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  1. I find that if I get hungry I try to drink some water. Many times this suppresses my hunger and saves me the points. Don't forget about the WPA and also earning activity points.
  2. Hi - I saw your questions - i don't have time to reply now but will later today.
  3. Steriods will give you an increased appetite. I speak from experience. I have been on prednisone daily for over five years now. Including some situations where I have been getting 1000mg/day. I constantly fight the battles of the hunger munchies but have also worked out what foods I can eat that will satisfy my need to eat without compromising my weight. I was at my goal weight when I started the steriods. I gained back 20 lbs. It took me 2.5 years (including a pregnancy) to get back to my goal weight. I then maintained it - whilst still taking my steriods daily for 2.5 years before I had to go back on massive doses. This time round I was wiser and my gain was limited to 5lbs. That was in the begining of Febrary and I am happy to say that it is gone now. Write what you eat down. Drink lots of water - if you feel the need to eat have a drink instead. Then if you are truly hungry eat. Make sure you eat foods that are high in fibre and protien. Try and stick with whole grains which fill you up more. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables. And if you have any more questions feel free to PM me.
  4. I agree here. And really measure it out You will be amazed at how much 1Tbsp of peanut butter is.
  5. Sounds good. I have made something very similar in the crockpot. It makes a great winter staple.
  6. Can you join. To be a member and make lifetime you need to lose a minimum of 5lbs. Just as a warning be prepared for some people to look at you if you go to the meetings and wonder why you are there.
  7. I'm lifetime and have been maintaining for about two years now post baby. I do a mangled mash of core and flex. I count my points but try to incorporate as many core items into my day as possible. I am fortunate though that I have a high daily points allowance to maintain.
  8. The others are right - this isn't true. I am currently 12 plus pounds below my goal weight and they don't care unless i get to below the bottom of my Weight range.
  9. I'm not a leader but work as a receptionist and they shouldn't be saying anything to you until you get too close or below the bottom of the range. I'd talk with your leader and let her know how you feel about the lectures.
  10. Have you ever tried lactose free milk... sounds like you may have a lactose intolerance.
  11. They look great. Can you print them out at all?
  12. I can't believe that to be true. The bowls the salad come in can't be much bigger than six inches. And for their to be a rat that big - it would have taken up most of the bowl.
  13. Gesh I have been knitting since I was 8 or 9 and have been making sweaters since about 10. I have made plenty of scarfs and blankets and hats and sweaters. I went thru a baby shower craze last year and everyone got a cardigan and hat and booties for baby. I currently have about 4 WIP. A sweater for me, a blanket for DD, and a couple of other blankets. I really should look at getting them finished. I am also going to have to check out some of the knitting sites recommended.
  14. I buy a butternut squash. Cut it open and into chunks and clean out the seeds then (spray it with a little oil) roast it in 400F oven with some garlic for about an hour. Its nice and soft. Then I scoop the flesh out and put it in a saucepan with the garlic and I use a combination of apple cider and fat free milk and puree it with my immersion blend until it is a consistency I want. And I add a little nutmeg. Its yummy and relatively low in fat. The last batch I made made about 7 servings. And I used 1 cup of apple cider (2 points) and 1 cup of ff free milk (2 points). Fiona
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