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  1. Hi buddies, I bought a frozen shrimp stir-fry that I am thinking of having for dinner tonight. As with too many products here in the the Land of the Pharoahs, there is no nutritional label, so calculating points is a challenge. I am trying to do it based on the ingredients - let me know please if you think I have missed something. There are 2 sets of ingredients: one of the strir-fry, and one for the sauce. The stir fry has all 0 point veggies, with some shrimp that I will separate and weigh. I'm figuring 1 or 2 points there. There is a separate packet of sauce which lists the ingredients as: lemon juice, vegetable oil, grape juice, soy sauce, apple vinegar, and then various spices. The whole packet is about 2 tablespoons, so I'm figuring if half of that is the oil and juice, it's 3 points at most for the sauce. So I'm assuming 4 or 5 points for the whole meal, depending on how the shrimp weighs in. Does this make sense to you? Let me know please if you think I missed something. Thanks buddies!! Rachel in Egypt [ January 22, 2004, 09:17 AM: Message edited by: rsawad ]
  2. Oh YUM! I have eggplant in the fridge, and was wondering what to do with it. It's a favorite, but am always looking for new ways to prepare it. Okay, as for points: breadcrumbs are 9 points per cup, so half a cup is 4.5 points. 3 eggwhites are 1 point, and the eggplant, well, 1 cup is 0 points, and I would put 2 cups at 1 point. So lets say the cubed eggplant comes to 4 cups (or 2 points) - that brings the total recipe to 7.5 points. I'm thinking of topping with some 0 point tomato sauce (homemade). Also, maybe use as a topping to bulgar. Ooh, I'm getting excited. I know what I'm cooking tomorrow...! Thanks [ November 11, 2003, 03:05 PM: Message edited by: rsawad ]
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    I've made these a couple of times, and they are amazing!! I actually didn't add the flour or eggs (I think the first time I made them I realized I was out of eggs after the mix was mostly made). Came out just fine! Also no horseradish, still fine. I have a question: do you calculate the points based on lentil dry weight or volume of cooked lentil? I came up with very different numbers. I don't remember exactly because I don't have my recipe notes here, but there was a difference. Just curious how you do it? I went with the higher points to be safe. I made them small, and they came to 1.5 points/burger. Froze some, and they defrosted no problem. They don't sell veggie burgers in the markets here, and I am THRILLED to have a yummy home-made option. THANKS!!! Rachel
  4. rsawad

    Baked Oatmeal

    According to the 2002 points list, 1 cup cooked oatmeal = 2 points (= 1/2 cup uncooked, dry). So 2 cups uncooked = 8 points, not 12. Then it comes out to 3 pts per serving. By the way, the oats I get here have no label, but I checked on www.quakeroatmeal.comand according to the nutritional label on the site, the new points are definitely correct! By the way, the site has some great recipes - worth checking out. They mark them as reduced fat, etc., so it's easy to find the lower point treats! Rachel
  5. Hi all. I've been looking for a low-fat/low-point banana bread, and this looks great! But... I can't get applesauce here. Any ideas on what would happen if I eliminate it? Or, ideas for substitution? I was thinking to add an egg-white, if the issue is moisture. Any thought? Rachel in Egypt
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