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  1. Hi I would like to suggest a topic thread "Eating Out". Last night my wife and had a hot date! We went to a sushi bar and a concert. At the Sushi bar I discovered "Yellow Tail tuna neck" It is broiled tuna, it has some large bones and is very delicate and about 6 ounces of fish. Because it is broiled it is very healthy, no fat and very tasty! Be prepared to get your hands dirty though, you have to pick through to find the bones.
  2. The grass always looks greener on the other side!!!! I would not be interested in changing sides with my wife or her change with me! BTW I cooked dinner tonight, and the past week also! Sunday we went out for lunch! Tonight we had homemade chili, jalapeno cornbread! Not a TV dinner.
  3. The worst question I have been presented is: " How the H... did you let yourself get that big!" That was a tough one. I had to think about it! at first I was angry and took me awhile to answer!
  4. Tara: I had over 200#s to lose when I first joined WW. I felt much the same as you! I had gone to the meeting to be a candidate for bypass. I have lost 170+ pounds now and have about 50+pounds to go. Don't focus on the entire amount, just focus on 10%! It will disappear in no time! Then reset your new goal, and go like that until you begin to believe that it works, then you can make bigger commitments! My WW leader and I have talked about when I first joined, she says I had a terrible attitude. But I stuck around to see if it works! I am glad I did!!! I wore 60 waist pants and a 5x shirt! I now wear 42/40 pants and xl shirts! Last night I got into 38 waist pants but they are still snug, but I fasten the button! You will begin to get energy as you lose, be sure to take advantage of that and walk your butt off, literally! LOL. I have some before pics on here showing off thread. These pic,s were 2001. click
  5. Next time you get discouraged, go to wal mart and pu a 50 lb bag of dog food, sugar or some other heavy item and carry it around the store! Great job, stay focused!
  6. Thanks everyone, It has been quite a journey. Maybe one day I will write a book!
  7. Theese are pics of me 2000, before WW. http://whoisthisguy-nogills2.blogspot.com/
  8. Sodium is not figured into WW. Unless you have heart problems or fluid retention. I use very little salt, never add salt to my food after it is cooked. It is because of heart issues.
  9. Julie Welcome! I understand, greatly, your plight. I was a cokeaholic, I use to drink 2 liters of coke daily plus more cans & bottles. When I went to work I carried a suitcase of just coke. I finaly have gotten to the place of having a diet soda about once a month. I lost 60 pounds just quiting sodas. I would encourage to use the same WW principles to quit drinking sodas. keep a diary, allow so many a day and then reduce the count until you get to a place you can control it. Welcome again
  10. Thanks everyone, AND, Yes we are still together, 30+ years now. Life is amazing!
  11. Thanks Luanne, I found it after I posted this.
  12. Are there a lot of guy's here on this site?
  13. Hello Everyone: I found this site the other day by mistake, after several attempts to register, I finally got through. BTW I don't believe in coincidence! I am not new to WW, My first join date was 01/02, when I weighed in at 437.4, which is not my heaviest. I lost 199 pounds on the WW plan. WW was talking to me about being a leader and I was on top of the world! Then everything fell apart, My spouse was giving me a hard time and wanting me to quit the program. I was faced with being skinny or being married. So you know what I chose! After being off program since 10/05, I returned to WW on 4/1/08 and only having gained about 80# in 2 years. I still felt good about myself, but now I had an excuse to rejoin. On March 21 2007, I had a heart attack. Doctors did not expect me to pull through. I surprised everyone by surviving and getting better. On April 01/08 I rejoined WW and have lost 37.6 # so far. My attitude has changed greatly and NOTHING is going to stand in my way, I will achieve goal this time and have fun doing it!!!! I know this is a lot for a newbie, but I am not really new to this. If you have any questions "Jus Holla!!!!" NOGILLS2
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