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  1. Hello! I am a 33 year old married mother of 2 great kids with a great husband, but I am so fed up with my weight! In 2000 I had my daughter and gained a lot of weight. I'd never been overweight before but I gained almost 100 lbs and after she was born I kept climbing. When she was 4 it seemed I was able to start taking care of myself again. I joined weight watchers, went to meetings, followed core (not perfectly but consistently), and lost all the weight. I made lifteime in one year by losing about 124 lbs. Then I got pregnant. I have gained every ounce back plus a few extras. Now my son is 3 and here I am. Except this time I am older, busier and the meetings are out of the question. I've joined about 50 times since he's been born (well, went back I should say since I'm lifetime). I have good intentions but they have SERVERLY cut down on meeting times here in our area and when I go they blow off simply filling and seem to be still focusing on low point cookies and cakes etc.. Well one thing I've learned over the past 9 years of dieting - I am not cut out for counting. WHen I count i fall into this all-or-nothing thing. If I've had a bady morning and eat too many points I figure I've blown it for the day. I do GREAT with core. I like eating for health. I like cooking healthy things for my whole family. I know that with the new momentum plan they've combined the best of both but I am still a no-count kinda girl. So, I joined online. I really felt that with doing simply filling that was a waste of money. The tools weren't really needed for me. There are some great features but for what I was paying it hardly seemed worth it. So...... I am trying to do this on my own. I am trying to just do what worked before. Yet, it's harder. I work 50 hours a week (before I was a stay at home mom). My husband works crazy weird hours so our meals are all over the place time-wise. And my son is very different from my daughter - he's not exactly "laid-back" or "easy-going" if you know what I mean. Exercise is not an issue. I've worked out on my wii fit every day for 30 minutes or more since August... I switch it up with weights, steps, adding walking and other fun activities with my kids. I easily add 4 activity points a day. It's the eating. It's the feeling bad when I slip and getting depressed. The planning meals during the week. I guess it's just that it's been a darn lonely journey. My weight has really affected my self-esteem. Losing it all to only regain it all has messed with my head. I feel pretty afraid now. Figure that I'll never be able to do this for life even though I tell myself not to think like that, to take it one day at a time, to think of it as a lifestyle. That is the main reason I keep coming back to core... it's the ONLY thing I can see myself doing forever. I can't see myself counting calories or eating out of a certain package forever... I am trying but boy I sure could use a friend!
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