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  1. Jason, u are mahhhvelous! And so appreciated. Thank u so much!!!
  2. Thank u Jason for all your help! I hope u can help me. Please take a look.
  3. I like your idea. More privacy is always a good thing.
  4. Hi Norma,


    Arlene said she and Peg won't fit in queen size bed. So they can take the 2 twins or the master bedroom. U and Carla decide, ok? I'll take the queen size bedroom.

  5. Sophie and I got lots of exercise at agility class tonite....plus it was hot and humid. Yuck. Hope it will be cooler and not drizzily next Monday nite! Instructor gave us lots of things to work on. Should be fun. Joan
  6. Took Sophie (my Westie) for a nice walk in the park yesterday. It was really warm (89) but I enjoyed getting out (have nasty case of sinus/allergies). FALL, please come to the Deep South. Journaling. Still walking around block when I go to the mailbox. More intentional about what I am eating and when. With diabetes, low blood sugar is always an "enemy". Joan
  7. I've made a commitment to walk around the block every time I go outside. So far, so good. 4 blocks today. Now I'm going to start journaling and see what mood/emotion gets its claws into me when I snack/eat in a "devil may care" way. It's NOT working for me (and I DO care). I'm consumed by the 12 lbs I've regained after losing 26. Joan
  8. Heh Peg & Susan. Saw this interesting sounding thread and thought "this sounds right for me". I will find that one thing that will increase my cause and decrease my butt tomorrow and the next day and the next. Crescentbeachzoo, I'm a dog person also. Have a Westie named Sophie, age 16 mos. With cooler weather coming, we are out for our dog walks again. I'm a regular on the 40,50,60+ thread and live in south Alabama. May I join u girls? Nite nite for now. Joan
  9. Nite, carol!



  10. CONGRATS, Blackbeard! What a great looking Vette. How far you've come. A big reward sounds like just the ticket. ENJOY!!!!
  11. Tell me how Juie is getting along and how are you doing with that and all that's going on regarding Eli?


    Think of u often down there kayaking, biking, walking on the beach. Enjoy your quiet time. Love ya, Joan

  12. LOYE - we will get our City Passes once we get to Atlanta and can talk about where and what we want to see. We only have Monday afternoon, all day Tuesday, and Wednesday thru lunchtime. Don't know how the weather will be (hot/wet). We'll just play it by ear, ok?


    U meet up with Arlene in the airport and call me on my cell phone. I won't be far away. Let me know where to pull up. North or South and then a number 1-8 (i think). Will be great to finally meet u BOTH. We will go get some lunch and hopefully can check in by then.



    251 422 3010 (cell)

  13. I need to get in touch with you. Also the city pass you are talking about. Loye

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