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  1. Well I haven't used one (never will either), but the Wife LOVES it, so I could say that I love it
  2. Good job, you'll be at 10% in no time...
  3. That really sounds Yummy. I like the fact of freezing them too, as wifey doesn't really care for meatloaf (don't wait to waste anything in this day and age!). Thanks for the tips.
  4. OMG FANTASTIC...wow you look amazing!!! This inspires me, thank you for that.
  5. I bought the 3 month journal and I use it daily. I didn't think I would use it, but said I'll give it a week. It's a habit now that I use weekly. I've actually found the weeks that I didn't use it, is when I gained. Determined to use it always now.
  6. Way to go Michael, congrats. I appreicate your sharing your story. Wtg on the loss too.
  7. Jennifer, welcome to the site. I too am a newbee and I'm soooooo happy that I found this site. It has really be nice to see such nice people on the web that are in the same fight that you are in. Good luck on your journey!
  8. This is merely from me (I'm a type II diabetic), I use sugar free whenever possible. Although, I've tried the ff kraft cheese slices, I honestly can't stomach them and use the 2% slices (I just calculate the points in).
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