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  1. Hi, I also remember you. You maintained the recipes I think. Im glad to see your post. We all hope you pop in regularly. Stay safe
  2. The preview looks cool, streamlined and modern. Cant wait. Is it done yet? LOL
  3. thats an excellent idea TeHe67
  4. just re started 30+ seconds
  5. Mine did last spring. Gotta drive towards the mall now to get a meeting and I like meetings but that far now and the added weekly expense to go to meeting UGH
  6. I mean on the new plan, there is more 0 pt foods so that might help you. I still track them down but like I said they're zero
  7. Hey all just waving hi . Popped on the delta thread and saw this post too. What plan are you following?
  8. work out first thing in the morning if you can pack your lunch pre-plan your suppers for the week saying no once in the store is easier than saying no many times once its in the house put the pointier things in the back of the fridge or on a high shelf
  9. I just had cream of wheat. 3T and water, microwave 2.5 minutes stirring midway. Thats good and its simply filling food. I added blueberries
  10. I have both. I bought the calculator when I don't pay the monthly fees. Its really good once you get the hang of it. I admit I like the app better its just easier to log on. When I was using the calculator, Id still paper track but just the foods so I had a visual of what I ate. Hope that helps
  11. My hairdresser has oone and loves it. She gets great sweat type workout and feels good . I would like to get one. I hope you try it and let us know
  12. I buy smoked salmon from Aldis. I put a wedge laughing cow cheese 2 wasa toasts, salmon and then thin radish or cucumber and black pepper. Very good
  13. me too, I would use almond milk and powder PB butter instead
  14. What the heck Peg , you've been here 4-ever. Big part of this site. PLz reconsider
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