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  1. Do you ever watch Dog Whisperer? I know Cesar thinks that dogs need exercise, discipline, and love and they get not enough of the first 2 in North America. What's wrong with a leash and keeping him close? Sheila
  2. Carol, I agree with you that food is not just fuel. It can be fuel but it's a big part of most people's lives. I think the baked oatmeal is ok, wonder if I'd like it better with pumpkin and 1 egg. I think it was a little too 'spongy' for me or something which made me think about the 2 eggs. It's not that I thought they were horrible or anything (I've thrown out entire recipes that someone might use as "fuel" but I thought they were gross and therefore not worth my eating), but I would need to tweak the recipe a little. Sheila
  3. Reading comments like "it was amazing", and how the kids "loved" it, made me think this might be better than 'utilitarian'. And truly, if I'm going to take the time to bake, I'm thinking it should be better than 'utilitarian'. Otherwise, I'll eat my shredded wheat or oatmeal. Just my opinion. Sheila
  4. I thought the baked oatmeal was OK - not fabulous. I wasn't crazy about the texture. I used 2 eggs - wondering if 1 egg would be better. My batter was very liquidy. I'll try it again with some adjustments. Sheila
  5. I know the website says they are 25% less sodium but what IS the sodium count? Sheila
  6. I've had the same Cuisinart - a big one - forever (well, probably 25 yr). It's excellent. I've replaced the bowl once. I think the motor will last forever. I love it. My daughter wants me to give it to her, but she'll have to wait for quite awhile for that to happen. I spent a lot of money on it way back when - cost per year of use has been VERY LOW. This is something to think about when you're buying something like this. sheila
  7. shelac


    I bought the one piece that went from thighs to just under the breasts. I regret buying it as it rolls at the waist so I end up with a big roll there - if I wanted that, I could just keep my own roll..... sheila
  8. If you have a cold, you probably can continue to exercise. Influenza - NO. If you have a fever, chest congestion, etc., take it easy. Sheila
  9. true, Luanne, true.... S
  10. Unfortunately the question about where was Montana was real - I was chatting online and was asked it....... I can understand not knowing about another country, but I can't imagine being a US citizen and not knowing where the various states are...... Sheila
  11. True story - I was in a chat with someone here in the BCB chat room (I don't remember her name). She was a preschool teacher in a big US city. She asked me where Calgary was - I said Alberta, Canada, she then said where was Alberta - I said we were north of Montana. Then she asked me where MONTANA was!!!! I said to her "I thought you were an American and you were a teacher" - she explained she taught preschool and didn't really need to know that sort of thing.......... Scary eh? Sheila
  12. I'm going to try that spritz bottle thing - we don't have those dressings here as far as I know. Sheila
  13. I tried the WW florentine ravioli - I thought the ravioli was ok, but wasn't so crazy about the sauce. It had kind of a acidic taste to me. I don't know if I'd get it again. Sheila
  14. I love the ball. My trainer has got me doing a lot of exercises on the ball or the BOSU. Even if it's biceps or something, when you're on the ball, you're doing some core work. Sheila
  15. I use a Pureology shampoo and conditioner once a week as I'm a swimmer in a chlorine pool. The one I use is specially formulated for colored hair. My hairdresser said not to use it more than weekly as it is drying, but I've been impressed with it. Color seems to stay longer. Sheila
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