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  1. I see so many ways to excercise . So many opinions out there. To trim down and strengthen genrally wouldn't that just consist of walking and doing weights Why on earth would I want to run or walk 7 miles in one day I work out 6 days a week. Three days is strength training and 3 days is 2 or 3 mile tape. I guess I am getting anxious that i won't be able to lose unless i go overboard and then have to remain overboard in order to stay that way . Please advice . I am 40 and these are my stats SW-177 CW-169 GW-160-short term Long term - 145
  2. How can you measure WATP and how many calories it will burn I do the s30 minute strength training video with the 3 pound weights and also the 2 mile walk and 3 mile walk . I think I enjoy these the most because you use alot of different muscles. Anna
  3. My name is Anna and I have about 30 pounds in all to lose. I am doing the WATP firm tape three times a week,WATP 2 mile tape which I do twice a week and then I do my recumbant bike for 30 minutes one day a week.( which equals 6 miles) On eht etwo mile tape I use 2 pounds weights during their strebngth training part. On the firm tapes I use three pound weights as well. Is this too much excercise a week or too little . I am 5'5" and weigh 173 right now. I have been on weight watchers for three months and this is all I lost was 177 to 173. Please let me know what you think . I am also 40 and take an antidepressant but it is not one that causes weight issues. Anna SW-177 CW-173 GW-160 ( short term goal weight )
  4. I most def need a buddy . My name is Anna and i am 40 . I have had three children and started the weight gain ten years ago. I am aiming to lose at least to 150. I am 172 right now. I am on my 7th weekd of weight wtac hers and am now 172 when i started at 177. I have alost an inch everywhere but lost almost 4 in my thighs. As greatful as i should be I feel discouraged . It may be that I am not losing as fast as i would like ( that is patience needed on my part) or that I have PMS and that this is par for the course. Please give me me a buddy . Anna SW-177 CW-172 GW-145 Short term goal weight -160
  5. I have a question . I have been keeping to my pints but have been using the extra 35 each week and my exercise points as well. I weighed ina few days agoa nd I was 170 today I am 175. What happened? I did weigh in on an empty stomach a few days ago and today it was after I ate. I have been steadily going down . Any suggestions? Please help! Anna Ps- I ahve been exercising and drinking water .
  6. Hello Ladies, I excercised already today . Did abs and cardio dance . I like it . Been drinking water and am on points today so far. I need to ask if any of you ladies wait for your stomach to growl before eating the next meal . I was told not to wait for that . Anna SW-177 CW-172 GW-145:salut
  7. Hey all! Thanks so much for the encouragement yesterday . I really appriecate it alot . Goals for today are strength training recumbant bike(4 miles) stay on points water yes! remember fruits and veggies:bcb_smile Journal ~ A homeschool day for us . So off we go ~ have a blessed day ya'll! Anna SW-177 CW-172 GW-145:bcb_march Started 8/2008
  8. Well , Today I am on points but very munchie like feelings because of PMS. So i could scarf and scarf but I have been on points. SW-177 CW-172 GW-145:bcb_bravo
  9. Good morning ladies, We had Hurricane Hanna last night and more wind than rain so i hope all goes well for those who have her coming . Anna S-177 CW-172 GW-145
  10. My friend takes this twice a day and for some reason it helps her lose weight ? Has anyone incorporated this is their daily diet and does this help sweep you out .( I am saying that as tastelfully as I can ) Anna SW-177 CW-172 GW-145
  11. Hey ladies , Well I lost a pound since yesterday so I feel encouraged right now. SW-177 CW-172- GW-145
  12. Good Morning ladies . This am I weighed myself and I was 1 pound heavier and then i ate and lost that pound . How can that happen? Also my cycle is coming in less than 9 days . Can that inhibit weight loss. If so are there any helps that will help me during weight loss. Like avoiding salt ? Lots of water? Especially during that time or is this water weight? Should I not sweat it and just keep trucking because my weight will flucuate during this time . I am discouraged a little today . It may be PMS feelings.. Anna SW-177 CW-173 GW-145
  13. My name is Anna and I am 40 years old . I need to lose 40 pounds or less. I have been on WW for two weeks now. I have a question ? I take celexa ( an antidepressant). I was wondering if there is anyone else out there that takes antidepressants and can still lose on weight watchers? Or if you have to go about weight watchers a certain way to lose. I have 24 points and use all of them . I excercise daily which gives me an extra two points a day Anna
  14. Good morning all. This is my second week on weight watchers. I have 24 points to use and have been using them . I went from 177 to 172. Yesterday I weighed in at 173. How did that happen ? I have been balancing my fruits and veggies . Is this common . I would like to know. I am working out on the WW deluxe cd from the deluxe kit too 5 days a week, Anna PW-177 CW-173 GW 145 I am not what I should be by I am not what i used to be ~ Joyce Meyers~
  15. My name is Anna , I had just started weight watchers last week . I am 172 and was 177 a coupleof weeks ago. I am at 24 points right now and have been doing well. Got alot on my plate right now in my eyes. Teaching my specail needs daughter life skills and remedial homeschooling. Homeschooling my youngest son who has ocd.. Thanks for your support. It means alot Anna:bcb_bravo
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