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  1. I am looking for a point value for almonds, whole & raw, with skin. Thanks in advance!
  2. I can't find the weight ranges in the new material. Am I drunk? Could someone tell me the weight range for someone who is 5'2"? I am trying to extrapolate when I can stop paying based on my rate of weight loss.
  3. How many points for french onion soup without the cheese/bread? Restaurant made. thanks for any help!
  4. saar

    Red Bull??

    We can get tylenol 3 over the counter???? I have never tried. I always thought you needed a prescription. That's it... I'm going to the pharmacy tonight to stock up! LOL
  5. Hmm.. that is unfortunate that you had to learn that way. But good thing you found out!
  6. Hmm.. difficult to say. I would have to guess they are referring to raw, since they are going to tell you how to cook it. But who knows? I have never even considered that one before.
  7. That is awesome. Unfortunately, they closed all the local Olive Gardens for some reason. Next time I am in a city with an Olive Garden, I am going to stock up.
  8. btw - where did you get the salad dressing? I love that dressing! I hope they have it in Canada!
  9. I love the NAT tool. I have it bookmarked and it has been my primary source for nutritional info. I highly suggest that EVERYBODY bookmark it.
  10. The serving size that I have the info for is 100 g, but it is not pre-sliced, so they don't say how many slices that is. How many g is a regular old off the shelf slice of bread? I am at work, so I have no way to weigh it.
  11. I agree with Dawn, as long as you are fairly confident you have a good scale. I'm sure when they do their tests on the food, they go by weight rather than the number, so you would be pretty safe.
  12. Veggies are free and ww has built it into their system that you can eat as much as you want of them. I wouldn't count points for them except carrots and potatoes.
  13. What I like for a salad dressing is just some balsamic vinegar and a little bit of oil. It is the most points friendly, and uses olive oil, which is so good for you. What I absolutely cannot stand is FF italian dressing. There is just something way too wrong with the texture. I find that when you bite into the lettuce, your teeth squeak on it, because I guess it is water-based instead of oil-based. This absolutely drives me nuts. The taste is fine - it's that **** squeaking that I just can't get over!
  14. I bought this little tray at a garage sale. It has slots in it for you to line up potato slices standing up. What you do is slice your potato in one of those miracle slicer thingies, then stand them up in the tray and nuke them for 10-15 minutes. It takes a while for you to get used to just the right amount of time. Too little, and the centres are still rubbery/mushy. Too much time, and they burn. If you do it just right, you have a "potato chip". Now I use this term loosely, because they actually turn out nothing like your garden variety potato chip. But they are yummy. Mind you, you don't get a whole lot of these chips per point, so you have to be really serious about wanting chips. In addition, it is a lot of work. But if you are really really craving that crunch, then these are great!!
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