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  1. Thanks again everybody!! I agree that this will be a new lesson of finding balance between activity, getting all of my nutrition in as well as the odd treat here and there.
  2. Thanks!! I plan to attend meetings regulary still and keep an eye on my weight so that I don't go crazy, although I did celebrate with a teen burger for lunch today, but I have the points to cover it and DH and I are going to take the hound out for a good long walk today after work Kim...you will do it!! I have faith in you!!
  3. Good morning Buddies! I am ecstatic to announce that I have made Lifetime!! Woohoo. I would love to hear from other's that have reached this milestone and would like to have some support in maintaning our great acheivement!! NJ
  4. Hey Patty! You're gonna have to post another pic. I know I still have to get around to posting some updated pics of me with my tan. Workouts are still going well. Have decided to just focus on the work and not worry about competing at this point. We'll see down the road. Have a great OP day everyone
  5. Good morning to whomever is still around... Great Workout last night; Back and biceps: Wide-grip chins: 16-12assist Goodmornings: 20-30lbs One-armed rows: 15-25lbs/arm Standing BB curls: 25-35lbs Concentration curls: 15-25lbs 18min run on TM Keep keeping on!!
  6. Hello, where is everybody...let's get back at it!! Had another great wo last night; Legs and shoulders: Lunges on Bosu ball: 20-40lbs Abductors: 100-130lbs Adductors: 100-140lbs Calf raises: 150-250lbs Bent-over butterflys: 10-15lbs Front shoulder raises: 8-12lbs Shoulder shrugs: 35-50lbs Abs and Yoga. Well hope everyone is doing well...come out come out wherever you are!!
  7. Good Morning Ironheads! Had a great wo last night; Chest and triceps and a 20min. run on the TM: Bench press: 50-70lbs Bar dips: 16-12 assist. Incline flys: 15-25lbs Triceps pushdowns: 15-25lbs Bench dips: 3 x 10 reps (bw) How is everyone doing? Getting revved up for fall? Katie...how goes? Getting stronger I'll bet. Rich...are you a daddy yet? Anyhoo...hope everyone has a KA first day of September!!
  8. Hey Lulu...good luck on your project...I gotta get back into it now that fall is looming and so is the cool weather any time soon...
  9. Hello Fellow Ironheads... Sorry I have been MIA lately, my motivation has been in the crapper lately...a nice way to say it, lol. Hope everyone is having better time of it than I have...I am back at it today...gonna work chest and triceps with a run on the TM. Rock Hard!!
  10. Thanks for the friendship request. See you on the boards, Aloha, patty

  11. Hello Patty...My name is Nanci-jean or NJ. So nice that you stopped by our Canadian thread! I also have no children, unless you count my four-legged one, lol!

  12. Good morning all! Rich, I know what you mean...it is like that at my gym as well, not so much in the summer but fall is near and it will be a gong show soon! Didn't manage to make it to the gym last night...got a sore throat and now today I am feeling it in the stomach...I hope it's not long term but I have pretty much written this week off...so much to do and only two of us at work so can't afford to get sick and take time off. Next week I will push hard as will need the exercise I am sure, lol! KICK A EVERYONE!!!
  13. Welcome! Can I call you princess for short? Anyhoo...working out, no matter what you are able to do, is beneficial...cardio is good as it burns fat as you work out...once you move onto weight training, you burn fat even after you finish working out as the muscles use it to feed themselves. Anyhoo...get used to counting your points first, then you can start using your activity points (usually about the 2nd week in/starting third week). Some find it beneficial NOT to use their activity points at all! So you will just have to try and gauge your progress along the way..good luck! Great leg workout Friday...tonight is chest and a run on the TM if possible. Squats: 60lbs Lunges: 40lbs Leg curls: 50lbs Quad extensions: 50lbs Calf raises: 250lbs Triceps pushdowns: 25lbs Triceps kickbacks: 15lbs Have a KA Day:salut
  14. Good morning Ironheads! Been a long time, but I am back...had a good back workout last night: Wide-grip Chins: 10 assist Seated rows: 85lbs Butterflys: 15lbs Bent-over Laterals: 15lbs Straight-leg Deadlifts: 30lbs 18min. run on TM. Hope your workouts are going well...Rich, how are things? How is your wife doing? Keep on rocking your workouts!
  15. Good morning Ironheads! Last night I had a good Chest WO: Bar dips: 10 assist bench Press: 75lbs Incline flys: 15lbs Incline press: 25lbs Stability ball push-ups 20min Run on TM. I will be away for the next week...Hope everyone is well and I will "see" you when we are home (access to computer). Rock On!
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