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  1. Just wanted to add really quickly that I don't know how old you are, but if you're pre-menopausal, hormonal fluctuations could be involved. I always gain about four pounds right before my period and lose it the next week. I am sure it is just retained water. Point being, since you have successfully followed it before, you know the program works...so just keep working at it until you see results, and don't let one weigh-in get you down!
  2. You said the oil is the only non-SiFi ingredient. If you just wanted to count the oil, you know that oil is 100% fat. You could then assume (and if it's a wrong assumption, oh well, you're overestimating) that 100% of the fat in it is oil. If there are 11g of fat, and each gram of fat has 9 calories, then that's 99 calories. If you put that on your slider, you should be looking at about 3 points. I do think you have to count all the oil, because you don't know if it was a "heathy oil" or not. However, I agree with Lynn that there are too many variables when you are eating out, and agree with the recommendation to count 5 points and be done with it. Boy, what a long post, for the sole purpose of saying that I agree with Lynn!
  3. Morning, Sailorwoman (and any others)! It is Day 7 of my Core/SiFi recommitment. My tummy is kind of upset this morning...I think it is a reaction to all that fiber. I haven't lost any weight in two days (I know, I know, fluctuations are normal, but in the first week, you'd think I'd be losing at least a little bit). I did have teriyaki chicken and veggie stir-fry last night, so maybe it is all that sodium. I feel like I am trying to make excuses, but I really don't feel as though I've been overeating, and I am not even close to using all my WPAs (I don't find counting APs reliable, so I wouldn't use them unless I really needed to). I've used 20 so far this week, and this is day 7. I know I should be more patient. It snowed here last night, but only a little bit. It's pretty outside but waaayyyy too cold. I worry about my husband working outside in it, and about homeless people. I'm also immersed in school assignments, trying to get a little bit ahead before class starts again Monday. This break was way too short. Still no grades, btw, but I'm hopeful! On the bright side, my husband is a sweetheart as always. He picked up a movie from Redbox last night (State of Play), and we enjoyed it, although it was a little bit hard to stay awake toward the end. Also, FitTV + TiVo = joy! Sorry if I seemed negative above (I'm actually feeling pretty good other than tummy), and I hope everyone's having an awesome day!
  4. Well, the ice cream man just drove by...in January! I wasn't even tempted. I honestly can't remember why I stopped eating this way. I know that will/may fade over time as I start missing bread, but I'm reallllllllly enjoying Core/SiFi. Also, still no grades. Karen - Off-program the first day? What's the point? How can you cheat the first day? Seems like a whole lot of wasted effort for nothing, to me. Sailorwoman - Oooooh, wedding planning! I wish I had been able to plan mine more carefully, but it turned out okay despite my lack of energy. Hope you have the wedding of your dreams! Linda - Glad your sister is okay - that's a crazy thing to happen! Judy - Wish I could help, but I know nothing about curio cabinets or china. Maybe in the future, when I'm a lawyer and I can afford it! Good luck finding what you want though. Hope everyone else is doing well this morning...
  5. Lynn - I'm sure DS will be fine, but if you didn't worry, you wouldn't be a mom. Sue - Can't change the past, but good for you for your determination to work on the future! Amy - Wow, sounds like a lot going on with estranged FIL. Is he staying with you guys, or just "in town" and may/will visit? And now, because of all the talk, I simply must try a smiley. Nope, not huge. Hmm...
  6. We got an email last night that the registrar is going to start entering grades, so soon, I will know how my first semester of law school turned out. I'm so nervous! But I'm not using food as a crutch just because I am nervous. No sense in eating my feelings. Other than that, on the agenda for today is just working on assignments for my first classes (school starts again Monday), cleaning up a little around the house, doing a Pilates/yoga routine I TiVoed, and watching random TV shows because it will be the last chance I get for a while.
  7. I think the search function is still broken, Carol. But thanks, I think you've given me enough to go on! I don't have unsweetened cocoa in the house right now, but it's on my shopping list for Friday/pay day. I'll let you know how it turns out.
  8. Wow, Carol, that sounds good too, and it avoids the pudding issue. I can't have significant amounts of soy (doctor's orders due to a thyroid condition), but I guess I could try that with regular skim milk. Any ideas on quantities/ratios?
  9. Hope everyone's doing well this evening. Day 2 of the New Year (also day 2 of recommitment to SiFi) is going pretty well for me. I still have a dairy serving, oils, and the multivitamin left. Will get those at dinner. I'm having SiFi chili, and I'll add the oils and ff sour cream or cheddar cheese to it. Way to go, Cherry, with the 3# loss! Hey Bridget, do you have that quiche recipe on hand, or can someone link me? For the life of me, I've never been able to get the search function on this board to work...not sure if it is me or it, LOL.
  10. I am not smart enough to cook/mix/think before I've had my morning coffee, so usually it is hard boiled eggs and coffee for breakfast. A piece of fruit might be okay too, but usually I end up hungry too quickly if I don't get any protein at breakfast, so eggs it (usually) is.
