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  1. Thanks, Laurdee, I'm making chicken soup at the moment. But I'm always looking for a winter soup.
  2. Maresidotes, Once you've counted the points for the sauce it doesn't really matter what you pour it over. 1/2Cup is 1/2cup. I hope that's what you meant.
  3. Charski, thank for all the info. I've had my Rival for over 25 years and it's still as good as new. I bought a timer for mine many years ago. It automatically turns the pot on (not recommended if cooking chicken) or off so it's ready when you get home.
  4. Sounds wonderful. DF will only eat broccoli so I'm always looking for new ways to spice it up.
  5. I've been using my RIVAL for....don't laugh....25 years. Big heavy ceramic pot and I wouldn't have survived without it. I have been thinking of getting another. How large a bird can the 6qt take?
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