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  1. Hi there, My name is Karen and I am on the 100 pound board. I do not have much experience with NASH but wanted to let you know that it is so important that you look after your health!! WW is a great start. A healthy lifestyle and exercise are the 2 best things to regain your health. Remember your NASH does not have to get worse. Take care of yourself! Karen
  2. Hi Hope, I have an elliptical I bought after using one at the gym. I use time as a reference. I set a time to make and increase it every week. I like it because I get more bank for the buck. I burn more calories in a shorter period of time!! Do you have built in programs on the elliptical? I have programs that are designed for weight loss and endurance. They are always helpful too. A tip I got from my trainer is to do a few minutes of backwards once in a while. It works a totally different muscle group!! Hope that this helps. Good Luck
  3. Thanks for the help. They were still frozen in my lunch bag so will be having them over the holidays. She said that I could come and get some in the spring!!
  4. Hi there, One of my medics just gave me a package of fiddlehead ferns to try. I have heard of them and I am anxious to try it but not sure how to count it. Any suggestions Thanks in advance!
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