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  1. Lynn, I just now got notification of your message. As you know Karen has been posting and I think they are in Florida. You are doing so well now.

  2. Thanks Brenda, I'd gotten to wondering if she had abandoned us. (lol!) Do you know where they were going [if it was Esther, I'd be picturing a cruise ship]. I know Esther and her were talking about not letting people know dates they would be gone, but I'm so slow, I didn't put two and two together. I love going on mini trips but since gaining so much weight and being a shut in the past two years, I've not gotten to go to any of our favorite vacation spots. I'm hoping and praying God blesses us with a few good ones this summer...


    Well, guess I should be in bed ... hope your sleeping good. *!*!{hugs}}

  3. I saw these at Aldi's the other day and wondered if they would be as good as the WW brand. I am hooked on the WW ones. I will try them next time I go. I haven't seen the egg substitute there. Brenda
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