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  1. Hi Danielle I hope you enjoy San Antonio. I remember going there as a kid...about 6 or 7 years old. Trying to stay OP while traveling is definitely a challenge. It sounds like with the travel workout plus the hotel gym, you should earn some APs to make up for the food and drink being served. I had a pleasant surprise this morning. Two weeks ago when I was going through my biopsy scare, I lost 3 pounds in 3 days because I was just so anxious and couldn't eat. Well, once things were okay my appetite returned with a vengeance. I was sure I had gained those 3 pounds back but when I got on the scale, it said 127.4 so I'm still under goal. Yesterday was my first day back to the gym (with all the school cancellations plus the biopsy site being a bit sore, I missed quite a few days). I felt pretty good and it felt great to be back. Have a great weekend! Hopefully more of our buddies will stop by to join us next week!
  2. Can I just say NO MORE SNOW PLEASE!!!! My poor kids need to play outside, but the snow is above DD's waist! Anyway, hi buddies! Danielle, you're lucky you get to escape the snowy weather, at least temporarily. I am SO looking forward to spring. Let's just say we're all going a little crazy from cabin fever. Kind of like Jack Nicholson in "The Shining". Gotta run and get the kids in bed. Sending hugs to my buddies who haven't made it here this week!
  3. Ha! I just noticed in my signature that DD is 5 years, 5 months and 5 days old today!
  4. Hi Buddies! Just checking in here from snowy PA...like Tracey said, we are once again getting snowed in. The snow is beautiful, but enough is enough!! I just had the kids outside and they were having a blast sliding down the huge snow mounds the plows have left. Since we live in a cul-de-sac, all the snow gets pushed right into our front yard. One of our piles is probably about 7 feet high. I let Kathy know on FB, but forgot to post here, that my biopsy came back and the news was GOOD!!! It's just a benign tumor, but talk about a scare! I am so happy and relieved. I have so much love for my buddies who were here to support me when I needed it. You are the best! My family and friends were also wonderful. I felt so cared for! Kathy, what's the latest on your house? Did you find one you liked better than the one you are buying? Thank you so much for your support over on FB. You are such a sweetheart. Danielle, I'll trade you your 10" of snow for our almost 30"! The kids have been off school all week so far. There's no telling when they'll go back since our bus stops are buried in snow and they'd have to wait in the streets for the buses. Enjoy that hot tub! I'm jealous! Tracey, okay, I love living in the northeast, but come on!! I don't remember a winter this bad since I was a kid in the 70s! I hope you're staying safe and warm. It's good that DH can drive you to work. My van probably won't be coming out of the garage for a while. I forgot to tell you all that my DD (my dad, not my daughter!) said he wants to pay for all of us to go on vacation to Deep Creek Lake, MD -- a gorgeous vacation spot -- this summer. We used to go there every year and then stopped because everyone's schedules started to get crazy. Well, we're going back this year to a beautiful house. I can't wait! It will be him, my mom, my DS and her family, my DB and his family and of course my family. The kids will love it! I really need this vacation!!! Have a wonderful day buddies! I will check in again soon.
  5. Tracey, I'm so mad about that winter weather advisory...DS's birthday party is supposed to be on Saturday and he's SO excited! Stay away snow! Danielle, sorry it's been so lonely around here. I'm going to be a better buddy, I promise. Ladies, I need all the prayers I can get. I went for my first mammogram last week and now they say they want to do a follow-up because there is a "questionable nodule" on my left side. I'm absolutely scared to death...I go tomorrow for a diagnostic mammogram. Please send positive thoughts my way buddies! I know this happens a good bit, but it still scares me. I'll update you all later.
  6. Yay Danielle, sounds like a great plan! You can do it!! Have a safe trip and enjoy yourself.
  7. Hi buddies! Well, thankfully the ice didn't really materialize here (at least in our part of town). Like Tracey said, it's been pretty warm -- a nice break from all the snow we've had. Although the kids are sad about the lack of sledding lately. Danielle, I'm glad you made it back from Hawaii safely. I enjoyed reading your posts from there. I tried to imagine how that nice warm air would feel! Good to see that you have a plan for getting yourself back on track. You mentioned losing the weight before having a baby. I would strongly advise getting to where you want to be weight-wise before having a baby. In my experience, it is so much harder to find time/motivation for weight loss. The kids take up so much of your mental and physical energy. I am so thankful that I found WW a couple years before having kids. If I hadn't done WW first, I think I would be very overweight now. I have been able to maintain my goal weight through two pregnancies and I know it's because I have the WW principals to guide me. And I always think of my BCB buddies when I want to overindulge! Tracey, I hope you guys didn't get any ice where you are. I really could have used a school delay on Friday, but oh well. The kids have already had one snow day that they will have to make up over Easter break so I'm praying for no more snow days. I want them to have a nice Easter break...as it stands their 5-day weekend is now a 4-day weekend. I'm excited because I am getting myself re-established at the gym we belong to and I have a meeting with a trainer on Tuesday. I used to go to this gym religiously before kids and now that they're both in school, I can get myself down there a lot more. I love working out, just like my buddy Tracey. Kathy, I hope you're doing well buddy. I meant to post my condolences...I'm so sorry for your loss. Did you end up buying a house? I thought I saw something about that on Facebook. Sending hugs across the country...****{HUGS}}}. Well, it's Saturday night, the kids are almost in bed...life is good. Take care buddies!
  8. Hey buds, we're having a snow day today! Danielle, I can hardly believe you're hanging around beaches when it's 14 degrees here. It sounds like you're enjoying Hawaii...that's great! How many days will you be there? Tracey, I hope you got to have a snow day today too. I just got in from clearing the driveway and we got a good bit of snow! It seems like it's never going to end! Great exercise, though. Everyone else...have a great day and I hope you're all staying warm!
