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  1. LOL bless your heart! poor skinny cows!! i guess you could always cook it and re-freeze it...that is if you have a new freezer...but yes i have that mentallity too...i hate to see food waste so in the past i would eat more so it doesnt...now i throw it to the chickens and dogs...they have to eat too! so it isnt a waste imo
  2. Thanks Lillie! yes being a stahm now (and i homeschool) i do need a break now and then. With my husbands new promotion i get to workout at his company Gym and with his new insurance they offer programs we can do such as weight loss that we earn points for and get more money to use. one of the program offers a motivational coach and i picked weight loss..he calls every month to see where i am at and gives me suggestions...i really think this will help me....best of all its all free! sofar it has helped i have been on program for 2 weeks and have been workingout with a friend i used to work with. it has really helped me mentally and phisically. If it doesnt work though i will definatly take your suggestions!
  3. make a big ole pot of zero point soup and eat on it for dinner all week!
  4. I know that corn, peas and potatoes have points in them cause they are starchy....and green beans, carrots, brussle sprouts, spinach ect. are supposed to be free but when i run the canned green beans and spinach thru my calculator it gives me one point per 1/2 cup. i looked at the ingrediants and its just the veg., water and salt...so do i go by the calculator or the veggies are free rule? Thanks so much!
  5. Okay heres my story.about 7 years ago after the birth of my first born i followed a really old program of ww (on my own from old books) and lost 63 pounds fairly quickly..i didnt use any extra points or activity points (didnt know i could) i only had 21 points a day every day. I stuck with it, i was so determined. After my second child was born i got back on WW i had learned about the extra points and activity points then and used them. I got really close to my goal weight and just kind of stopped so for the past 4 years i have been on and off agian of ww. Last year when they went points plus i signed up online. Still it didnt really help however i dont want to give up. I quit work last year to stay at home with my kids. My husbands work has a gym that i can work out for free so i just signed up for that and plan to go at least twice a week and do some other exercises at home as well. When i lost weight the first time i had joined a gym and that really seemed to help....i think it was having to get out of the house to work out is what helped mostly... I have really thought about signing up for WW agian but going to meetings this time but since i dont work anymore and i dont have that extra income i feel guilty about spending the money. My husband is supportive but still i feel bad for spending the money on something i know i have done on my own before....i feel like if i just quit being lazy and get tough with myself i can do this like i did before...i need to lose about 30 pounds...i know if i lost 63 pounds on my own i can 30 but that thinking hasnt gotten me anywhere in the past 4 years. I am just burnt out on it i think but i know if i stop all together i will gain more and be misreable....so from your own experiances should i join anyway...even though i know the program, know how it works, know what i should be doing? Will it motivate me into sticking with it? I know ww works...its me being lazy in my eating and tracking....I did sit in on a meeting and it didnt really seem to be that motivating to me...the lady was sweet but i just didnt feel motivated really and like i would get anything out of it. i liked how i looked when i was about 25 pounds lighter and even though it will be on the high end for my height if i could just get back there i will be happy...25 pounds isnt really a lot to lose when you think about it but it seems like when i start trying to loose i start obsessing about what i eat and then i want to eat bad stuff when i usually dont eat so bad to begin with...but obviously i am eating too much/wrong foods or i wouldnt be 25 overweight. Like i said i know what to do to loose weight i just have to do it....but will the meetings help me be accountable?
  6. Hey just going to put my 2 cents in...... my husband and i raise our own beef and we only grass/hay feed them. i never could find a point value for it but everything i read on the internet said that grass feed beef was the same as deer and chicken...so on the old program i always counted my ground beef at 1 point per oz and i always lost weight. we eat beef several times a week too. i am still learning the new pp program so i havent decided yet to go with 1 point or 2 as i am losing very slowly on this new program. I have been getting in all my healthy guidlelines and have not been abusing the "free fruit" yet i have been losing around a .4 a week. So i guess over all i say count it as one point per oz but no more than 2.
  7. I am sorry but your friend is right. any time you double a portion size you have to double the calories, ect...because does change the point value. Some times this works out in your advantage and is actually a point less than you expect it to be. Your pizza is still light because surely you dont eat the whole pizza. What i do for isntance is figure the points for the whole recipe and then divide by the serving size. Dont let this discourage you, your still doing great and useing whole wheat is definatly better the regular flour. Keep it up!
  8. Yes i made one a couple of weeks ago actually! all i did was get a roast (i think it was chuck) and i poured BBQ sauce over it let it cook for several hours and shredded it with a fork when we were ready to eat. it was delish! I liked it better than the pork cause i didnt feel that it tasted greasy and i couldnt taste the fat like you do on pork. We raise and grass feed our own beef so ours may taste a little diffrent than what you may buy at the store. I wasnt sure on the points either because we didnt have a nutrition lable but i think i made a good estimate of 6 points for 1/2 cup that included the BBQ sauce. Let us know if you try it!
  9. Mam-Moo

    Tracking Ideas

    I also use a planner and absolutly love it and would be lost without it! in the front i have tabs for every month and in the back my WW journal..i just bought an extra pack of "notes" to go with it and bought those post it tabs so i could make dividers...i also keep recipes, addresses, finances in it. It is the best at keeping me together in every area of my life....i just have to have a big pocket book LOL
  10. I usually round up too...sometimes if it is like 3.3 i will only count it as 3 points but most of the time i will count it as 4 points...just to be on the safe side! Good luck!
  11. Hi and welcome! i know exactly how you are feeling...it is so easy to give in especially this time of year. You dont want to feel left of all the fun....But i suggest that you get back on track right this minute....i have been having a hard time myself and it started October of last year. I have gained at least 10 pounds...lose it gain it back lose it gain it back and i still have not even gotten to goal yet. So before it gets too out of hand like i did, get back in control now...no matter what you have to do. (healthy of course) I am working on it myself and right now it is taking everything in me but i dont want to be overweight anymore and i can see myself heading in the direction that i started in. I dont want to be this person and i am sure you dont want that either. So take hold of the reins and get back on track today! Good luck!
  12. I love horses...always have. Dont ride much (dont have the time) but i have a quarter horse and a pony ...i had a Tn Walking horse (my baby) he died last year...still miss him he was the best. I dont post very often but saw your thread!
  13. I bet you are not eating enough...you probably need to take the new quiz to see what your daily points should be and then you need to eat your WAP and your AP's...that will also help you stay op. Hope that helps and if you dont have the new quiz just search the forums...i know it has been posted several times. You can do it!
  14. Thank goodness i didnt eat that snickers bar i wanted today!
  15. I raise grass-fed beef too and i have looked everywhere for this answer as well. never could find a good answer other than they say it is no diffrent than chicken. What I did is i went to walmart and got the nutrition info on all of the meat that was the same as mine (T-bone, ground beef, sirloin...ect) on the ground beef i went with the lean...it came out to a point per oz...so far this has worked for me...i continue to loose weight and i eat the beef several times a week. These are the points i use...hope it helps. Since i had to use the full fat nutrition value (other than the ground beef) I am sure it is lower than this but i didnt want to "under" point it either. I never could find anything for grass-fed. For 4 oz each: Cube steak-3 points Sirloin- 5 points chuck roast-7 points Ground beef- 4 points Stew meat- 4 points T-bone- 5 points rump roast- 5 points chuck tendor roast- 3 points
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