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  1. Like any exercise, it depends on how hard you swim. It could be light, moderate, or high intensity. It may be higher intensity than you think because the water keeps you clean and cool (you sweat, you just don't notice). Your heart rate also doesn't go as high when you swim as it does for the same intensity in other activities. You may have to experiment to learn to judge the intensity. I often don't notice how hard I'm working until I stop and get out of the water.
  2. There is no reason to feel you must walk 6 or 7 miles in one day or otherwise go overboard with exercise. A reasonable amount of activity (not necessarily "exercise") will help you lose weight. If you are active for 30 min. or so most days that is plenty. Some people find that once they start exercising, they develop some pretty athletic goals. That's wonderful, but that doesn't mean anyone else should feel they have to follow suit.
  3. A workout like that is more than "moderate" intensity. My formula for those kinds of workouts is to figure the APs for "moderate" and "high" intensity and then pick a number somewhere in the middle. For example is "moderate" is 3AP and "high" is 7 AP, I will usually take 5AP, maybe 6 if I worked extra hard, or 4 if I took it easier than usual. Congratulations on your progress! If I had any other advice it would be to lose taking the day off on Sunday and count the Points, and use the WPA. Most people do best eating in the middle of the Program (some of their APs, some of the WPA). Very few people do best eating at the low end, most people need more fuel than that and it's too restrictive. Some people need to eat every Point in the Program to lose weight well. Don't be afraid of those Points, and don't be afraid to "eat what you want" sometimes. It's good for you!
  4. Otakon 2008 is an anime convention. We'll be at the Baltimore Convention Center. We're staying at a motel near the airport though, one that says it's a short walk to a train station. Saves us about $200/night (no I'm not kidding, the downtown places charge $30+tax just to park your car!). We leave Thurs. noon-ish and get back late Sunday. My dd (15) is into anime and manga and wants to be an artist, and we are taking one of her friends and meeting up with some of her friends from CTY (her summer school program for kids who pass the SAT in 7th grade). That plan up there --- is out the window. I'm still recovering from the Empire State Games, mostly mentally, or I'd make the time and do it. I'm getting there, I think. But I did good: I did Masters Swimming, women 50-54, and I got gold in the 200IM and silver in the 50 and 100 breaststroke. I also did well in the 50 free and 200 free but I didn't place in those. The 200 free is the one where I beat my estimated time, based on previous results, by 12 seconds. The estimates are based on conversion of my times for 200 yards to 200 meters. Here are my medals:
  5. Sun. slug Mon. core/abs+concert (OK, I did the concert) Tue. Cross Trainer Cardio (not done) Wed. cardio Thur. BSS1 Cardio Sculpt Fri. Otakon Sat. Otakon Sun. Otakon
  6. The "tiny sliver" method is a great way to enjoy something like pecan pie that is expensive points-wise. They say you only taste the first and last bites anyhow. I agree with Joanne, maybe 3 points. It is perfectly fine to use your Points this way.
  7. I have tried the fake chocolate syrup. It is not worth the difference in flavor, and it is definitely not worth the difference in price. You can use just a bit less of the regular, if you must, to shave the calories.
  8. All types of steak, like all foods, are OP. Most beef is 2 pt. per oz. after cooking. The very leanest are lower but they are also tough and not very tasty. Filet Mignon is low in fat and usually lower in Points. For any steak you can trim off all the fat you can see, but there is also fat within the meat that you can't trim out in most beef cuts. If you to to a restaurant you can ask that your steak be prepared without butter if you like. That'll save you a Point or so but you will also lose some flavor.
  9. Core considerations aside, various types of oatmeal act differently when you use them for baking. It can be important to use rolled oats or quick oats, and not the other, for a recipe to come out right. Oat bran also has its own properties. So substitute carefully!
  10. Hi buddies, I'm checking in but I still don't know when I'll be able to exercise again. I had a stupid 1 INCH mole removed, and I've had no end of problems since, mostly because of where the mole was but partly because I have developed an allergy to the adhesives in things like band-aids and steri-strips. I wear sports bras 24/7. I can't swim. I can't bounce, not even heavy walking. I was able to do gardening over the weekend, including some digging. I MAY be able to get back to it this week. Have a good week!
  11. Thanks for a good laugh. I needed it.
  12. I'm recovering from some minor work. I had a mole removed, and I have stitches, and where it was makes it hard to work out. I'm not allowed to swim either, of course. It seems so minor, but I'm now wearing sports bras when doing nothing. I don't want to bounce. At all. (p. s. The pathology reports are in and it was benign. Thank goodness.) Next week starts the summer fitness challenge at work. I'm in, and I'll be back. Stitches come out Monday. DJ, might have wanted to go from 10s and 12s to 12s and 15s ... one step at a time ... yes those increases are no joke. But if you can do half the reps you'll be OK. I love the FIRM. You can't outgrow it. You can just earn heavier weights. Welcome back Heidi! All the best wishes to you and your new dh!
  13. I mostly get by using regular foods, just less of them, or less often. I avoid using artificial sweeteners in my own cooking. These foods help some people take care of their cravings so they can stay On Program and lose their excess weight. In that case the benefits can far outweigh the risks. Being overweight carries many health risks, both physical and mental. However some people feel so "virtuous" using these foods that they overeat them, or eat something else as a "reward" and the benefits are lost. So ... used wisely as part of your total program, they're fine. But in the long haul (especially on maintenance) I would encourage people to wean themselves off of them.
  14. The 44 is your Target Points. You still get Activity Points and the WPA on top of that. And if you feel you need more to support your nursing, you can have that too. The nursing guideline is just that --- your baby comes first. Often, if anything, people whose weight loss has stalled aren't eating enough. Make sure you are getting your healthy 8s, including the oils. Has your weight loss really stalled? Or has it just slowed? Slower weight loss is normal on WW after a while. WW is designed for .5 - 2 lb. per week of weight loss, somewhat less for nursing moms.
  15. WW has designed both variations to provide about the same rate of weight loss. Both have the same "healthy 8s" to make sure you get good balanced nutrition. If you eat from the Core list you will get a good volume of food, whether you count Points or do Core. You should go with your "gut feel" for the first couple of weeks. By that I mean whichever version seems right, probably is right, for you, right now. Give it a couple weeks, and if the other seems better, switch. Many people do both at some time or another.
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