minutes on the treadmill at work, walking, slight jogging, and at a 2% incline. That was not bad. next time I'm bringing in a video or something to watch that was it will go faster.
  10. hello everyone. I'm glad I gave ya'll something to talk about with my "marital exercise" LOL I just loved being able to spend the day together. We don't get to do that very often. Nancy- DON'T STRESS!!! You have been through this before, you know what to expect, just take a deep breath relax and talk to us esther- any cuddles are good in my book. tanya- where are you???? karen- I want berries. I need to fly down to florida to visit. no fair. LOL katy- talking to us will be great. My MIL says it has been cold lately though in Florida, but she is on the other coast too. I was really really bad on the food yesterday so I'm back to being good today. I'm not going to feel guilty. I do need to get my hump back in gear again. I want to fit in the pants I bought last year, and right now I don't. I REFUSE to buy the next size up again. I just won't breathe much until I lose those extra 10- lbs. LOL
  11. hello ladies, just popping in to say hey. I've spent the entire day canoodling on the couch with hubby watching the snow fall and watching tv. There may have been marital exercise too. LOL I'll be back on tomorrow with the personals.
  12. morning all. I just finished all my work so noe I can sit at work and play for a while. I had a nice day yesterday, but paul t wasn't feeling too hot. I made him take a couple of tylenol and go to bed early and he bounced out of bed rip roaring and ready to go at 6:30 this morning. He's going tubing today with some friends from school.
  13. okay, center didn't get cleaned up as much as I would have liked but I earned AP's up the butt. The idoitic "mantenace man" could be bother to read the instructions when putting together the center brand new treadmill. Spent 2 hours on it and then said sorry got to go. I went to finish it and realized he used the wrong screws, left out parts and basically screwed the entire thing up. I spent 2 1/2 hours taking the entire thing apart and putting it back together again the correct way.
  14. morning all. what a start to the day. I was late to work because I couldn't get the stupid car to start. It was protesting the cold weather. LOL so I took hubby's car and asked dad to take paul t to school. (way to cold to walk) esther/katy- webcam's are great and if your computer doesn't have one you can purchase them very reasonably priced at walmart. I paid $20 for mine and that was 2 years ago. katy- I can't imagine not having a computer. Kids need to have them for school today. christie- I have a very interesting picture in my head now of a lone leg hanging out on the edge of the pool. LOL If you really wanted to go I would assume that you could cover the leg with towels or something. Don't let other people determine what you can and cannot do. okay, well I should really get to work now, We had a mardi gras party here yesterday and the place is a huge mess and your's truly gets to clean it up.
  15. hello ladies.. sorry I haven't been around. sunday and monday I had a nasty headache and didn't even turn on the computer. and tuesday I went to the doc's to talk about my meds. I am going back on the drug that worked the best for me in the past but in a lower more controled dose. ( I had a really fast hearbeat at the higher does) Going to take a little more when I am due for time of month and less the rest of the time so we shall she how that goes. katy- does your computer have webcam?? My son "talks" to his grandma on skype using a video chat every week. He talks to her more when they are in florida than when they are up to visit. nancy- sorry this week is stressful for you. but your health is something that is really important and you can't mess with. tanya- thanks for the the where are you email.. rhonda- soft cyber hugs are nice. esther- I wish I had your commitment to the wii. I just am not there yet. karen- I wish I had a pool too, the ymca is building a place here, but I'll be old and grey by the time they finish the dang thing. LOL sandy- pet hugs coming jake's way
  16. And the fleece we picked up: My choices: Paul t's choices:
  17. christie- I don't know if it's possible or not, but if it is holy ****!!! I hate you.. LOL only kidding. I filed bankrupcy several years ago and that still affects our score so ours isn't so great. I had a great day with my aunt. Long though I was really tired when we got home. okay so here it is the picture of my infamous tat. Pic is grainy because it's from my web cam ( Hubby has misplaced the camera)
  18. katy- sorry computer is so slow. tanya- isn't it amazing how we can get sick of take out nancy- hang in there. I'll be thinking of you all day. esther- safe trip today sandy- I like to call those moments a "brain fart" lisa- have a great day with miss m at the gym I am heading off to my aunt's today. She asked me to come up and set up her new GPS. I am so proud of her. Her husband passed away in october and she has really blossomed since that happened, she's going out and doing things. ( he was a serious control freak) We are going to set up the gps and use it to find a pizza shop and go out for pizza (her treat) yipee!! Then I'll see if she wants to go with me to joann fabrics to get the fleece for the ratties. I'll take pictures of what we buy. My tat is healed up enough that I'll take a photo of it tonight and post for all to see. Hope everyone has a great day
  19. sandy- I line the cage floors with fleece to keep them cleaner. that way I can just pull the fleece out and wash it. and then just wipe down the cage liners. It does also keep them warm and the love to cuddle in it. I make hammocks and things for them to play in too.
  20. just looked up jo-ann fabrics and they are running a 40% off sale on fleece, yea! I will def get some new fleece for rats.
  21. tanya- loved the pooped out dog. too funny nancy- i think the umbrella is a great idea, less shoveling to do and the furbabies have a spot to run out poop and come right back in. whoo hoo sandy- therapist should go well, today is a good day, the prob is that I have good days and feel like I don't need to see her anymore and then boom the bad days hit and I WON:T go see her. The only exciting thing for me today is I need to clean the rats cage, stating to get a bit of a funk going on there. they need some new materials maybe when I go out tomorrow to my aunts paul t and I can hit the craft store for some new fleeces.
  22. good morning ladies. tanya- I love your version of cleaning up. It very similar to mine. LOL rhonda- I am on he cymbalta too, but the 90 mg is what made me more depressed, so we dropped it back down to 60 but we will probably change it again. christie- way to go on the exercise routine. I really need to get back into a routine. sandy- enjoy your coffee date this morning. I have a meeting with my therapist tonight so that should be interesting, and then we have family game night tonight. It is usually on thursday's but paul t wanted alone time with daddy really bad last night. Paul kept saying can't mommy play wii with us too and paul t was like I had mommy all week, I want you to myself. Paul just didn't get it. I told him "you whine to me that he doesn't want to be with you as often, and here he is asking for JUST you and you don't want to play" DUH!!!!!! I enjoyed it, two whole hours of noone wanting or needing me, it was wonderfull.
  23. okay ladies, I am off to the store for milk and syrup, lets see what I actually come home with. LOL chat later tonight
  24. one hour to go, I am so ready to head home. tanya- rootbeer candle sounds yummy. rhonda- great that you didn't lose as much as you thought you would. sandy- working hard today? esther- movie? I don't remember what this was about?? where are you leaving for on saturday? karen- get back on here we miss you. nancy - looks like you are going to get hit with the snow again. stay inside and chat with us instead. LOL
  25. nancy- your son in law is VERY lucky to have your daughter who would stand up to a jerk like that. Some men just aren taught how to stand up and say no. I can relate, my hubby was treated as the baby for so long that he still has trouble when making decisions or saying no when he KNOWS he needs to. katy- why work when play is so much better. ok ladies, well I did it.. I got my tattoo last night. It didn't hurt that much, but it does sting quite a bit today. I'll post a picture when it heals up some more and isn't as red. I feel much better now that I am down to my regular dose of cymbalta but, the doc said she is still going to change the meds, so I go and see her on tuesday to talk about that. I might see if my mom will take the boy and I might treat myself to a movie for the day.
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