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  1. Medb48

    Lynn Redgrave

    I do remember her well. May she RIP.
  2. I normally WI on Wednesdays but work constraints meant I had to to it today. I'm down 1.4 and thrilled.
  3. Deb: Thanks for asking. It was a great refresher course even for us old timers.
  4. Great minds think alike, Heather. I was just reading that when I noticed your comment.
  5. I'd like to join in. I'd like to lose 6-8 lbs by then to be in the 120s. Week 1 Goals Meet the daily fruit and veggie requirements. Drink more water. Make one crockpot meal on the weekend for those evenings when I don't have time to cook.
  6. Before the changes I went to 3-4 sites, posted and left. Now I'm exploring more. There are a lot more buddies out there to meet. Change is Good!
  7. Shenna, welcome, As an active Mom it's important to plan ahead. You will find yourself busy, trying to feed the kiddies and nibbling. I always have a dinner in the crockpot on the weekends so I will have at least one dinner made ahead of time for the really busy days.
  8. Thanks Ladybug. I have a Stop & Shop near me.
  9. Something doesn't sound right. Are you sure she didn't say you have 10% to lose? This forum is filled with people who have lost that amount of weight and more. The key is to follow the plan, track your points, plan your meals and exercise. Why not call the doctor and ask the nurse to explain what the doctor was saying?
  10. Medb48

    Weigh Ins?

    Jade this is a good idea. Sometimes having so many forum options just mean that people forget to visit some of them.
  11. Now that's a great way to start my morning.
  12. Adele, What a great reason to celebrate! You look fabulous.
  13. Welcome, Harlequin, I joined the Y and they have a special room for beginners. No stress, everyone is out of shape and trying to get healthy.
  14. Welcome to BCB, Dominique!! This is just the place to get a good kick when you go off program.
  15. I've been craving something sweet. I'll give this a try.
  16. I need a new pair of shoes for working at the gym. I have Nike's but the leather is so stiff they hurt my feet. Is there a brand of soft leather shoes?
  17. Patty, you look fabulous! Now it's time to move to the Maintenance forum.
  18. Medb48


    I know that feeling well.
  19. God Bless that dear lady. I do miss her humour.
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