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  1. I LOVE my Strollometer! It has made me go from liking walking to really really loving it!! I feel so motivated now and I keep track of it all! It's cool and gadgety lol. Their customer service is EXCELLENT too, if you ever have a problem with it. Walking is great exercise!
  2. I would think that depends on what you like/can do, lifestyle-wise. I went to one of those circuit-style gyms before I got pregnant and I liked it, but I certainly couldn't do it now, with a one-year-old and all the busyness that goes with that - but then, I'm the kind of person that, if it's a hassle to exercise, I just don't end up doing it. I've been walking with my stroller ever since the weather got warm enough and I have a Strollometer attached to it (www.strollometer.com) and I have been tracking my total kms walked on a map. I feel like I get enough upper-body exercise carting my DD around! She weighs 20lbs and growing, so carrying her up and down the stairs and everywhere else all day has definitely made a difference for me. I have more muscles and MUCH more stamina than I used to. I was going to the gym twice a week before, plus walking, and I didn't feel as much of a change in my body as I do now. So....kind of a roundabout way of getting to the answer, but I'd say that for me at least, I'm happier just walking with my stroller. 1)I can just step out my door and do it, 2)I can wear whatever I want, 3)I'm not relying on DH or someone else to watch DD, 4)when I get a 'mommy break' I don't have to spend it doing that, 5)it's free and 6)I feel like I have gotten in better shape from walking and carrying my DD around than I did at the gym. That's just my two cents' worth though! Edited to add: another bonus I like about walking is that I can do it as fast or as slow as I like (which is somewhat true for circuit training too, but not so much if the gym is busy), and also, the fresh air is good for DD! To all you circuit trainers, I'm not bashing your method! I did enjoy it when I had the time to do it, and it certainly does have its benefits!
  3. Hmmm....four points or less...I'd say a baked potato, stuffed with broccoli and green onions and a point's worth of lf ranch dressing. Or a veggie burger with mustard on an english muffin.
  4. Wow! GREAT list! Thanks for posting that!!!
  5. No worries Luanne, I don't use it either, I think it looks disgusting and the recipe doesn't help! lol ...I buy it for DH, he loves it. p.s. Nicole, one reason I mentioned checking the ni on the label is that sometimes the points you get that way can vary greatly from the points given in that general section of your Food Companion...and the label's more accurate of course, go by that! I write the points values for foods that aren't in my F.C. in the margin of the section they belong in so I don't have to keep looking it up on the ni.
  6. definitely italian style. It's an oil-based (well, ketchup based lol) dressing. If you're not sure, why not just figure the points from the nutritional information on the label?
  7. I plan a week ahead too, lunches and dinners, as well as the extras for snacks and the baby. This way I get a grocery list that ensures we have healthy, balanced food in the house! The meals don't necessarily get eaten on the day they are written in for, but they do get eaten sometime in the week. So basically I plan 6 dinners and 7 lunches (we have takeout on grocery night). It's also a good way to make sure you're not wasting food because you can use, say, a celery for more than one recipe, and also I have found that I have better lunches because I'm more likely to buy and bake an extra potato for myself, for example. Just my thoughts!
  8. Zoeschild: Nina, I'm doing the same thing...I'm just saving up patterns and making things for other people for now. I have a growing daughter so she keeps my needles busy! I don't want the aunts and grandmas to make more things for her than I do!!
  9. Or, Penny, put a pretty camisole underneath it. The girl in that pic kind of looks like she's staring at her own boobs! It's a pretty sweater though.
  10. You'll look great in yours too - don't sweat those skinny girls! Whoa, I just looked at that pic - I think she made hers too small! It's tight everywhere! If you made it big enough that you had some more room in it, the neckline might just go low enough that you had some cleavage instead...and a darker colour might help too, a little less melon-y...sorry lol. I think that sweater would look nice on you, actually.
  11. Hmm..I know what you mean. Could you just modify it so the neckline isn't so deep?
  12. I think the Sahara one is really useful...and would look really pretty in the right colour. I like Rusted Root though too, is that the one you didn't like?
  13. Have you guys checked out www.sexyknittersclub.com ? They do some really nice KALs, they're in the process of moving the site right now but I'm keeping my eye on a couple of the KALs they're doing right now.
  14. Those are both really cute, Nina! I've been looking for just the right shawl to make, I'm always cold in the winter but I'm always putting on/taking off sweaters. I think I'll make a triangle one though. How is the hoodie for wearability? It's really pretty. What colour did you do it in?
  15. Tina ~ I have so many patterns for sweaters and things that I've put aside until I'm at GW!! It's funny how we do that - I don't want to spend all that money and time on something I won't be able to wear for a long time!
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