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  1. Breakfast: Coffee w/ cream (2) Oatmeal w/ pureed peaches and cinnimon Banana Lunch: WW cup of ice cream (2) Another banana an hour later Note: I was supposed to have left over ham steak and peas for lunch but my stomach is still very off and I just couldn't bear eating it. I'll probably have the ham for dinner or breakfast tomorrow. Dinner: Core sloppy joes Either brown rice or an unsweetened cornmeal pancake Some veggie from the freezer.
  2. No, that's not it. But thanks! It would work!
  3. FYI: To update an old post, I tried this tonight and it's very refreshing and tart-sweet. Tart because of the yogurt. Definately a winner for a nice snack or dessert.
  4. I could have swore I saw a recipe for milk gravy on some WW forum like this and for the love of God I can not find it. Any one come across it on their daily forum journies? Also I thought that there was a link to some recipes sites/indexes on here and I can't find it either, and I'm not referring to the sticky with all the tiny urls and beth's recipe box post. It had a link to someone's Core journal, a site about how Beth eats real food (and it was mostly oatmeal recipes) and then another forum index....any body know where that is? I thought I had favorited it but I didn't and I just can't find it. I thought it was a post on BCB.
  5. Ally's plan for 09/04/08 Early AM Snack: Kellogs Nutrigrain bar (3) Breakfast: 1 banana Oatmeal w/ SF maple syrup Coffee w/ cream and splenda (2) Lunch: Steamed vegetables Steamed white meat chicken 2 tablespoons of garlic sauce (1) Snack: FF Ricotta w/ sprinkle of splenda and apricots Cantaloupe slices Dinner: Ham steak Small sweet potato w/ ICBNB spray Peas Dessert: SF/FF cocoa w/ FF cool whip (maybe)
  6. http://www.freewebs.com/wdawson671/index.htm Check out the link above. There are some really nice recipes in there that involve no tomatoes such as hamburger heaven and crock-pot rotisserie chicken. I'm going to try the peach and curry chicken this weekend. I enjoy crustless quiches put together with salads, that's always a nice dinner choice that's light and filling plus easy to make. The bonus of a crustless quiche is that you can do anything you want for filling/topping provided that the ingredients are CORE. Also, check out low carb recipe sites for ideas that you can easily adapt to be leaner by swapping out the ingredients for the FF versions. (Reg mayo for FF mayo) and check out South Beach Recipes as most south beach food is also CORE plan food. Don't forget the American style of dinner (meat+carb+veggie) such as a chicken breast, a small baked potatoe, and brocolli florets. Lean pork chop, brown rice, and green beans. Make sure your starch is a standard portion and go nuts with your veggies! I feel for ya with your DH being picky. Lucky for me, I have a DH that doesn't care what's for dinner as long as it's cooked..he drowns everything in hot sauce and ranch dressing.
  7. Morning Buddies, Today will be another great CORE day for me. It sure is much easier to have a meal plan strategy rather than winging it. I’ve found it to be much easier to stay OP. Today I’m not feeling so hot again, having issues with my blood sugar and my stomach. Blood sugar says to eat, stomach says nooooooooo! My allergies have also been pretty bad, not sure if I’m going to make it through work all day. L When I get home I plan on laying down for awhile before making dinner. Better yet, maybe I’ll make DH cook it. I’ve been having a hard time getting off my butt since last weekend. Between the two issues I have physically I don’t have any energy.
  8. Rose - One of my favorite ways to eat oatmeal is to pan fry some peaches in ICBNB, a dash of vanilla, and a sprinkle of cinnamon. The natural sugar in the peaches along with the alchohol in the vanilla makes kind of a syrup. When it's done, I use a handblender to puree the peaches and then mix it into my cooked oatmeal...OMG, it's so good!
  9. I've never heard of this! This is awesome! I've always been a ground turkey buyer because of the price versus lean ground beef. Now my supermarket has ground chuck for 1.97 a pound and I felt sad because the price of the lean stuff didn't come down. Now all I gotta do is just wash the grease away. I didn't know that counted for anything.
  10. Here I am with a question again. In picking out tomato sauces for my eggplant dish, I was faced with a dilema. First sauce I picked up, I turned it around to look at the ingredients. It was all Core but for the added sugar. However, the calories were at 70 per serving. I figured that was pretty doable. I then venture over to a more "natural" brand that was on sale and flipped it over. Good for me it's all CORE ingredients but the calorie content is at 110 per serving! That's a pretty big difference. What would you choose? I did choose the all CORE ingredients marinara. It was pretty tasty to.
  11. Hey all, Haven't checked in on the daily thread for a few days but rest assured I've been on plan and not straying. My holiday weekend was pretty un eventful and I took a "me" holiday and spent glorious amounts of time on my couch "potato-ing" it up and watching classic romance movies. I was sick on Saturday and Sunday with a belly ache (over abundance of gluten and lactose) so I've been staying relatively gluten free and milk free for the past few days...finally starting to feel better.
  12. Ally's plan for 09/03/08 Breakfast: Banana Oatmeal w/ SF maple syrup Lunch: Left over eggplant casserole (Ground turkey, Core tomato sauce, egg plants, FF ricotta, and FF mozz) Snack: FF cottage cheese w/ slices of apricot Cantelope wedges Dinner: Pork chop - lean, seasoned and pangrilled w/ two tsp. of canola oil Brown rice w/ ICBNB Green beans Dessert: FF Ricotta cheese w/ vanilla and splenda...if I'm in the mood for it. 5 servings of plant life Making sure to drink all my water Making sure to take my multi-vitamain Hopefully between the cheeses on my menu I make my dairy guidlines. (I can't handle the milk any more straight up or in pudding. Lactose intolerant, though cheese doesn't bother me as badly.)
  13. I really miss my leader and my meeting. I stopped going because of our financial situation at home and just, at the moment, can not afford to pay for meetings. I really know that I'm the type of person who needs that meeting and that accountability. I was more successful going to meetings. I'm doing alright, though. Coming on BCB helps alot because when a person is going through a particular change such as changing eating habits, it's really helpful to talk to others doing the same thing. I hope that as my financial situation improves that I can return to meetings. Being closer to lifetime will help tons...that's what keeps me motivated the most.
  14. Great idea! Ally's Plan for 09/02/08 Breakfast: Banana Cream of wheat – plain Coffee w/ cream & Splenda (2) Lunch: Baked potato w/ ICBNB spray Sauteed cabbage Snacks: FF Cottage cheese Cantaloupe slices Dinner: Eggplant bake (FF cheese, eggplant, and lean ground beef) Tomato sauce (1) Dessert: FF/SF chocolate fudge pudding or a SF/FF hot chocolate if I need something. Used 3 Points
  15. PS. Where did you get the recipe for Core brownies? Can I have that recipe?
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