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  1. This is the first change I've made since 123 also. I haven't posted in quite a while now because I've been floundering. For the longest time I was what they called a Liberty member and only weighed in once a month. After they discontinued that plan I've had a hard time breaking old habits. I would follow the plan only well enough during the month to basically maintain. Up one time, down the next. At first Points Plus was a big pain in the neck. Still is, actually, as far as having to figure points all over again. But, for me it seems much more doable. I used to get 20 PTS, and I usually sacrificed milk and fruit then. I simply wasn't willing to stick to only 14 PTS of food for the whole day. Now it is much easier to take my 6 dairy points out of 29 PP, and fruit is free, of course. Points Plus also became less frustrating for me when I stopped trying to use the calculator to keep track of my points. Inevitably I would forget to change the day in the morning to reset my 29 PPs and so anything I ate then ended up being deducted from my weekly allowance. Now I only use the calculator for figuring points.
  2. SusieKew


    OK, you got me out of lurking. I just tried this and it was very easy. After I re-sized I just saved it to My Pictures. So, now I have a new avatar also. Emma and baby Ruby. Guess I should start posting again! Hope this works: http://www.shrinkpictures.com/create-avatar/
  3. Just a quick check in. I've been running back and forth to Roswell Park to visit my brother. He had his surgery. He came home today. It was a cancer of the pancreas, but they called it ampullary (sp?). Supposedly the prognosis is much better for that location. They will know more when they see the surgeon next week. It's been just awful. I've been reading most days, but just had to congratulate Laurie today on her 5K! Wonderful accomplishment! (especially since I hate running! Walking is ok, not running!) BTW, were you in the photo on the front page of The News today? I'm 1.8 away from my 10% (for the second time). I must hang on to get my key chain. (I never got one)
  4. I'm in! I'm trying so hard to at least come a little closer to the goal I set for myself at my WW meeting after the first of the year. Our leader passed out postcards and she will mail them to us over Memorial Day. She said that postcard is coming whether we made the goal we set for ourselves or not. I know I didn't make it, but I've done better than I have in a long time. I guess that's something. One thing, all of you put me to shame in the exercise department. You are all such good role models. I was doing so well with my walking, and have slacked off a bit. I must turn that around again, and get in some weights on a regular basis. Laurie, wow, that sounded like a wonderful meal, and you did really well with it, eating half. I admit I have trouble doing that when I do go out for such a meal. I'm glad you enjoyed yourself. As for your dgd, boy, I certainly don't have any answers. It's hard to comprehend kids not caring at all, but I know there are so many now like that. I can only imagine your worry. I do understand your frustration with your dd and her need to vent....to you! My dd does so to me, not about anything as serious as you are facing. Usually it's about work. Of course as her mother I try to give suggestions and of course she tells me I don't know what I'm talking about. She even says to me she doesn't want me to try to fix things, she just wants to....vent! You are right when you say they should vent to their friends then if that's all they want. It's hard for a mother to not try to fix things. Kimberley, while I don't post often, I do read, but I had no idea either that you faced such extreme allergies. Like Laurie said, would seeing a professional make your task of finding foods you can eat any easier? I admire your determination to follow WW in the middle of all the obstacles. It's a beautiful day out there today. I need to run to Wegmans and then get a few things done before trying to get out to pot up a couple planters for our back porch. Have a great OP day everyone. Charlene
  5. I just read WW material that explains in using Set Points eat the food with a set point value in a portion size that seems reasonable, and then not worry about exactly how big it is. It further explains to eat the food until you are satisfied, (more or less like Core, I guess) and stresses to eat what feels like a normal portion to you. I think it's just another tool to take away the stress of trying figure points when you can't measure exactly. Using Set Points is a better option than someone saying to heck with points.
  6. That's what I thought about Set Points also, but my leader has said, why would you charge yourself 8 points instead of 5? It's as she said at today's meeting about Memorial Day. She said we were not in that room because of overeating on Memorial Day. While not condoning eating with abandon, she pointed out this is not a diet. We have to live and enjoy or we won't want to do it for life. It is when we turn most, or all days into a Memorial Day, or an anniversary, that we get into trouble. Likewise, using set points to count steak/filet makes it easier to journal. I always wonder if that 8 oz. on the menu is before or after cooking. She said that if we were to eat set point foods on a regular basis, the extra few points would be more critical. But especially when eating out, she takes the option of set points and doesn't worry about it. Of course, Set Points don't have to be used. I'll have to look for my Momentum materials for clarification.
  7. 400 calories for shrimp cocktail? Wow! wonder what was in it. Maybe the shrimp was sauteed, fried? Hmmm.
