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  1. Alright, me again! I didn't post yesterday, but wanted to let you know, that I stayed right on track with my points. In fact I had 3 left over that I didn't use. The greatest thing about it was that my inlaws came up to see us and my husband had ordered pizza, breadsticks, and desertsticks. I didn't eat ANY OF IT!! WOOHOO! That is truly a great thing for me. I was pumped. So far, it is noon and I'm still on track. I also just got done teaching my weighttraining class, and I did some good aerobics in that. Again, hope the move is going well, and that you are keeping on track with your goals.

  2. Hey! Stacy here. Hope the move is going well. Just updating my progress for Tuesday. I didn't keep track of points. I'm officially starting tomorrow. I recieved a new WW journal, and new books, and I'm pumped. While I didn't keep track of points today, I still ate well. I felt good about it.


    And by the way...my junior high girls won their first vb game! WOOHOO!! I was pumped!

  3. Well, today is my first day with weightwatchers, and my first day on this site. I am excited to start this journey. I weigh 245 and my goal weight is 175. 70 pounds. It sounds overwhelming, but I know it's never going to get done if I don't start now. SO, here I am. I've officially told people that I'm starting, so now I have a place to be accountable. Go me!
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