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  1. Wow...such an inspiration...congrats!
  2. Hi All... I just wanted to give a little vote for joining Tae Kwon Do...I started in Sept...and it is fantastic...I go twice a week...and one night is cardio and the other night technique... It quickly gets you in shape..plus flexability improves quickly as well.. I have already received my first belt...so now I am keeping at it work toward my black belt...it could take years I imagine...but I will get there!! If you have an adult class in your area...I highly suggest joining...it is great! Cheers Amanda
  3. Yup..I am new...been in weight watchers for the first time since Jun 16th, 2008 and lost 20.8 lbs total....it feels great. I have a long way to go tho. So I need some guidance...someone who will include me in their group...I wanna be a groupie Haha... Anyhow..here is a bit about me...I am a 27 year old maternity/labor & delivery nurse from Nova Scotia, Canada...I have two kiddies Matt who is 6 and Abbey who is 15 months... My goal is to reach 140 and have a healthy lifestyle for my kids...I have about35 lbs left to go...sounds like so much... My family's medical history isn't great, so if I didn't make the decision to lose the weight, I would be down the same diabetic, heart disease road as my parents...and grandparents.... So...if anyone reads this and wants to include me in their party, I would be honored...I usually weigh in on Wed..but becuase of work I sometimes go on Mon as well THanks for reading Amanda D
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