  8. Ohh, I've never been there, but it sounds wonderful. Actually the menu doesn't look like it presents a terrible problem to me. It's not like going somewhere where everything is covered in cheese! Crab legs and lobster are low in points, skipping or going easy on the butter, of course. And a tenderloin steak is 4 PTS for 3 oz. or 5 SET POINTS. I see you get a choice of sauce for the steak. You can always ask for that on the side. A shrimp cocktail sounds like a good starter if everyone is ordering appetizers. And, like CW said, you can always eat a reasonable portion of the entree and sides and take home the rest. I think the biggest issue would be the sodium intake possibly affecting a WI the next day. But, if you are prepared for that possibility you can go with the knowledge that the "gain" is temporary. Be sure to get in the water in the days following and it will disappear. This is a special occasion, one dinner. Enjoy. And congratulations!
  9. I LOVE my tv in the kitchen. I used to have a 5" spacesaver, but when that died I got a 9" tv-dvd player combo. It sits way back in the corner of the counter. I recently had to buy a cheap dvd player to sit on top because the one in the tv quit on me. I figured that would probably happen. The kitchen tv is important for me because I can't even look out a window when I'm facing my sink and counter. It helps pass the time when I'm preparing food and cleaning up. The dvd player is good for Saturdays and Sundays when most of the programming is infomercials.
  10. Happy Mother's Day! And those of you who are having a rocky go of it, I've felt that way sometimes in the past, but have to say things have gotten better as they've become adults. I don't expect or want big gifts, but they let me know they love and appreciate me in how they treat me. And they do pay attention to the day. So, there is hope. My eating plan went a little awry last night. Turns out DH's dinner plans were for last night, not tonight, and he was told to cancel them because our dinner out with the kids was really a small party they planned for us. (Laurie, The Hideaway is on Division St. in North Tonawanda where the old Muscareil's Bakery was). They didn't invite very many, keeping it small, and many of them couldn't come, but we had a very nice time with a handful of those closest to us. Unfortunately there was a cloud hanging over me. My only brother recently went in the hospital and couldn't be there. They have determined he has either a stone or a mass in his pancreas. He will be scoped and biopsied (if it's not a stone) tomorrow. So, any prayers would be appreciated. Where my WW plans went differently than I planned last night was they had ordered me prime rib. Not near as low in points as filet. I ate it, loved it, and had wine, and I'm moving on. Fortunately, we canceled our breakfast out today, and we all had breakfast here. I ate one egg, one slice of toast, one slice of bacon. Much lower than Eggs Benedict. No lunch as we were visiting my brother. Now I will figure out a reasonable dinner, although I'll have to be careful because I'm starving. I can identify with those of you missing your mother today. I don't have to buy cards for Mother's day any more, but it was so painful for years when I had to pick one out for MIL. It's hard to believe my mother's been gone for 25 years. Holidays in general can be hard, unanswered expectations and missing loved ones. I'm always glad when they're over too.
  11. Ok, that appeal got me. It's about time I checked in. I'm always reading, but for some reason find it hard to join in all the time. Anyway, I'm happy to say that I've managed to stay in the 130's for almost 9 weeks now. I say almost because last week I was WI at 140.2. I really think that was a normal fluctuation because I was 138.4 this week, and .2 can be anything. I only hope I can hold onto the loss after this weekend. We are going out with the kids for dinner tonight. I plan on the filet (5 set points) and a baked potato, salad dressing on the side, fork dip method. (The Hideaway....do you know it, Laurdee?) Tomorrow we're going for breakfast, not a fancy place. I'm a bit worried because breakfast food at a restaurant can use up a whole day's points. I may see if I can get a one egg benedict for 8 pts. If not, maybe DH can share and order his breakfast in accordance. The trouble is, it's also our anniversary (gulp, 40 years!) I have a suspicion that DH made reservations for dinner. I'm not sure, or I'd cancel tonight. Anyway if he did I'm really going to have to be careful. And, I'll really have to stick to just my target points the rest of my week til WI on Wednesday. And I find that soooo hard. I really want to stay out of the 140s. I hadn't managed to get out of them for years since my original weight loss when I first joined. I just find it so hard for some reason to get to my WW goal of 132. OK, that was more than a quick hello, I guess. I have a few things to do before I get ready to go to Shea's to see "A Chorus Line" this afternoon. It's a busy weekend! Have a great day, everyone. Oh, Laurie, it's nice out now. Let's hope it holds and you can get out with your dgd and I won't need an umbrella for Shea's!