  11. I made a variation on this because I wanted a meal-sized chocolate banana shake, and it was AMAZING. I don't have a Ninja, so it took me longer than six pulses to get it smooth (for those interested, I have a Hamilton Beach blender and used the Ice Breaker setting to pulse it). Here's what I used: 1 banana, peeled, sliced thinly, and flash-frozen on a cookie sheet 3 tbsp ffsf chocolate pudding mix 1 cup skim milk 5 ice cubes 2 or 3 oz water to thin it (due to bananas, without this water the mixture will be too thick and the ice won't be able to get down to the blades) This made approx 16-20 oz worth of shake. If you wanted a smaller shake (it is VERY filling and served as my entire lunch...I figure I could do worse than a banana and a glass of milk for lunch), you could cut all the ingredients in half and I'm sure it'd work fine. Also, this was perhaps more banana-ish than your standard chocolate banana shake from an ice cream stand, but not that much. I suppose you could use less banana if you wanted. Thanks, KellBell!
  12. I am using January 1 as an excuse to recommit myself. I am a first-year law student, and I was completely taken by surprise by how much WORK I had to do. I didn't believe people when they said I would have almost no extra time while in school, but they were right. So now I'm recommitting, and I have a battle plan for the problem areas, including when to cook, what to cook, etc. I feel ready. People do tend to go off track for a reason, which may or may not be their own fault. I would recommend starting out asking, "what got me off-program in the first place?" and dealing with that issue headlong before it has the chance to mess you up again. Write out your battle plans! Plan your work and work the plan! Happy New Year all!
  13. I would do the plan as written if I were you. FF milk is a filling food, limited only by your satisfaction. If your FF milk consumption prevents you from being able to complete your 9 Healthies each day without crossing the line of satisfaction, THEN I would re-evaluate. But as long as you're getting all your 9 Healthies, not eating past satisfaction, and continuing to lose, I say go for it.
  14. 1. Journaling MATTERS. With Core/Simply Filling, it has been a bit harder to convince myself to write things down. After all, I’m not counting/obsessing, just eating off a list. But what I’ve found is that even within the Core/SF list, I tend to make healthier choices if I know I have to write it down later. 2. The scale is good for me. I have seen posts on BCB that say no, don’t pay attention to the scale. You know, that it’s just a tool. And while that’s true, for me the scale is massively helpful. It is a tool, a motivator. It is the only tangible, quantifiable sign that anything is actually happening. My clothes feel looser than they did in August, but not a whole lot looser than they did last week. That change is gradual and less than quantifiable. I look at myself in the mirror every day, so I don’t see the little, gradual changes. Do I look different than I did in August? I don’t know. People say that I do, but I don’t see the difference. But there’s an obvious and concrete difference between 183.4 and 161.2. There’s even a difference, from my perspective, between 161.3 and 161.2. It demonstrates to me that the plan is working, and in that sense, it’s invaluable. If I feel that I’m working hard and nothing’s happening, the temptation to quit is a lot stronger. So at least for me, the scale is my friend and I shouldn’t fear it. 3. I need to focus more on STOP EATING WHEN YOU ARE FULL. I had this problem last night, actually. We went out and had steak for dinner. I had my salad and baked potato, and then the little sigh thing came halfway through my steak. I thought to myself that I should stop, but then I thought no, this steak is amazing and it will be rubbery/nasty if I try to reheat it later. So I finished it. That was about 4 ounces of steak that I didn’t really need to feel full. I didn’t feel stuffed afterward, but definitely a little bit over-full. I need to recommit myself to allowing myself to leave food on the plate if I need to. Sometimes that’s hard. 4. During my TOM, I need to practice defensive food prep and eating. That means I need to have sfff chocolate pudding and 94% ff popcorn at my disposal. If I don’t, the choices I make will be MUCH worse. Also, PB and only PB calms the raging hungry PMS monster. Better to eat the PB pre-emptively than to gorge myself on Core/SF foods and then still have to eat the PB. 5. Water water water. If I’m thirsty, I’m more likely to overeat. I get thirsty a lot. My water bottle is an ally in the war against fat. 6. Sugar can be an extreme trigger for me, so I really have to be careful with it. That means that even if it’s within my WPA, perhaps I’d better think twice about that bowl of Rice Krispies or that one piece of chocolate or whatever. I get so hungry after I eat stuff like that. It’s really weird and it took me a long time to make that connection, but that’s absolutely what happens.
  15. For me, if it is almost TOM, no matter how many Core/Simply Filling foods I cram into my mouth, I still feel hungry. I might be belly-full, but I still have that annoying, gnawing, starving feeling. The only thing that helps me is peanut butter. Limited, small quantities are enough. I use a few points on a tablespoon of PB and I feel miraculously better. Who knows why this is...I don't even eat PB other than that...but it has been the only thing that has ever worked to take my ravenous PMS munchies away all my life. I've never been an emotional eater, at all...but when the body craves so intensely like that, it's usually for a good reason. I'm sure what's needed is different for everyone, but for me, it's definitely PB.
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