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  1. I think you guys beat us - or at least it was close. We certainly got nowhere near 50 today :-)
  2. I think I will celebrate in the gym later after work with 30 mins of cardio followed by weights. Turkey breast and acorn squash for dinner tonight. I know I won't get a lot of sympathy here, but it's cold in AZ today too Tom
  3. Yeah great point Luanne - I might add back in one Thomas' "light" english muffin (3 pts now). Thanks for the advise ;-)
  4. Hello CW and all - just wandering over from the men's section. I was having trouble buckling down and "getting with the new program" but I am on day 2 and tracking w/ Points Plus. I get 51 pts a day and for the second day it's dinner time soon and I still have between 30-40 points. I normally start tracking on Thursdays so I am not giving myself any WPAs until then. I earned activity points the past few days but need to start adding them up and tracking them as well. I don't expect to use them but I should keep track of how many I am earning. I did eat a good breakfast of a banana, 2 eggs and some onions and 99% fat free turkey scrambled in to them. It was a 6 point breakfast and I was satisfied. I had salad and cottage cheese at lunch and some soup and a little turkey this afternoon. I feel very satisfied so far. Tom
  5. I usually don't venture outside of the "men on WW" forum but thought I would poke around on the site a little today - you are doing awesome!!!
  6. I would recommend finding one of the groups and just get going. I started posting in the "men on WW" forum and it's a great bunch that are supportive and helpful. I'm sure the other groups are similar. I post there daily - it's very helpful. I have meetings once a week (at my work - very convenient) but I like the daily interaction I get here on the site. I have only been on the plan a little over 2 weeks but I am amazed how I am enjoying the food, the weight loss (10 lbs already), the energy (I really feel better) and I am not hungry all the time like I thought I would be.
  7. I wrap fish in foil and add some olive oil and slices of lemons. I add some paprika, pepper and garlic salt. If the fish is well wrapped (leave a little room for steam) it will "poach" in the lemon juice and natural moisture in the fish. For thicker (like cod) fillets I do one fillet per pouch. For smaller fillets, you can have 2-3 in there. You can do shrimp, scallops and other seafood this way too. I cook mine on a gas grill, but it can be done in the oven, on charcoal, or even on a campfire this way. I cook mine maybe 5-7 mins per side (this greatly depends on how hot your grill is) but keep an eye on it. It should "puff up" when it's cooking from the steam. Turn carefully so you don't poke a hole in the foil.
  8. Thanks again for the warm welcome. I wanted to start the program yesterday, so I kept track of my breakfast, etc.. wed morning and waited to have lunch until after the meeting. I enjoyed the meeting and some of the returning members are folks I know at work and have noticed their weight loss over the past year. Now I know how they did it. So now, not only do I have meetings at work, I also have a support mechanism there at work with other members, here online, and at home with my wife. I spent more time reading after the meeting and last night. My wife (who is one of those naturally thin - lucky ones) is very supportive. We went shopping last night to make sure we have the right things in the house. We had a nice dinner and at the end of the day I still hadn't consumed all of my 43 points (yes, that's a lot of points). So far today I am tracking everything and starting to get more familiar with the program. I know I have a long way to go (I weighed in at 318.2 and want to get to 225) but I feel good that now I am doing something about it I will make sure I keep riding the stationary bike too
  9. Thanks for the warm welcome. I am looking forward to the support I will get here!!! BTW - That is Roosevelt res. in the background.
  10. Hello, My name is Tom and I'm a n00b. I wanted to say hello. I'm 47 and live in Chandler, AZ. I'm not a n00b to trying to lose weight. But I really feel good about my decision to begin weight watchers. I have had success on other programs, but had difficulty sticking with them (i.e. Atkins, south beach, etc...). I do exercise (I have a Lifecycle 9500HR stationary bike). I ride 45 mins a day, about 5 days a week. I am over 300 lbs (probably ~ 315) and I am 6'2" tall. I would like to get to 225. I need to discuss these goals w/ my team leader this week and then I'll know what my plan looks like. I work at a large semiconductor mfg. and WW comes to us every wednesday. They start a new program every quarter and I've decided to join after attending an initial meeting last week. I like the way this program works with real life situations, and helps make healthy choices with real-world options. I travel and need to be able to have a program that I can use anywhere and stick with. I officially weigh in and get my program materials Wednesday. I will likely find some groups here to join.
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