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  1. OP Today....the struggle begins to wane a bit! Thank goodness!
  2. Rhonda ~ way to go on getting your college student all situated; I have two of them (twins) entering college this year so I can appreciate the brain hurting! Also, if you haven't read CW's post on why the scale lies in The Training Manual Group, check it out, he addresses the very issues you were talking about. Today was my first weigh in after my re-enlistment last week. After much toil and travail to get my head on straight and work the program I was down two pounds. Thank goodness!! If I had gained I would have to go back to paying again!! I would prefer to keep that $13 for other uses if at all possible! But, I will say that when and if the time comes and I have to pay the fine it will be worth it and I am sure I will have earned it! Hope everyone has a great OP evening!
  3. Love, love, love this idea. I like to occasionally have popcorn for an afternoon snack with a diet drink. I have a co-worker who LOVES popcorn but only on rare occasions has ever actually bought any and gets mine out of the cabinet. If I pop it and he is here, within five minutes he will be popping some also. All of this I really wouldn't mind if I could actually afford to keep both of us in popcorn but such is not the case. So......when the current supply is gone I will be buying a jar of popcorn and some brown paper sacks instead of the pre-packaged variety at around $3 a box. THANKS!!
  4. Hello buddies.....I need to hook up with you guys again if you don't mind. (And I know from experience you won't.) I wrote a LONG......post one day last week and ended up losing the whole thing before I could post it!!! Maybe I can give the Reader's Digest condensed version ...probably a better idea anyway. So in a nutshell I joined WW (and BCB) in July of 2008, I reached my WW goal in November of 2008 and made Lifetime in December. I continued to lose and have stayed about 5 pounds under my WW goal up until last week when I made the grand discovery that I was at my WW goal weight plus the 2 pound overage allowance. I have been to my monthly weigh ins all along but last month I went early in the month around the 7th of June and instead of going at the four week mark in July I stretched it out until the third week of July making it somewhere around six weeks instead of four. So here I am carrying around 7 extra pounds. I knew this day would come which is one of the reasons I joined WW in the first place..on the premise that before I could get too far gone I would be able to catch it. And I did. Only thing is I sure was enjoying my non OCD approach to maintaining my weight; so much for that program! My weigh in day is Tuesday so I will be going tomorrow morning after a week of what has felt like climbing Mount Everest to get back OP. It has been so hard I have found myself wondering how in the world I ever did this in the first place! I haven't been perfect but I have been intentional about staying OP every day and am determined to get my MOMEMTUM back. (That word just spontaneously popped into my head!!! Thanks for listening.....aren't we all glad I gave the short version!!
  5. Good Morning Buddies! It looks like another perfect day here in the sunny south; we are always so relieved when the stifiling heat and humidity begin to subside. You guys are not going to believe what happned to my friend at WI yesterday. She has never had a week where she gained (which I find pretty incredible) and yesterday she gained 1/2 pound! She was so sad; I felt so sorry for her. I gave her the gift anyway and she was going to keep it for next week. By the time class was over she had bounded back, had her game face on, determined as ever. Remarkably I was down 3.5 pounds! (I didn't share this with my friend - not the thing to do.) I have never declared a WW goal b/c I wasn't sure of my exact height. My friend and are about the same height and age and she told me that she is 5'4.5" which puts her on the chart at 150 as opposed to 146 for 5'4". My strategy for setting the goal is one I got from Carol. Set it as high as possible in order to quit paying sooner. I came home from the meeting, got my husband to measure my heighth.(There is not a heighth chart at my meeting location.) As it turns out I am 5'4.5" and my WW goal weight can be 150. I weighed in at 149.5.......so I am there and can go into maintainence next week. This will not be my personal goal - I would like to get somewhere around 140 if possible. Even though this was all exciting and good the best part of my day came later back at that same clothing store I mentioned yesterday. I needed some new jeans, I was standing there looking at the size 12 rack and I just decided if I can't get into a 10 I am not buying them. Got the 10s went to the dressing room, tried them on and THEY FIT!!!!! Easily. So I am off to get dressed in my size 10 jeans for church. (We are a very laid back, non traditional bunch.) (By the way, I read those posts last night from yesterday about switching from Core to Flex. About six weeks ago I switched to Flex. I did not say anything here because I didn't want to leave my Core buddies. It has been very good for me and not painfully laborious like I thought it would be.) Everyone have a great OP day while enjoying the fabulous fall weather.
