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  1. I worked with a personal trainer for a while and she had me just sitting on the ball at first to balance and use my core muscles. We then progressed to doing sit-ups while on the ball.
  2. Just got home from work a few min ago and the roads really bite!!!! We got 3 inches of snow from midnight until 3am and now the wind has picked up and the snow is blowing, making the roads slick. I am going to bed, will check back in later.
  3. I like laughing cow cheese wedges. They are only 1 point for the wedge and the flavors are good. You can also mix salsa with ww cream cheese for a good dip.
  4. Bumping up...I was looking for 1 recipe and found soooo much more!
  5. WoooHoooooo..........Congrats!!!!!!!! Keep up the good work.
  6. Hi all...just getting up and going after working last night. When I got to work I found that over half of my 36 patients had the vomiting/diarrhea type flu. Needless to say, the night went very fast! I felt bad for my CNA's and made rounds with them so they would have an extra set of hands (they really didnt need it) or at least some one to be a cheer leader for them. Working night shift and then flipping to day shift has really messed me up as far as being OP. There are days that I eat 1 meal and other days that I eat 4 meals. I am trying to work my days out from midnight to midnight and trying to get the healthy guidelines in daily. I am also eating more of the filling foods but feel that I need to count points for a while. Hope everyone has a great evening.
  7. We will now have a moment of silence for Lynn's pressure cooker! LOL Sorry about your loss. ; )
  8. Good morning. I am up and going today...need to get some cooking done for the week (Kim...can you come to my house for a while!). I printed off recipes yesterday and went shopping so now I need to plan and cook. I also need to clean the "science experiments" out of the refrigerator! Hope every one has a good day!
  9. Happy birthday to you! Hope you have a wonderful day!!!!
  10. Hi all...home from work and getting ready to go to bed. I am off this weekend so will "nap" on and off all day. Have been OP with eating and have been journaling to become more accountable to myself for what I am eating. Now I am working on figuring out when to exercise and how to fit this into my life. I will get this figured out this week. Have a good day all.
  11. good morning! Just home from work and getting ready for bed. I need to get something to eat so I wont wake up starving! I didnt take anything to work last night to eat because I went to dinner with a friend and wasnt hungry when I left. I am still getting used to when to eat and when to work out. Hope everyone has a good day...will check back in later.
  12. Wow, that really makes you think! Thanks Carol.
  13. Good morning to all! I just got home from work and getting ready for bed. My new schedule is working 10pm to 6am for the next 2 weeks. I have worked hard to get room darkening shades into my room so it is dark in there. I also did some cooking and made veg/ beef soup for the nights I work and have been planning ahead and will be counting points for the 2 weeks my schedule is changed (this is easier for me at this point). I hope everyone has a good day and I will check back later.
  14. 1. Buy clothing from a "real store" not just one with a womens department 2. Have my knee and feet not hurt when I walk 3. Be able to take the dogs hiking with out getting winded 4. Live a healthier life 5. Just because I am worth the work!
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