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  1. Just saw this today. Welcome back. I was/am following PointsPlus, but I plan on giving Smart Points a try. I'm free Lifetime so I have free eTools and I'd like to continue using them.
  2. You can't use the calculator for alcohol points. You do need to use the points found in the tracker. This is because most of the calories in alcohol are found in the alcohol grams and that information is not provided.
  3. Jean, in addition to being at goal weight you need to apply to work for WWers, be accepted and go through training.
  4. Weight Watchers is a business. They have always closed down unprofitable meetings and locations. They need to have a certain number of paying members attend each week in order to be profitable.
  5. You have to have either an online account, or a meeting membership to get Personal Coaching. You might want to try the Online + Coaching and see how that goes. You could drop the coaching down the line if it's not helpful to you. I haven't tried it, but I've seen posts on the Weight Watcher message boards from folks who have found it very helpful.
  6. I used to eat these a lot more, but haven't lately. Love the taste. Don't love that it doesn't count towards the recommended milk servings.
  7. No, no, no, don't use this one. Too much wrong information. Best place to go is to the website for the restaurant itself. More and more of them are providing the nutritional information online.
  8. Oh gosh no! Most of their prepared meals, to me at least, don't taste that good, aren't very satisfying, and have too much sodium to be eating them on a regular basis. Also, if you are planning your menus around the Good Health Guidelines those meals don't satisfy many, if any, of them.
  9. I need to update this statement. Since I posted this we moved, I've joined a gym and I've become more addicted to exercise than I ever thought I'd be. I joined because we moved to a climate where I couldn't walk during the winter and was getting NO exercise. I knew I couldn't continue to eat the way I was, and I also wanted to maintain my health and flexibility.
  10. Yes, you would need to include the points for any foods you added. Usually the nutritional information for a package mix is just for the mix, unless it says "as prepared".
  11. Welcome! The only way to get the new program materials is to either join meetings, or join online. Besides the program changing (the last big change was PointsPlus, don't know if you were around for that) there have been some pricing changes, and some new options for members like 24/7 Chat and Personal Coaching. If you have an erratic schedule you might want to sign up for what is now called Essentials, which is the online program. You can add on Personal Coaching for an additional fee if you feel you want that one on one contact with a WWers leader or receptionist. If you go to the Weight Watcher website, click on Join and enter you zipcode it will give you all of the programs and pricing options available to you. Good luck to you.
  12. Welcome to you all. Most folks who still post here regularly have kind of settled on posting on one of the specific message boards. For example I post mostly on the Fit & Sexy 50's and Beyond.
  13. I know Open Hours were discontinued at the center where I weigh in, but it looks like they are still having them in other areas. Our Open Hours were stopped a few months back. You can check the Weight Watcher website and use their "Find a Meeting" feature to see if Open Hours are still available. However, maybe with the new personal coaching that WWers is rolling out (at an additional cost) they are going to discontinue Open Hours. I haven't seen anything official about it though.
  14. Currently there is one Weight Watcher program and that is PointsPlus. However, there are several options under PointsPlus. It's suggested new people start with Simple Start. This program focuses on the Power Foods. Sample menus are provided. As long as you stick to Power Foods you do not have to weigh, measure or count points. You are supposed to eat to satisfaction (as with all of the options). You also have 7 "indulgence" points to use each day for foods that are not Power Foods. Simply Filling is very similar to Simple Start. You still concentrate on Power Foods, but you have 49 weekly points plus allowance that can be used at any time during the week. The points counting option is the one most people are the most familiar with. With this option you are given a daily points target. That is based on: age, gender, height and current weight. You are to eat that target at a minimum each day. You also have 49 weekly points plus allowance. There is so much more information. It's impossible to provide it all here.
  15. You can find Skinnygirl wine in the Weight Watcher online tracker. Be sure to enter it as one word. For 5 oz of red or white wine the points are 3. That is only one point less than 5 oz of a good wine. I drink rarely these days and when I do I want it to be something really good.
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