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    The Factory

    Ouch .... That hurts!
  2. Medb48

    #50 award

    Colette, What an awesome accomplishment! Only a few pounds til goal.
  3. Casey, As you can see, this is tough love along with support and skills to help plan for future temptations. The key is plan, count and pick yourself up and move on. When you think you've reached the end of your points, don't eat unhealthy. Just a bit of exercise can give you some APs to finish the day healthy.
  4. Welcome to BCB, Danielle, Your ideal weight is one where you feel comfortable in your own body. You'll know when you get there. Take the journey 5 lbs at a time.
  5. Welcome to BCB, Mama2boys, Good for you for being a good healthy model for you sons. Teach them to eat healthy now and it will stay with them.
  6. Welcome to BCB, Looks like you've made a great start!
  7. Water hydrates and cleanses. It also fills you up. Many times we think we're hungry but we're really thirsty.
  8. The best part about WW is that it's doable for life!
  9. I got coupons for these. Thanks. I think I might try them.
  10. Medb48


    Ouch!! So true.
  11. Welcome to BCB, Shaune, I concur with Lennie. Go to at least one WW meeting and have them explain the program. Then come here for all the support you need.
  12. Welcome to BCB, Both DH and I have very hectic lives but since I'm not a fan of fast food, I make big use of my crockpot. I have 2 meals a week from the pot and freeze half of each for meals later on in the month. Great for the woman on the run.
  13. Welcome to BCB, Monni, Losing that weight will definitely help your back.
  14. Many WW centers are offering a limited free sign up. It really is important to go to that first meeting and get the start-up booklets. They also have a short meeting for newbies where a leader will explain the programs and answer all questions. Go if only for the first meeting.
  15. BJ, Welcome back, As you can see there are cheerleaders here for you. One one succeeds we all succeed.
  16. Welcome to BCB, Susan, If you go to "Buddies in the US" board and post a message for Ohio folks, you might meet some state buddies who live nearby.
  17. Welcome to BCB, Debi, WOW, you did a great job with losing that first time. Something to be proud of. AND you caught the gains just in time. You are on track, now get losing!
  18. You had me worried for a moment.......I'm a redhead!
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