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  1. Hello, hello! In the past, and it may have changed, there was a thread where people would post their daily menu. I use to find this helpful, and am wondering if it is still around? Thanks! Kim
  2. Thank you all for all of the recipes! I've been lurking for some time and thought I'd share one. Maybe you all have heard of these, but they're new to me!! Egg rolls~egg roll filling with nappa wraps and scallion rice. With a few modifications (swap lean meat for ground pork, cut back on oils, brown rice etc.) these are great! Some of the spices I didn't have so I just made it for my own tastes. I thought this was a cool idea. http://www.rachaelrayshow.com/food/recipes/steamed-napa-rolls/ Kim
  3. Yes Niaquinialli! That is a smooth fox terrier, not mine, but looks very much like my dog. We got him from a family member, he was a rescue dog. I too have yet to meet another one. He is a work in progress, severe anxiety and seperation disorder. He's a querkeyturkey, but that's what makes him him.
  4. OMG!! It SHOULD be www.sweetleaf.com (Now I need a tylenol ) Just noticed the "EDIT" option Now having 2 Tylenol.......
  5. Oops! Previous post should be www.sweetlife.com
  6. I use stevia, and love it. Even hubby uses it in his coffee. I like the "sweetlife" brand the best. 1/4 tsp= 2 tsp sugar 2 Tbs = 1 cup sugar It's still NOT sugar, but I find it the best substitute for me. www.sweatleaf.com Kim (no they did not pay me for my endorsement:bcb_grin)
  7. On core you are allowed the 35 flex pts per week, but do you also use the activity pts as well? Please help. An ice cream sandwich is pending further instructions:bcb_salut Thanks!
  8. Oops! I forgot....just click on somebodys ticker to open the program, then just plug in your info, it will give you a link and when everything is entered cut and paste link onto your signature. Clear as mud?
  9. Stickintoit, I feel your pain!! A year ago my husband and I made a huge life decision to move from our small farm, for a job, and got back into the rat race. I had lost 20ish pounds just around the time of the move and between that and helping a family member with cancer treatments, back and forth from RI to ME every week (throughout the holiday season, no less) I slowly gained it all back, plus an extra 20!! I never realy realized how active I use to be. My mother-in-law and I started WW CORE about a month ago and it's pretty easy for me to follow. I have been on many other diets prior to this but I feel you have a certain flexability with the core that others lack. I'm new here to. Your not alone!
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