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  1. Hi...obviously I am not new to BCB...but I tried to upload a picture...and could not do it....my profile (?) says I can not upload attachments??? Am I doing something wrong...or do I just need to change a setting somewhere?? Thanks. I post in Slow and Steady.... Hazel
  2. HazelAMW


    Two guys from the country are quietly sitting in a boat fishing and sucking down beer when suddenly Mel says, "I think I am going to divorce my wife - she hasn't spoken to me in over 2 months." Earl says, "You better think it over - women like that are hard to find."
  3. HazelAMW


    You got me!!! . Cute!!!
  4. Hi BCB gals. I am from another thread in the BCB website, the Slow and Steady. The girls there want to know how to load their pictures on the site. I see you all can do this, I would like to learn. Would you please tell me how to load pictures on this site? Thanks for you help.
  5. Cute! I want a man like Frank!!! .
  6. Really cute. I LOVE these groaners. Hugs, Hazel
  7. This is cute. See, it is all in perspective!
  8. Too cute! I copied it to my minister!!!
  9. This is really cute. Thanks for sharing
  10. I have been part of this BCB for almost 2 years now. I post in the Few to Lose and also the Slow and Steady. Both groups are wondeful and very supportive. I invite you to join the groups. If you are posting in others, that is great. All support is good. Take care. Hugs, Hazel
  11. What a wonderful insight to your health and happiness. Best to you. I will take your poem and put it by my WW journal to read daily. Thank you. Hugs, Hazel
  12. HazelAMW


    My last travel trip was in an RV and was spent most of the time driving during the day. I have no experience with children, so I may be really off base. BUT....what I found out, was driving all day in a car I was not really active, so I did not need a whole lot of food. I did drink my waters, and had some fruit at the rest stops, but was not powerfully hungry for lunch or dinners. So, I ate light, with meals that retained water. Salads for lunch and soups for dinner (with veggies). That did not bloat me for the long drives. My splurge meal was breakfast with a nice size protein. I figured that would last thru the hardest part of the day. Hope this helps. Hazel
  13. Groan.... I can just picture my blonde friend saying that!!!
  14. WOW!!! I literally touched most of those things in my lifetime. I learned to wash clothes on a wringer washing machine. And I am only 52 years old.!! I know first hand of all of them except the milk bottles with the cardboard. I don't remember having those, I bet cause we couldn't afford them. I remember dry milk in a carton, and having to make a glass of milk from it. Hazel
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