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  1. Aww...You're daughter is adorable!...And I love the pic in your signature...:o)

  2. How tall are you BTW? You look absolutely great! I hope to be down to 147-ish soon! Thank you for the inspiration!
  3. What great results! You look fantastic!
  4. You looked fantastic even in your before picture!! You look great no matter what =)
  5. You look fantastic!! Great job!!
  6. You're looking great! And you look fantastic as a blond!
  7. Laura, you have provided me with SUCH inspiration to begin my WW journey. Thank you!! You look ABSOLUTELY amazing.. A completely different person .. You look absolutely beautiful!
  8. I wish I could see! The before picture says it's been moved or deleted.
  9. Yes.. You're looking great. You can definitely tell it in your face! Put on the same outfit you were wearing in the first picture though so we can tell the difference on everything.
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