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  1. I soo feel your pain! Everytime I get out of the comfort of my home and routine my WW OP goes to hell. The two times I have "slipped" since starting WW I have always failed and gone WAY out of my point range and worse gained weight that I worked so hard to get rid of! Now, like you I am going away this time for a week and to be honest I am down right scared. I am going to vegas of all places and I am looking into seeing if I can hide "my food" in my room in a fridge but this had two reasons...food costs a lot in vegas and I really want to stay on track. You are so not alone! Don't get discouraged just keep persistent eventually you will get to your goal. It isn't like we are all stuck in vegas permanently and this is a LIFE LONG journey. I have the fortune of having coworkers that have been on OP for 10 YEARS (!) they have lost their weight and kept it off...so we drop the ball once and a while...we just have to remember to pick the ball back up and keep going. Hugs to you as I we both have this challenge and you are very not alone!!
  2. Ok so I have been OP for now 12 weeks and very glad I joined WW as it seems to be working on the scale. Though somedays I am thinking they just type in a number before I get on because I can't see it on my body. I have found a few things out about me through all of this...I go off program or snack when I am bored...no emotional attachment at all to it. Also I am still a sizable ways away from my GW and I seem to plateau every other week. This is driving me crazy!!!! I have become more active than I can remember...ever. I run about 3.5 - 4 miles a day (under 30 minutes) and I lift weights every other day . I have a personal trainer who really pushes me:bcb_drilland yeah I see that I am able to be more physically achieving than ever before...however....I have found the more protien I stuff into my day the less I have for eating the other healthy foods. I also have found eating turkey is higher protien than a protien bar...who knew? the real kicker of all of this is ... I AM NOT SEEING IT! I am wondering if I burnt out my metabolism being that I am eating only 18-20 pts a day. Any suggestions??? I have no idea how I could increase or should increase my activity. Has anyone has success switching core/flex?
  3. IMHO it is extremely rude for anyone to ask exactly how much...well ok except when my personal trainer asks...he needs to know in order to adjust the workout...but other than him.... yeah seriously rude.
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