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  1. Laura,


    My first time with WW many years ago, I chose a weight at the bottom of my range thinking of my weight in my 20s. Reality was I couldn't maintain it. Everyone has given good advice. Why not wait until you are near the top range of your goal and then evaluate how you feel and look?

  2. Michelle,


    Welcome to WW and BCB. This site can seem overwhelming at first. Read through some of the forums. They are grouped by interest level. Age, hobbies, amount to lose. Then find a home base and just introduce yourself. You will find the people here warm and helpful.

  3. Lillie,


    Boredom is my big downfall also. I just pulled out 8 old WW cookbooks and I'm trying 2-3 new recipes a week. I've posted 2 on Delta force 1 is a 4 star and 1 a dud. You win some, you lose some.


    Have you tried WW eggplant Parmesian? Or Bulger, Couscous?

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