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  1. Thanks Gina! I was going crazy looking for this! Need to make a big batch of this for the week! Barb:bcbsalute
  2. I was there last night and noticed they had a new item on the menu, a steak teriyaki skewer. It was with veggies but I think it had rice pilaf with it. They also had steak and shrimp skewers too! What a wonderful place it's become huh? Barb:bcbsalute
  3. I was thinking the same thing last night while I was eating this wonderful salad! I don't know how much the dressing would be though. I also had the french onion soup! I just love eating there and having all the great options! Barb:bcbsalute
  4. Hey Mimi! I'm an LA gal too!! Post often and join our exercise thread!! Barb Yeah finally another So. Cal Gal!! P.S. Go Lakers!!!
  5. Hi Allison! The soup is 2 points but don't have the points for the string cheese. Happy lunch! Barb
  6. Bumping this one up! I like to eat them cold!! Barb
  7. beeb

    Turkey Jack?

    Yikes a hooty!!! As much as a Jumbo Jack with cheese??? No thanks!! I didn't think I'd order one but it is interesting just knowing what's out there!! I'll stick to my homemade garden burgers!! Barb
  8. beeb

    Turkey Jack?

    I passed by Jack in the Box and saw a new Turkey burger advertised! Anyone know the points yet? Barb
  9. I'm going to try this one tomorrow!! I seem to have everything!!! Yeah!! Barb
  10. beeb

    Mmmmm! GLOP!!!!

    I just have to chime in here too!!! I love it!!! I had it with some tostada shells that were left over and crunched them up!! How much is a serving size? 17 servings for 2 pts right? I haven't meausred mine out yet, I only had a 16oz. jar of salsa!! Tonight is Taco night here but I'm going to have Taco Glops!!! Thanks! Barb
  11. beeb

    Light Cheesecake

    Thanks for the heads up Shannon on our 30's board!! I'm going to try this one this week!! We just ordered a cheesecake from my DD's school and it was way overboard on the points!! Barb
  12. Oh man! I just re read the post and I forgot to sear the london broil first!! I hope it doesn't make a difference!! Barb
  13. I have these baking right now with mint chips!! They taste like thin mints to me!! Thanks for this wonderful recipe!! They are sticky though!! Barb
  14. beeb

    Diet Coke Brownies

    What a great reminder! I have some in the freezer I think I'll defrost for a snack tonight!! Barb
  15. what unusual ingredients for chili! Sounds kind of sweet? It's time to give it a try!! Thanks for posting the recipe! Barb
  16. beeb

    Espresso cake

    what a great sounding recipe! I may just try this for the dessert I have to take for New Years! thanks! Barb
  17. Yummy! I love pork chops! I'm going to try this one this weekend! Thanks barb
  18. beeb

    Diet cola cupcakes

    I'm off to make these now!! I needed this today!! Thanks, Barb
  19. Oh rats! My DH just threw out my mushiest bananas yesterday!! I'm going to give this a try soon!! Thanks! Barb
  20. Yummy! I love ginger!! I'm going to try this one out this week!! Barb
  21. Yummy I have the ingredients to make these tonight! I think I'm going to do the muffins! They sound easier to freeze for a nice treat!! Barb
  22. If I only had some chicken I'd make this tonight! It sounds great!! Barb
  23. beeb

    Key Lime Pie.....

    Thanks Khazz all your recipes sound yummy! I'm going to try the key lime first!! Barb
  24. I love anything with Feta!!! These sound great! Thanks! Barb
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