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  1. ok, thank you...i didn't know people do that that is terrible...glad its all taken care of.
  2. i already told you...i use it to track my weight, get on the ww support board that is on there...use the weight tracker, use the food and exercise log.
  3. i deleted the picture so hopefully that will eliminate any problem you had with it.
  4. that website advertises all those weight loss methods its just advertisements...the website is mainly used for people that are losing weight a way to communicate with others that are doing the same. i feel like you are attacking me on how i'm losing weight i've lost 77 pounds on weight watchers...i'm not the type to have a quick fix and take a diet pill!!!! I don't believe in any of that...i'm getting my certification to be a personal trainer so im very very against diet pills and quick fixes
  5. the link to my picture takes you to extrapounds.com a website where you track your weight talk to others that are on ww....create a weight tracker...keep a food log..exercise log...its a very helpful website!
  6. my association with what blog...i have no idea what you are talking about?
  7. Thank you so much! Can you explain how i put pictures on here too! that on i have is just a signature picture i would like to put other pics before and after ones. thank you
  8. kim the post card icon that doesn't work it just puts a little sqare on my signature. and i can't figure out the other way you were talking about where do i paste it to or what do i paste it to
  9. Yes i am doing weight watchers
  10. how do I put a tracker on my signature...i copied the bb code but i don't know where to put it it keeps telling me its an invalid code? Please help me
  11. Well I just had to tell everyone my great news...I'm soo proud and so excited..I did it...I've lost 50 pounds!!!!! What a great accomplishment only 20 pounds to go!!! P.S Can someone tell me how to put pictures on here..I want to show you guys the huge difference 50 pounds can make!!! I just can't figure out how to do it!
  12. How do post several pictures?
  13. yes i'm gonna do 13 miles....i can run 6 right now...so hopefully when all this training is over i'll be up to 13miles!!! i am doing a couple 5k's this month, and next month. I'm gonna start biking tomorrow!!!! I bought one of those bike child carriers that you pull behind your bike for henry so i'm hoping the weather will be nice so we can go on a bike ride!!! That will definitely get me shape...biking is one the best exercises to do!!! Well have a great night!!! Jennifer

  14. HAHA you said no binging this weekend lol! ... well it's weekend now and i'm not only studying and doing the homework i always do on weekends but i'm studying for a test AND learning a song to rehearse..... omg.... i've been munching on baked mushrooms (sliced) and they're good! But i got up at 4:45 am this morning to put my test study notes together and didn't finish til nearly 10 am, and that's not even studying the notes.. just puttn them together! now i must actually study... and i did just break out the tuna salad. oh my.


    Tell me bout your race! are you gonna really go 13 mi's?? I want to do an 8k on memorial day... i can't even run a mile (well I can if i walk half of it)...... so a half marathon, well i haven't done one of those in like, 4 years.... sigh... good luck lemme know how it goes!

  15. LOL my bad...posting on my own to you how in the heck are you ever gonna read it, lol...well today is great its finally super nice out...I saw your loss big congrats that's awesome!!! I'm so stuck plateauing so i'm gonna change up my exercising a bit and lower my points my one point hoping that will work...the town i live in is doing a 5k run/walk on May 2nd so henry and i are gonna do that and then in october des moines, iowa about a 3 hour drive from where i live is doing a marathon so i'm training right now for that...i'm gonna do the half marathon 13 miles...so we'll see how that goes. I"m so glad it friday and even better its 6pm and now i'm getting off work gonna go walking with the hubby and with henry. Well have a great night and a good weekend....NO binging!!! take care... Jennifer

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