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  1. Welcome back, Pam. So glad to see your post. You've been missed :).

  2. In 2001, I was at my heaviest weight and absolutely miserable. I joined WW because I was tired of making excuses and justifying my poor choices. Two weeks later I found BCB. One year after that I was at goal. I have BCB to thank for that. The no excuses attitude got me there. I stumbled after making goal, thought I could do it on my own, and came back in 2006/2007. I made goal a year ago and I'm still at goal today because of the dedication of BCB'ers to not let me make excuses. I will forever be grateful to this site. I am proud to say that "I'm doing what it takes to make loss a reality" Excellent post Julie. Let's not forget what it is that makes BCB such a special place. I am guilty of making goal and not being here very much. I will change that attitude.
  3. Hey Trysha, I'm in Alberta and I feel your frustration but I think what you paid for is not shipping and handling but customs. Anything that comes across the border is subject to a customs fee and applicable GST. The carrier might have called it shipping & handling but my documents showed it was for customs. as the same thing happened to me in the spring. I know it doesn't make you feel any better but this is yet another joy of not having any of these things available in Canada....the Gov't will always get its share Cheers and Happy New Year.
  4. Awesome work Buddy. You look great and I agree, the gloves are a new trend with the jeans
  5. Congratulations on adding many years to your life! You look terrific. Pam
  6. Wow J Dizzle....looking great! You were good looking before but you're a total hottie now Congratulations...not too much farther to your goal I see. Pam
  7. Carolyn, congratulations to you for goal, Lifetime, the wedding and moving provinces.....you don't sit still for long do you? You look wonderful, happy and healthy. Great job on the marathon training! I'm up to 5K and feeling triumphant, I'm in awe of your progress at 18K's. You go girl! Pam
  8. Wow!!! Wendy you look terrific. Thanks for sharing and congratulations on a job well done. The Laurel Falls look so gorgeous!
  9. Keep up the great work Amanda! You look terrific and I agree that little guy you're holding is adorable! Pam
  10. Congratulations Colleen. You look fantastic and what a beautiful smile!
  11. Thank you all so much for the compliments and positive feedback. You boys make me blush I have never been referred to before as "hot" LOL so thank you. I feel like a little kid...only six more days until Lifetime! August 25th is the official day and I can't wait to get the little key charm to add to my key chain. Thanks again for the support and for all of you for sharing your journies. Pam
  12. Hi Buddies, After working long and hard this past few years to get back to goal (I had hit it back in 2004 but back slid after a year and regained 25 lbs.) I finally stuck with WW and got to goal and am now happily chugging along on Maintenance am am down a total of 52 lbs. total. I updated my Picturetrail album if anyone would like to check out my pics. http://www.PictureTrail.com/pamk1 Thanks and know that each and everyone of you can do this!!!
  13. Oh Firmies...please tell me the choreography gets easier the more you do the Ultimate Calorie Blaster??? :bcb_confuI felt like a stumbling fool tonight and I'm not usually that bad co-ordination wise. I lost count how many times I hit rewind to try it again. Oh well, it can only better right? I'm workout number 5 into the Firm and am really enjoying it. I don't believe I have ever sweated like I do with these work outs. I can sure feel it the day after but I'm being cautious about using weights for lower body but I think the next work out I'll add some light ones. Pam
  14. Reporting in with my plan. I'm pleased to say I got three Firm workouts in last week and then remembered I didn't even post my plans here. I'm done my night class, done being sick with a cold, and done sitting still so here goes a good week two back in action Sunday - Firm Aerobic body shaping Done Monday - walk- very short but it was a walk Tuesday - Firm Ultimate Cardio Blaster Done Wednesday - Walk or Run Thursday - Firm Supercharged Sculpting Friday - off (DH and I are going on a date) Saturday - Walk
  15. Well last week started out with a bang and then whammo....head cold so that was it for me. I just started feeling human again yesterday. Thanks to you all for the warm welcome last week; this week I hope to be more participatory. Sunday - 45 min. walk Done Monday - 45 min. walk Done Tuesday - Supercharged Sculpting Wednesday - Off Thursday - Supercharged Sculpting Friday - 45 min. walk Saturday - Aerobic Body Shaping Now I know you all will understand this but I couldn't help but remark to DH how weird it was to feel "mad" that I was too sick to work out. Man alive, 10 years ago he couldn't get me out of the house to take a 20 min. walk and now...well that's a huge lifestyle change for this girl Pam
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