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  1. Congrats!! I am so happy for you!!!
  2. So happy for you!!! I can't wait to reach 10% I know you are so happy!!!
  3. Good Afternoon fellow DFers! Yesterday ended OP for me!! I am feeling too good. I think part of it is because i was able to go to a eat out lunch and not get myself in trouble. The fries were a little tempting but not worth it. Then right after that I had a meeting that included donut holes!! I passed them up with my goal in mind. Here is my day b-1 eggo w pb/1/2 banana 3pts s-yogurt 2pts s-lean pocket 3pts l-stir fry leftovers 6pts s-apple 3pts d-so cheese pizza 7pts got about 2 points ot spare may have another snack. Have a great day!!
  4. Hello DF buds! I am doing pretty good today. its been an OP day thus far I did go over 1 pt yesterday. Darned those ww chocolate fudge bars!! MMMM but oh so good! Not sure if I posted this but I was down 4.4 pounds at my last meeting!! Yay hubby got down 5.6 pounds so he got a sticker now I want one!LOL b-1 fiber one poptart 3pts s-apple 2pts s-frozen 1 cup grapes 2pts l-chx noodle soup 5pts s-yogurt 2pts d-not sure thinking stir fry mmmmm Cindy- I love tacos too my fav!! Merri- Sorry about your sick baby!! ((feel better vibes))) jillian- how is the mac-n-cheese? I haven't tried anything except the SO breakfasts.
  5. Morning everyone! I am starting my day and feeling good had an op week and it paid off my w/i was yesterday and I am down 4.4 pounds. DH was down 5.6 pounds so I think I did pretty well! I am going to incorporate some workouts just haven't decided which way to go taebo or just eliptical or both. I am a little ill this morn. I am nauseated along with a sore throat and some achiness(maybe this part is from working out). So I probably won't have a problem staying OP today. Here is my plan b-1 eggo w pb and banana 4pts s- yogurt 2pts l- lc 4pts s-apple string cheese 3pts d- 2 shredded chx taco with salsa 6pts s- ???? have about 8pts so need to add a snack to the mix or 2 hope everyone has an OP day today!
  6. Hello KrysDee! Have you ever seen biggest looser? Okay if so there was one time that this ex wrestler was on there and everyone was doing phenominal except him for about 2 weeks no loss then all of a sudden he weighs in and is down 26 pounds. Okay so what is the deal. Well sometimes our bodies go into starvation mode when we are eating better so as a result it holds tight (evolution has not kicked in). So as it holds this fat thinking its starving it can only maintain for so long then BAM!! weight loss occurs. I say this to say it took you longer than 2 1/2 weeks to gain it and it will definetly be a worthwhile process if you keep going. Don't get frusterated oh and check you inches the scale is evil:bcb_mad2
  7. I would like to cut out the fake sugar because I am worried about the long term effects of it. Does anyone here not use them? How does it affect your points and do you feel deprived?
  8. Welcome Flsweetgal! You know I am 30 too and I am still pretty new to this thing but this has been the most sound eating experience that I have had. You should check out a meeting if you haven't already or do it online. It is the most inexpensive too. I will be going to my second meeting today and I am psyched! It is very motivating and nice to see people that have lost so much! Good luck on your journey.
  9. Jillian - I so want a wii fit too! Out of budget right now though maybe I can get dh to get me one for christmas. I will use the kids are part of my reasoning. Wendyg - I was wondering about that. My current problem is that I am not making my points period. I probably need to beef my eating up a bit but I refuse to go over no even for my 35 and if I don't have access to good food I just don't eat until I do.
  10. You know this is a very good question. I have been trying to keep breakfast low like 3-5 points too. I try to leave myself with at least 10pts for dinner. So I eat some 0 point things if I need to to get me through the day for example b- ww eggo w lit syrup 2pts sn-medium apple w string cheese 3pts l- stir fry 6pts sn- luna bar 3pts Now just in case I have a 2 pt yogurt. The protien helps me stay full longer and adding the fruits and veggies gives me more bang for my point. Good luck!!
