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  1. Welcome Kristen, Whenever you diet it never works for the long haul. It does have to be a lifestyle change in eating.
  2. Welcome back Brooke, It might help to go to at least one meeting since there have been some changes to the program. Then just post away.
  3. Welcome back, Susan, Happy Birthday!
  4. Welcome to BCB Georgie, I post over on the 50s board. Come on over and introduce yourself.
  5. A new IPod sounds great. I went for a message for mine.
  6. Welcome to BCB, Tory, I'm a teacher also as are many of the buddies here. It's always nice to start off with one of the smaller boards. Try the 20s group. Introduce yourself to the people there. You'll feel more at home after you get to meet some of the members.
  7. I'm battling a sinus infection myself. I've made a huge pot of chicken soup and poured in Orzo. Great comfort food.
  8. Welcome Dar, I find I need to go to the meetings to help monitor myself but it's not for everyone. I am fortunate enough to have a center with over 20 meetings a week. My WI group is mostly 50ish and defintely not a "thin" crowd. Sometimes it helps to try out several different meetings.
  9. Welcome to BCB, Terri, Many of the people here do WW at home. All you need are the books and the drive to do it.
  10. Medb48

    *wave wave*

    Welcome to BCB, Darkie, Be sure to read through the Training Manual. It will give you some great tips and a bit about BCB.
  11. Welcome back to WW, Maria. This times a winner!
  12. Amy, welcome back, Be proud of your accomplishments and kudos to you for catching this in time.
  13. Usually you set you goal after the first 10% as CW said. I set mine on the high end of my chart so I could finish paying the weekly fee earlier. As you can see on most peoples signatures, their PW is usually lower.
  14. Welcome to BCB, Moobunny
  15. Debbie, welcome to BCB, Any journey is easier with a friend. We're here to be your travel Buddy.
  16. Stephanie, welcome to BCB, You are not alone with having to start over. Starting is a good thing, finishing is even sweeter. We're here to give support.
  17. Jenny, welcome to BCB, You could join in with any group and find warm supportive people. You're not pigeon holed into any group. I post on 5-6 different boards. Try the 100+ and 20s group first. Meet the groups and then expand out to whereever you feel comfortable.
  18. Medb48

    New to BCB

    dikisan, welcome to BCB, You can post anywhere but it's easier with a smaller interest group. Many people start off in an age category. Introduce yourself to the group and read some of the post to learn a bit about the members.
  19. 10more2lose, welcome to BCB, New or old, we all struggle with food issues. So don't be afraid to post. We all understand the problem.
  20. Welcome aboard, Also check out the recipe section under the Foods category. There are meals there and all the points have been figured out for you.
  21. Welcome to BCB, They always change the program a bit each year but it's still Flex and CORE.
  22. Welcome to BCB, Charley, It's never to late to eat healthy. I post over at the 50s-60s board. Hop over and join us.
  23. Jasmine, welcome to BCB, Your little message was short and sweet. Check out the boards. You might like to read through some messages on the 20s forum and then introduce yourself to the Buddies there.
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