  6. Good morning buddies! Sorry I have been out of touch - my job has been one of those situations where the "tail wags the dog instead of the dog wagging the tail." I am not complaining - the company I work for has laid people off left and right - so I am happy to be busy and working. I met my 10% goal last Saturday and got the little WW keychain (my favorite key chain of my whole life). I have weigh in this morning and am hoping for a pound. I had a good week but you never know; I tend to have a good week, then an OK week. Last week I was down 2.5 so most likely that scenario won't be repeated this week. I have gotten in to such a routine with my eating habits after being on the program for 3 1/2 months that the whole process is becoming second nature to me. At this point I have people I work with asking me about the program because they see the difference. I also have the wonderful challenge of repeatedly looking for something to wear to work that will fit me. The clothes I wore this time last year just don't look good and they add visual weight to me that is not there. So, friends if you are still wearing baggy loose fitting clothes ditch 'em! I am excited to go to my meeting today. The reason I ended up at WW was because of a woman I met in the summer while shopping at a clothing store. She was there with her friend looking at a plus size clothing rack that I also was looking at. They were having a conversation in which I discovered that one of them had lost 75 pounds since January. I became all ears and long story short joined WW. Last week she had lost a total of 100 pounds and today she will meet her goal weight! I am so happy for her! If I were her family I would either throw her a party or send her to a spa for the day or if money were no object send her on a cruise......something!! I bought her a little silver Christmas ornament that says "JOY" as a keepsake for her. Although I know that true joy won't be found in losing weight - it sure makes for a much higher quality of life. Sorry for the lengthy post I guess I had to make up for lost time.
  7. Donna, In case you missed this post by Lynn last week.....it is profoundly wise......as is her tag line. I know I need to ponder this principal...
  8. Way to go Donna!!!! I have self-sacrificing tendencies that make it hard for me to say no.....good job on doing what you needed to do for you.
  9. Good morning buddies. I am hoping for a more low key work week this week......we'll see....last week I ended up working an extra 10 hours. I was down a pound at WI on Saturday; I had hoped for a pound and a half to meet my 10% goal and obtain the elusive key chain for doing so. I am amazed at how those little stars and rewards become such coveted little trophies. Hope everyone has a great OP day!
  10. 10 Little Weight Watchers 10 little weight watchers joining in a line, one hated vegetables, then there were nine. 9 little weight watchers say, "This is great." One said I don't have time to exercise," then there were eight. 8 little weight watchers say, "This is heaven." One had a birthday, then there were seven. 7 little weight watchers, getting thin for kicks. One said, "Programs and fun just don't mix," then there were six. 6 little weight watchers, see how they thrive. One said, "Just once won't hurt," then there were five. 5 little weight watchers beating at a door. One weighed and left each week, then there were four. 4 little weight watchers from fat getting free. One heard, "Dear you're getting too thin," then there were three. 3 little weight watchers see how they do. One went on vacation, then there were two. 2 little weight watchers, life has just begun. One got off the program, then there was one. 1 little weight watcher standing all alone, the body's gotten little, how the pride has grown. 1 little weight watcher, at goal she (he) looks divine. We, each one of us, can be that one and not the other nine!!!
  11. Lynn: Thanks.......you are exactly right....I LOVE this perspective! I hear the leader coming out in you.... I throughly enjoy your presence on this board it is like having our own personal WW leader to coach us!!!!
  12. Carol, I am encouraged by this testimony of yours......this is kind of how I see my future. Get to Lifetime.....weigh in once per month......in all reality I will at some point gain weight.....AND then I will return.....(hopefully before I have gone terribly far down the wrong road) THEN....pay the penalty for doing so until I get back on track. Isn't it great not to have to pay the sign up fee! By the time a person reaches Lifetime we certainly have paid enough in to deserve to get SOMETHING for free!!! I will have to set my lifetime goal soon and I am so glad I read your posts about setting it as high as possible!!! Makes COMPLETE sense!!! And here we all were thinking WWCarol was PERFECT!!!:bcb_grin:bcb_grin
  13. Hello Buddies......I have enjoyed reading your posts today. I especially like Dr. JulieAnn's description of decluttering her office. I am the anthesis of a pack rat but not certifiably OCD.:bcb_grinI would not have been able to do a minutes work in the midst of all of that clutter! And I love Bridgetthemom's dress story. GOOD FOR YOU!!!! :bcb_up:bcb_up:bcb_up You earned that WOW from your 16 year old.....please give details on DH's reacation as well....I feel your "prom" excitement as well.....do tell all!!! JMD....I need to renew my driver license too and have been procrastinating over the same picture issue. Hoping to wait a little longer so the picture would look better and the number could be lower. (I may have to fudge a bit on the number. ) I was down 3.5 pounds this week at WI. I had not lost anything in two weeks so it was a HUGE boost to get that reward today. Have a great evening everyone.
  14. The Payoff: Living v. Existing Feeling Good......everyday. Still having energy @ 9 p.m. No more headaches. (From sugar overload.) Self-respect. Self-confidence. Clear Thinking. Better moods. Positive Outlook. Etc, Etc.
  15. Loribelle, Sorry to hear about you bulgur dislike; it fulfills the need for bread and starches without being either. I just recently discovered it in the last month or so and fell in love with it. It is more of an accompaniment than a "main attraction". It mixes well with pretty much anything savory and has a lot of staying power without adding a lot of calories or carbs. The only way I have cooked it is with chicken broth, 2:1 portions just like cooking white rice only cook it for 15 minutes instead of 20 as you would for rice. I wasn't able to find it in my Wal-mart.....was it with the rice and other grains? I had to purchase it at a health food store the first time and have since found it at a speciality food store for much less.
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