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  1. I'm here, I never left. I'm well into my second year and can say beyond a shadow of a doubt that CORE (I haven't really switched to SF) is one of the best and easiest things I've ever done for myself. It's not a quick-fix but remember, steady and slow wins the race every time. Pat SW: 172 I think CW: 140 GW: I've lowered my goal several times as my weight just keeps going down. Now my latest goal is to hang in there for the rest of the year and be 139 or less next New Years Day (I was 139.4 this new years day).
  2. Hoping it's true what they say - "It's better late than never". Pat HW 174 (size 18) CW 147 (size 14) Goal 140? (size 12 - I bought a fabulous pair of jeans from Italy at a church sale - I will get into them!)
  3. A good website for book comparison shopping and for finding out-of-print books is BookFinder. Here are the results for an "American Wholefoods Cuisine" search: http://www.bookfinder.com/search/?author=&title=American+Wholefoods+Cuisine&lang=en&submit=Begin+search&new_used=*&destination=us&currency=USD&binding=*&isbn=&keywords=&minprice=&maxprice=&classic=on&mode=advanced&st=sr&ac=qr There are several editions (softcover & hardcover) offered on various book databases by many booksellers. Amazon is good but often if you have the time to check out cost of postage, etc, you can find a copy for less plus have the advantage of buying direct from the bookseller. For example, here's a nice hardcover for $10.00: * Bookseller: Longfellows Books US * Format: Hard Bound * Book condition: Near Fine * Jacket condition: Near Fine * Binding: Hardcover * ISBN 10: 0453004342 * Publisher: E P Dutton * Date published: 1983 Book Description Near Fine/Near Fine. Unmarked. Unclipped.. http://www.biblio.com/books/236685604.html For doing another search on BookFinder, go here: http://www.bookfinder.com/ Be sure to click on "Show More Options" and check the box for "Special: Classic search display" (I find the Classic display much easier to sort through). Another good book search website is ViaLibri. http://www.vialibri.net/ Here is the same search, sorted by price: http://www.vialibri.net/cgi-bin/book_search.php?sort=pr&order=asc&refer=resort&id=4a1a8fbb8b349&count=221&act=sort&conv=1&authword=&titleword=American+Wholefoods+Cuisine&pub=&keyword=&pricemin=&pricemax=&yearmin=&yearmax=&fed=&sgd=&dj=&curr=USD&start=0&iter=2&sort_val=hi&ekey=American&ResortResults=+Sort+Now+ Both BookFinder and ViaLibri search many listing services including Amazon, AbeBooks, ChooseBooks, Biblio, TomFolio, etc. Pat
  4. I seem to have gotten stuck on oatmeal. Here's what I have every morning: Cook (pot is easy to clean): Quick Oats (1/2 cup rounded, not skimpy) 1 cup water (also rounded, it's closer to 1 1/4 cup) In my bowl I put a chopped pear if I have it or 1/3 of a can of pineapple tidbits (or nectarine or what-have-you). Next I dump on the oatmeal, then milk, then brown sugar twin. This is very filling and lasts a long time (sometimes I need a banana smoothie for a snack, sometimes not). It also has the benefit of lowering cholesterol, I'm living proof! Hope that helps- Pat SW 173 (Sept 2008) CW 148.2 this morning (saw 147.0 Sunday) Goal: size 12 pants
  5. Interesting question. I started on Core 7 months ago and dutifully recorded my weight every morning. I started to notice that my daily weight went up and down (I didn't fret over the ups) but when I averaged each week, I was surprised to see that the weekly averages always showed a steady decline. So I would say that if you weigh yourself daily, don't obsess over it, just take the average for the week. SW 172 This week so far: 149.6 151.0 149.4 150.2 149.6 148.4 GW 148.0 (because that will put me into the normal BMI range) I also have given some thought to goal weights and I think perhaps it would be better to make a clothes size a goal rather than a weight. I'm very close to my goal yet I really don't look or feel as thin as I thought I would (how can anyone really know what they'll be like with x number of pounds gone - inches are much more tangible). I was happy to fit into size 14 pants again, but now I've decided to reset my goal and make it size 12. Anyway, I'm not ready to stop Simply Filling - it's become a way of life now and it's really no trouble at all. I love not feeling hungry (it seems I was always hungry before I started my diet!), my cholesterol is now normal and I'm off the meds, and I love my oatmeal muffins! Edit: whoops, sorry, I guess I should've looked at all of the posts before writing - I just saw the Determining how much you should weigh/choosing a goal weight - looks like some of you have had the same thoughts as I've had. Many thanks to everyone on this forum, I haven't written much but I have read the posts (especially when I started) and I don't think I could've done it without you. Here's to you all - - just keep with it, don't worry, and the results will come. Pat
  6. Hi - I'm here - I haven't been much of a poster but I read the new posts every day. I've lost 17 lbs so far on CORE (I'm not interested in changing what has worked so well for me, so I'm CORE all the way to the end) since Sept 27 08 and I have 7-8 lbs to go to get to a BMI of 24.8. My loss has slowed down lately but I figure it's because all of the loose pounds that have come and gone many times over the years are now gone forever and now I'm trying to lose the more permanent pounds that I've owned for nearly 30 years. I'm sure it will put up a fight but I'm hanging tough and am determined to win the battle this time. It's now or never! So, I'd like to thank you all for being there, posting such excellent suggestions, and giving such great advice. I've learned alot in the past few months and I've never felt more in control of my eating. What I like best about CORE (ok, ok, Simply Filling) is: 1. I'm rarely hungry (new for me) 2. My cholesterol dropped to normal and I'm now off the meds 3. It's easy! No measuring or weighing or counting points (I hate counting points) 4. And best of all - I'm losing weight Good luck all - Pat
