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  1. Matt, welcome to BCB, I'm surprised CW didn't try to snatch you away. He's the moderator of the men's group here. You can find them here at: http://www.healthdiscovery.net/forums//forumdisplay.php?80-Men-on-WW They run a tight ship.
  2. Joanne:wave: Welcome to BCB. You might want to check our our 20s forum: http://www.healthdiscovery.net/forums//forumdisplay.php?18-Terrific-20-s You will meet some 20 year olds doing the WW program.
  3. Welcom to BCB, Check out some of the forums here that might interest you. They are listed by age group or 50+lbs to lose or 100+ lbs. Most have daily threads where you can just join in and introduce yourself. Don't be shy, the folks here are very welcoming.
  4. Stephanie, Welcome to BCB, Unfortunately, not many people stop by the Newbie section. It's usually from here that we re-direct people to the other forums and once they go they never look bad. It's a shame because we were all once new to this site. Most people check out the other sections to find a theme that interests them, Age group, amount to lose, challenges, etc. Once there they introduce themselves to the buddies and just start posting. Terri gave you a good starting point. Folks are friendly here, so feel free to join any of the daily threads.
  5. Thanks for sharing your story. I have gluten intolerance also and though it does make it more difficult....there's always a way if you keep searching.
  6. Gina, Congrats to my word game buddy!
  7. Medb48


    Ginaki, That's so funny.
  8. Melissa, Good for you in catching this in time. I'm 4'11" and gained 65 before I did something about it. It's the best reward you can give your family.
  9. Lisa, Welcome to BCB. Try going to the WW at home group. They can help you with doing the program at home.
  10. Raina, Welcome to BCB. For the weight loss ticker: go to /www.tickerfactory.com Then add the link to your Signature here.
  11. Karen, I'm from Tipperary but living in the US. The WW program in North American is slightly different than the European program. In addition to your daily point count you get 35 weekly points to use during your week. You can use them in any combination. Also, I think the way of measuring points use to be different. The Irish labels used to give energy amounts instead of calories, I don't know if they still do, but it took me a while to convert the info on a McVities label. And of course they have goals in pounds and not stones here. Are you at Trinity? There used to be a teacher from Donegal around here but I haven't seen her post in over a year. Slán.
  12. Bravo! You did the best thing you could do when you are on the verge of going Off Program. Reach out and talk to someone who would understand. I had a rough weekend myself. The overcast skies and pouring rain put everyone in a Blue Funk. I'm going through the same scenario as you. I've rejoined WW, lost the first 25 and now on to the next 25. There will be good days and then some bad ones. Find a forum here where you can meet some of the other members. Try some of the age group forums or weight loss ones. Just sign on to one of the dailies and introduce yourself. You will find a great support system here like you did today.
  13. The first week or so on any program is usually water loss. Even WW will tell you might drop 4-5 lbs the first 2 weeks but that it will settle into 1.5-2 lbs a weeks. That’s a healthy loss. I’m no expert on Atkins but I can’t see why you would put those lbs back on if you follow the WW program properly. WW gives you the freedom to eat anything and that’s where it’s leagues above other programs. You don’t have to deny yourself. It also doesn’t give you carte blanche to eat “tons” of free calorie foods. That’s merely stuffing yourself and there are healthier options. The program is trying to re-teach you to eat well and healthy for a lifetime not just a crash course on how to lose 15lbs in X number of weeks. Reality is that once you lose that weight and then go back to the way you were eating, the lbs will come back. That’s a guarantee! If you are dissatisfied with the program you are presently on, give WW 6 weeks to see if this is the lifestyle you can live with. It works for me and the 1,000 of others on this site. Visit the other forums here and read some of the threads. We struggle like everyone else but we get results. The choice is yours.
  14. Heather, They are not referring to Workout programs. I believe the point is some people try to combine WW with another weight loss program ie: South Beach or "miracle" pills. It just isn't healthy. There are many people who have to make adjustments for medical reasons: diabetics, I'm Celiac so I'm gluten-free, even vegetarians. WW understands that and as long as your doctor agrees that the adjustments are healthy for you, that's perfectly fine.
  15. I don't know if there was a specific reason for the post or just a gentle reminder ibut it's good for all of us to reflect. This is one of the most important for me: If a BCB should "slip," they shall immediately take steps to understand what caused the slip and to rectify the situation. We shall use these "slips" as a learning process so that we may learn not to slip again. A BCB does not ever whine, cry, or complain about being off program, but jumps right back but on track! (not tomorrow, or later -but RIGHT AWAY). We often have a tendency to say, "I'll get back on track tomorrow or next month." The time to fix a mistake is NOW! If you break a glass, you don't say, "Well, I'll sweep that up next month." You do it immediately. Make the same effort with your life.
  16. Personally I don't eat fast foods or frozen entrees but let's face it even on this board people are always asking for take-out options. That's just the nature of the beast in the fast lane. I watch HS students pass up salad options in the cafeteria for french fries. Our school did a survey 5 years ago, and the majority of the HS students claim to eat take-out or fast foods over 80% of the time. Unfortunately, it's going to take more than healthy options to make people choose them.
  17. Medb48

    starting again

    Dee, Welcome to BCB. Come over to Fit & Sexy 50s & 60s. It's a great little support group.
  18. Kay: Fabulous start! Remember this enthusiasm, it will come in handy on your journey to getting healthy. And of course, we are here to be your cheerleaders.
  19. There you go! Height has a lot to do with it. I was a size 18 when I weighed 170.
  20. Brava, Cindy. I'll bet it feels fabulous!
  21. Thanks for the bump. Food for thought.
  22. Personally, I don't care for frozen dinners in either taste or quality. I find that grilling up a turkey burgher takes the same amount of time as popping in a frozen dish give or take a few minutes. I know what I've put into my meal and can control sodium and not have to deal with all those additives. If I want to rethink how and what I eat, I can't accomplish that with pre-packaged foods. I can't know how many days my meat has been at the butcher's but it's got to be less than the months a frozen food has been in the freezer somewhere. Everyone has to make their own choices but I find that my crockpot is my friend and time saver.
  23. Christy: Each person is different. I'm 4'11" and 10 pounds is almost 2 sizes for me. Of course, it works the other way when I gain.
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