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  1. Welcome to BCB, Tory,


    I'm a teacher also as are many of the buddies here. It's always nice to start off with one of the smaller boards. Try the 20s group. Introduce yourself to the people there. You'll feel more at home after you get to meet some of the members.:salut

  2. Welcome Dar,


    I find I need to go to the meetings to help monitor myself but it's not for everyone. I am fortunate enough to have a center with over 20 meetings a week. My WI group is mostly 50ish and defintely not a "thin" crowd. Sometimes it helps to try out several different meetings.:salut

  3. Jenny, welcome to BCB,


    You could join in with any group and find warm supportive people. You're not pigeon holed into any group. I post on 5-6 different boards. Try the 100+ and 20s group first. Meet the groups and then expand out to whereever you feel comfortable.:salut

  4. dikisan, welcome to BCB,


    You can post anywhere but it's easier with a smaller interest group. Many people start off in an age category. Introduce yourself to the group and read some of the post to learn a bit about the members.:salut

  5. Jasmine, welcome to BCB,


    Your little message was short and sweet. Check out the boards. You might like to read through some messages on the 20s forum and then introduce yourself to the Buddies there.:salut

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