  7. Hi Robin, As others have said, the new WW program will probably suit you better than Core because you won't have to deal with a drastic change in your eating habits, it will be more gradual. I love Core (I started on Sept 27 and have easily lost 14 pounds so far) but it wasn't much of a change for me from the way we eat anyway (it hardly feels like I'm dieting). That said, here are some substitutes you could try. Coffee with cream: Latte or Cappuccino with fat free milk Sugar: Splenda or Brown Twin unbaked cookie: baked apple (microwave 1 cut up apple/brown twin/cinnamon) mayo: fat free salad dressing or mayo, any brand deli meat: turkey or chicken slices cheese: skip it, have some dill pickles instead kaiser: bread is the toughest (for me anyway). I make sure that I have plenty of Core Muffins on hand and always take them with me in case of emergencies. I think the muffins have been the key to my success - the only flour I eat is our homemade, whole wheat pizza which we make once per week, I never have bread. At the least, skip the buns and buy Weight Watcher bread or some other whole grain variety. Have lots of fruit on hand and don't forget about those smoothies - they are great for warding off hunger (I have one every day). Throw into the blender: 1 cup skim milk 1 banana sweetener/vanilla (or add a bit of fat free sugar free instant pudding) Good luck, Robin. Once you get started and get in the groove, it will become second nature and much easier. Pat
  8. Tissie, be careful with the pancakes, it's too easy to eat too many! I've decided to limit myself to having them every Sunday morning. Last Sunday I made them smaller so that I could eat three. As far as the apples go, I never buy applesauce anymore. Whenever I need some, I just cut up some apples, pop them in the microwave - presto, instant applesauce. Delancey, I'm sure using soya milk + a tbsp of vinegar would work fine (you need the acid for working with the baking soda). Carol, I bought a new WW scale. I've had trouble trying to make sense of all the weights I've recorded (dr's, old scale, new scale), but as you say, it's not that important. So I'm just starting again, knowing that I lost about 8 or 9 lbs my first month on Core (geez, I just can't say enough how much I love Core, it's so easy, healthy, and filling).
  9. We love tofu and have it at least once per week. Our favourite recipe is from an old WW recipe book that I relied on when doing the exchange program but it works well for Core. It's versatile in that you can make it a bit different each time, adding this or that, and you can have it ready in 20 minutes or so. I've served this to many people and so far it's always a hit. Kids like it too. Tofu Tortillas Saute in about 1 tbsp oil: chopped onion minced garlic chopped celery chopped pepper (red or green) + whatever you have (mushrooms, brocolli, spinach, etc) Chop a package of hard tofu (we like spinach, herb, algae/seaweed, etc), I make it into little 1/4" or 1/2" squares, and add that to your mix and saute some more. Add about 3 tbsp of lemon juice about 1 tbsp parsley about 1/2 cup salsa + whatever spices you like, we like Old Bay Spice which makes it a bit hot. Simmer awhile to mix flavours while you prepare the rest of the stuff. Cut up a tomato Grate some FF cheese (old cheddar for non-dieters is good) Chop some lettuce Toast/roast the tortillas (I use Whole Grain Jalapeno Corn - 2 points for 1/2 of a large tortilla) Dump your mix on the tortilla, sprinkle cheese on top, then the tomato and lettuce.
  10. Bob ate it Thanks for the advice, I need to be reminded about the "being satisfied rule" because I'm from the WW ancient way of dieting - exchanges. My sister is a Flex lifer but I never could get the hang of counting points. I don't know why she didn't tell me about Core sooner but I'm sure glad she finally mentioned it - it seems to suit me. Thanks again!
  11. Good morning! I just enjoyed a delicious breakfast and thought I'd share it with you as a way of introducing myself. I'm a 62 year old grannie who is just finishing her first month on Core. This forum has helped me tremendously and for that I am thankful (I live in the boonies and am way too far away from any WW meeting spots to attend). Anyway, my breakfast... Using the recipe found here, I had made Corn Pancakes a couple of times at lunch time for my Bob and I. They were good but quite runny (the skim milk just didn't seem to mix with the cornmeal). Well, this morning I decided to make them but given that I was up alone, I didn't want to pig out on a full recipe. So here is what I made... Cornmeal Pancakes for One Mix 1/2 cup Cornmeal (I used #250) 1/2 tsp baking soda pinch salt Add and stir in 1 egg Then add 1 tsp oil (I used olive) 1/2 cup plain yogourt I was surprised to see how nice and thick it was and when I poured it into the hot/sprayed iron skillet, it was nice and puffy like a regular pancake. I was satisfied after eating two but I must admit to eating 1/2 of the third one - they were just too good! My topping... Cut up in chunks one apple, add some cinnamon and Brown Twin sweetener, and microwave about 2 minutes or so. Mash a bit, place on top of pancakes and pour some no sugar "maple" syrup overall. Pour your cup of coffee, and enjoy. As long as I'm writing, I'll tell you about how I gained 6 pounds without actually gaining 6 pounds. I use my mother-in-law's old dial type scale (it's ancient because she died in 1976 and the scale was old then!). Well, while at the doctor's last week, my Bob suggested that I ask the doc to weigh me and then when I come home, calibrate our scale (with the same clothes on, ofcourse). Well, when I walked into the doc's office, I thought I weighed 162 but I walked out weighing 172 less my clothes. Arghhhh! Came home, weighed my clothes (4 pounds) and have been trying to get my head around the fact that I've taken a giant leap backwards even though I've been so "good". Sigh. Thanks for the great forum - you all are so nice and helpful! SW 170 (+6) Sept 27 '08 (tomorrow is one month) CW 162 (+6) Hope to get a new scale soon! GW 145
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