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  1. Welcome to BCB, Congrats! There are still challenges to go after reaching Lifetime and there is plenty of support here.
  2. Welcome to BCB, Sam, Have you checked out the Men on WW site here? CW usually welcomes all the newbies and he moderates that site. I think some of the guys there might be better able to guide you along on toning the male body while doing WW.
  3. I'm back after a long year of recouping from surgery. And I desperately need to get back on track. Laurie: Right now just climbing stairs is exercise! Kudos to you!
  4. Hi Cosy, I just returned myself and have quite a few to lose also.
  5. To think you were hiding such a good looking guy under all that beard. Congrats!
  6. Welcome Ambition, Look through the list of forums and find a few that you might be interested in. Some are arranged by Age or interest level. Then just click and introduce yourself.
  7. Gerri, welcome to WW & BCB, Join us over in the Fit & Sexy 50s group. Very supportive group of buddies.
  8. Welcome Littlesis, I've just returned to WW and have about 50 to lose! We can do it.
  9. Love the quilt, Laurie. I just finished a king-size for my niece's wedding. Did you make the label? I need one for this quilt.
  10. Who said a clean joke can't be funny!!
  11. I’m back and pumped. I’ve made some changes. I’m trying CORE for the first time and I think it’s making a big difference. I’ve always been fearful of trying it since portion control is one of my problems. But I thought the best way to overcome your fears is to face them head on. The timing was perfect since I just came off semi-solid foods and really had a chance to watch how I eat. I lost .5 this week and I’m thrilled. Only 5 more to go. One little trick I’m using is putting the fork down between bits. I’ve realized I’m a speed eater. Slowing down gives my stomach time to know when it’s full. Last night I even gave Garry the rest of my chicken because I felt full. I’m also drinking more water than ever to flush out those meds. That also gives me a bit more “full” feeling. I will be at goal by summer.!!! Maureen: I need this wake-up call since I know that the last 5 pounds for me are the hardest to lose. I hope you had a good WI. Susiekew: Water is a big key to everything. We think we’re hungry but we’re really dehydrated. It also flushes the system. Weight gain is a total mystery to me when I know I’m OP. I tested the theory a few months ago and weighed myself 5 times one day. I found that I gained .5 after drinking coffee in the morning. During the day my weight fluctuated over 1 full pound. No rhyme or reason. I say take the loss and run with it. It makes your week sweeter. Clara, my friend: Glad you’re still here. Soph tends to drift in and out….Ahhhhhh the joys of youth! She has such an active life.
  12. I'm gone 7 weeks and I can't find our Back to Basics Threads. As some of you might know, I went in for spinal surgery at the end of February and I'm still recouping. The good news is that I'm still OP and lost 10 pounds. I'm 6 pounds from my WW goal and I know this will be the long haul. So where are Clara, Soph, Amy and Laurie? I'm going to need some help if I'm ever going to finish this journey.
  13. Karen, Thanks for asking about me. My time on the boards is limited as I'm still mosty bed bound but since I've decided to try CORE, I'll be visiting here more often. I'll PM you. Luanne, thanks.
  14. Thanks for the tip. I'm so sick of steamed broccoli.
  15. AMyLynn, A Fiber dessert! Now that's killing two birds with one stone.
  16. Medb48


    That was very touching.
  17. Pre-spring is a tough time of year. I think it's even harder than the holidays. So take this time to boost your morale. You've had a great loss during a difficult time period. It's Valentine's Day and your birthday!!! Use it to your advantage. DH and I rarely go out but since he's treating, I'm having boiled Lobster. Low in points. (That's boiled not stuffed with crabmeat, butter etc.) I saved up my extra points and I'm going to do some exercise today. I will enjoy myself and NOT be deprived. And I will order dessert but I'm taking it home to savour over the next few days. The mindset is a powerful thing. Have it work for you.
  18. Medb48

    WW Cheese

    I like the Krafts 2%. The taste is great and cheaper than WW when it's on sale at least once a month.
  19. I try to save 2-3pts to have as a snack at night. Now a cup of ice cream would be a real treat.
  20. Medb48

    I Need A Push

    Wouldn't it be great if all our problems were so simple.
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