  11. Good morning everyone! Looks like everyone has a plan for the day. Is it just me or did any of you guys after 1 week feel like you had been doing the plan longer. The bad part about that for me is that I feel the need to guestimate points. Its sad so lately I have been rounding up to avoid any mistakes. Another thing is I had one of those ww cookie fudge bars. They are only 2 points but I am a little scared of them. I don't want to do anything to stunt my loss. I have like 12 of them cause they were on sale. I am going to try to limit myself to 1 a week or something maybe 2 that being the case I can't have any more till Sunday. I did work out yesterday for 20mins. I am thinking about not counting the points for my workouts. What do you guys think? Here's my plan to be OP today B-1 eggo waffle w lite syrup w bb green tea/splenda 3pts s-1medium apple/ww string cheese 3pts l-left over stirfry 6pts s-yogurt 1cup grapes 4pts d-shredded chix on 1/2 bun w bbq sauce and salad 5pts s-luna bar 3pts I still will have about 2 pts left will find a way to get them in. Laurdee- Are you getting enough water. Sometimes water makes me feel like I just want to eat the signals get crossed. I know you will be fine though! Jillian- Good luck with your weigh in! Merrimom- Is the skinny cow desert less point than the ww fudge bar? Have a great day!
  12. Welcome to the boards!! I understand how it can be when restarting. I know you can do it though. You know I am looking for fall type ideas myself I am thinking soups. There are some really good veggie soup recipes on the ww web site.
  13. Hello!! Looks like everyone is doing so well! Its very inspiring. I made it through the weekend! WooHoo! That is a wonderful accomplishment for me! I also got an A on my last quarter course! I am maintaining a 4.0 gpa right now! I am so proud of me! How wonderful will it be to graduate and be the size I am supposed to be. 2 great accomplishments. I forgot to post yesterday that I did 20mins on the eliptical machine at home so that was an accomplishment. I will not be working out today but for sure in the morning. Here's my day B-1 eggo w lite syrup 2pts snack - 1 apple 2pts luna bar -3pts Lunch- LC panini 6pts snack - yogurt 2pts ww IC bar 2pts d- 3 chx wings salad green beans 7pts snack - yogurt 2pts 26 points total still a little short just 1 point.
  14. Hello fellow Delta Forcers!! Well today has gone well! I have been OP today and plan to end the day that way! I feel so good about all that I have made it almost through the entire weekend without a blip!! YAY. I am thinking about getting some type of treat from the grocery store WW of course. Any suggestions?? Okay so here is my day. Breakfast - 1egg w onions/mushrooms/1 turkey sausage 5pts Snack - Luna Bar, String Cheese 4pts Lunch - LC meditaranean Chicken 4pts Dinner- Chicken Stirfry w whole wheat pasta 7pts ???? Some kind of treat! I have 8pts left and I plan on using them!!! Laurie- I'm glad you had fun Cindy- I have been to NYC once it was a ball I went to the Toys-R-Us with my kids they had a blast!! Lesa- WTG 3pounds!! Also 10.1 miles that is awesome Trudie - MMM Deep dish pizza I would love the recipe! Jillian- I don't think of small inperfections as a cheat more yours was more an expected little splurge. I guess if I think of it as a cheat I feel like I am on a diet I don't like diets.
  15. Ok I am back to post my day yesterday this is what I had 1eggo w lite syrup - 1 2cups popcorn -2 1apple -1 string cheese -1 lc pizza - 7 2cups pc -2 yogurt -2 2cups pc-2 spaghetti - 7 1eggw w natural pb -2 Okay so I know I went crazy with the pc but I was super hungry non-stop. I seem to always be that way the first day my aunt flo visits. I also had some difficulty figuring out my spaghetti. I rounded up because I really didn't know how to count it with all the ingredients. Any suggestions with this would be much appreciated! I did have an OP day. I found myself wanting something not good but couldn't get myself to use the additional points especially since DH is staying OP (I am very competitive can't let him beat me) DeeDee- WTG with the weightloss!! Trudy- Thanks for the tip. I will do that in a separate post. Wendy G- I weighed again today and was down another pound I know its water but hey I like it!! Have a great day everyone!!
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