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  1. rachel, welcome to BCB, Eating healthy is a lifestyle and WW shows you how to do it right.
  2. Apples, welcome from the cold North, You are not alone trying to get back to goal. Work the program and it will work for you.
  3. Welcome to BCB, Denise , Check our the Recipe section. There are suggestions for Flex and CORE.
  4. Welcome to BCB, I think Belle has given you the best advise. Most centers are giving free sign-up. Go to that first meeting at least. They will give you all the materials you will need and they have a short meeting for Newbies where the leader expains how to use the program. Then if you really can't afford another meeting you can come here for support.
  5. Welcome aboard, Danny, You can post anywhere but you might like to check out the Men's forum here. You might find some single Dads that can also give some advise.
  6. Cathy, welcome to BCB Check out the Buddies in the USA section here. You might find a friend in PA.
  7. Flash, Welcome to BCB, You are definitely a man with a mission. Congrats on the great losses so far.
  8. So funny. I just got this in my e-mail.
  9. Medb48

    Talking Dogs!

    Can that be real. So funny
  10. You've hit the half-way point! Good luck.
  11. glittergal, welcome to BCB, Most of the Canadians post everywhere. They end up linking to an age or interest group like the rest of us. But if you are looking for a Canadian link go to the International Connection site here. I believe there is a Canadian thread running there at the moment.
  12. Welcome aboard, freetobethin, Post often. This is a very supportive site.
  13. Welcome to BCB, Melissa and all the Michigan crowd/
  14. Congrats! Don't forget those monthly meetings.
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