  9. Hi buds! The kids are in bed, DH is returning from the Steeler game and the house is quiet except for the noises the guinea pigs are making. I am going to watch Survivor in a minute but I thought I'd stop here. My sister and her kids are here in town and will be going back home on the 23rd. Last night we had our family Christmas with all the nieces and nephews and it was SO much fun. Seven cousins all got to play together and have a great time. My brother and his kids were here to so my parents loved having all 7 grandkids in the same room. It doesn't happen often enough. Today we went sledding. My sister's kids rarely see any snow and when they do it melts so quickly. They had a blast and I feel like I had a great workout walking up the long hill so many times. Danielle, have a wonderful, safe trip! I'd love a bigger master bath too but it's not possible in this house. DH and I are both in agreement that we won't be in this house long-term. I absolutely love it but we like to dream about where else we might want to live. We would stay in this area so it would have to be when the kids are in middle school. Then I wouldn't have to worry about them changing elementary schools since we have 5 in our district. Tracey, we have a screened porch on the side of our house that I love to use in the spring and summer. If we were going to stay in this house forever I would probably have it finished into an extra room. I really don't make resolutions either. Wasn't this morning gorgeous -- all that sunshine on the beautiful snow? Kathy, you're going to have so much fun with your grandson as he gets older. I remember being so excited for each child's 1st Christmas but of course they were completely oblivious. Now they get so excited and are counting the days until Santa comes. They question me so much about Santa that I wonder if they suspect something already about him. Oh well, I'll keep the fantasy going as long as they seem like they want to. Sue, you mentioned Mt. St. Helen's...I'll always remember when it errupted because it was on my 10th birthday. I love how you call the other board the "old folks thread". That's not old!! I remember when my grandma was 81 years old and she said people who were 60 years old seemed like kids to her. Okay buds, my couch is calling loudly...gotta run!
  10. Hi buds! Just a quick post...I'm also on Facebook and would love to keep up with you all over there. I have pics posted, etc. I feel better posting them there rather than here. Would you mind PMing me with your Facebook names so I can add you as friends? Thanks!
  11. Hi buddies! I'm stopping by before heading off to the gym to meet my friend. Things have been going well here...almost ready for Christmas! This is my absolute favorite time of year. From Thanksgiving to Christmas, I love the anticipation and all the family time. It's so much fun to have kids and watch them get all excited about their letters to Santa. I'm doing very well weight-wise. I've been hovering right around 128 and I'm happy with that. Danielle, your poor toes! I hope they get better soon! A few weeks ago we took the kids roller skating. I hyper-extended my elbow trying to keep DD from falling on her skates. It's just now feeling better -- I had to really baby it. I hope Patsy recovers from her sugar cookie incident. Your baking sounds delicious. Have a wonderful trip to Oregon! Tracey, I heard that areas around here were icy on Sunday but right where I live was fine. Glad you and DH stayed safe! I was out your way recently at the Girl Scout store right on the main street in your town. I thought of you while we were there! Love that little town. Kathy, hi buddy! I'm sure work keeps you pretty busy this time of year. Where has Ann been? Has she left BCB? And has anyone heard from Michele? I haven't seen any posts from her since before her wedding. What about Sue? Is she in Florida now? I miss all of our old regulars! Take care buddies!
  12. Hi buddies! Just doing my quarterly checkin... So the kids are both in school now. DD is in kindergarten for 1/2 day and DS is in 1st grade. They are both keeping me SO busy! DD plays soccer, takes tap and gymnastics and just started Girl Scouts (she's at the Daisy level). Luckily soccer is ending pretty soon. She loves it, my little athlete! DS is swimming, takes piano and just started Cub Scouts as a Tiger scout. I guess it sounds like the kids are heavily scheduled, but it really works out well. The scouting is only about twice a month so that will be nice. As for me, I have been exercising most mornings while the kids are at school. And while I miss my little munchkins, I love having the ME time!! They are growing up so fast. It's fascinating to watch them become their own little people! Both kids are reading up a storm and love to stretch out in front of their bookshelf just looking at books together. I love being a mom. Danielle, Patsy looks like such a sweetheart! She'll be a great friend for you and DH. I'm glad she's feeling a little bit better. Hopefully work won't be too bad for you. I feel your pain with those long days. Some days I'd like to clock out at dinnertime but the kids don't seem to like that idea. Tracey, how about this beautiful weather?? My Dmom and I have been working in the yard, preparing for a shed we're having put in. I need a place to put all the Big Wheels, bikes, wagons, etc. The weather has been picture-perfect. In fact, last Sunday during the Steeler game the kids played outside for hours because it was the first decent day in a while. Glad to see you're doing well! Kathy, did you go anywhere on vacation or stay close to home? I was so sorry to read about your Molly. What a sweet girl. I really want to get a dog for the kids someday soon. Maybe after our guinea pigs cross that rainbow bridge. They're cute little guys...I'll miss them when they do go. Have fun at work! I'm sorry to see that a lot of our buddies (including me most of the time) are AWOL! We used to be such an active group! I know how it gets when time just gets away though. I miss all my buddies when I don't check in as often as I would like. Take care buddies! I'll try to check in again soon!
  13. Okay, I've never made banana bread before, but I LOVE it, so I'm going to try this one. But I have a question: Do you have to use "very ripe" bananas, or can I use a banana that just has yellow skin?
  14. Laurie, I made this barbecue roasted salmon last night, and all I can say is YUM!!! Great recipe! Thanks!
  15. The spice cake ones are great with cinnamon chips in them...and I *think* they're only 2 points apiece if you make 24 of them. Yummy!!
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