  12. KimberleyW, it's my son who's in need of a job, and is in process control. DH is retired. Actually, DS had hope initially that he might be able to get a position in a company he visited through Mittel in Burlington, ON. At least I think it was Burlington and not Hamilton. Anyway, he thought commuting could work for a while anyway since we're so close to the border. But, he said that was out since the economic picture wasn't any better there, and any potential openings would go to Canadian citizens first, as is understandable. He could stay with Mittel if they wanted to relocate to Indiana. As a last resort they would do that, but he said if he needs to relocate he's hesitant to stay with the steel industry. Too shaky. Anyway, he got a decent separation package, and has health insurance for a year, so we're praying, and hoping things pick up a little soon.
  13. First, congratulations to you, Laurdee and Jenib, for needing smaller sizes! What a wonderful feeling that is! Right now I'm just starting to try on some of my last summer's capris, etc. and am pleased that they don't have that usual slightly-too-tight feel to them, as they usually shrink a bit over the winter. And, although I stayed the same this week, I've not returned to the 140's in 5 weeks. (I'm short too, and I agree Jenib, sometimes it's frustrating that the petites which I need for length purposes are just a little tighter than the regular sizes.) And, healthydays, interesting about the movie Ali. I should be more receptive to going to movies with themes that I think I'm too familiar with, having lived through the times. I hadn't thought about all the back-story that is probably very eye-opening. I've read here most days, but not posted much. It's been a busy time. We have a new granddaughter! Emma Violet now has a new baby sister, Ruby Grace. She's just 10 days old, and so beautiful. So hard to believe that my little boy has two little girls! Now all he needs is a new job. (Laurdee, you don't know anyone who is looking for an electrical engineer with a Masters degree and 11 years experience, huh?!?) Jim has been with Mittel Steel (first Bethlehem) for 11 years, but they are closing here. Another one bites the dust in Buffalo. He has been told that he is a good fit for a company he interviewed with, but right now....the economy. It is a beautiful sunny day, and DH said he thinks it's supposed to warm up a little, so maybe you'll get that run in outside. I have to see what he wants to do about dinner since today's his birthday. I'm all for going out, but if we do it will probably be Lebro's, and I'll get broiled fish as usual. If not, maybe I'll make salmon at home. I want a loss this week! Have a great day, everyone. Charlene
  14. After cleaning up a bit this morning for the family to come over later, I'm probably going to watch my granddaughter, Emma, while her Daddy works in the basement with Grandpa. Jim's a Jedi Padawan (that's his Star Wars childhood coming out) in woodworking. DH is guiding DS as he makes a bedside table for his wife's upcoming 30'th birthday. She has said she would like one to match the one DH made for DS's 30th birthday. If I ever learn how to do it, I'd love to post pictures of some of the furniture DH has made. He's become really good at it. Laurie, you aren't going to Lebro's for your Dad's birthday, are you? That's where I had planned on going with the family for my birthday dinner. But, since I still don't have my appetite back to normal after this week's bug I had, I'm thinking maybe we'll just do Swiss Chalet takeout. I think I'll call to see what the fish special is, and make my decision then. I admire all you getting out to the gym so early on Saturdays! I will say, I've kept up with my walking very well this winter. I missed most of this week due to illness, but I anticipate getting back to it. Still, I admit I take weekends off. As someone who only gets 20 points per day, I need to earn more APs. In reality, my target is 19, I think, but I refuse to dip from 20. When I started the range was 18-25 (no weekly 35) and I tend to stick to that. It's the same thing as spreading out the 35 equally over the week. Anyway, I'd better hustle now. Hope everyone has a great weekend. Lots of birthday celebrations....everyone have fun. It's been a long, hard winter. Charlene
  15. Is that the clinic where Casey A. had her meltdown? I watched most of the court hearing yesterday, but didn't see as much as I'd like due to a stomach virus I'm feeling better today though. I have you and Laurie beat. I'll be 62 on Saturday. I'm mad at myself because I wanted to be in better shape by my birthday, but I won't stop now. Funny, even though I go to meetings with a leader I absolutely love and get a lot of inspiration from, I think it is helping me that now my daughter is determined to shape up this Spring. Ever since she landed her teaching job almost 3 years ago she has put on too much weight from eating out too much. She is only about 5', 5' 1" , and I'm only 5' 1 1/2", and the extra pounds really show. I'm glad she has decided to use that gym membership of hers, and try to make more wise choices. I can use all the inspiration I can get. Count me among all you weather whiners. We have had enough snow and cold and wind. We're supposed to get up to the 40's by the end of the week but today started out in the single digits. Enough already.
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